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1:32 Hobbycraft Sea Fury


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Taff - amazing work!!


watching carefully & learning how I can follow your lead when I get to the canopy :help:


anyway second reason for posting is this video may help on canopy forming - it's mad as a box of frogs but useful none the less...


found it buried in a WIP on another site





Cheers Peter – I think them frogs must have been smoking herbal cigarettes. Amazing video just need to make some medieval style sticks and nails contraption. Lets hope I don’t set fire to the house or me – I’m sure this is going to be fun!!!!! :mental: :frantic: :hmmm: :wacko:


Got the nicely wrapped package of brass yesterday – amazing and quick service! And have to say both the bezels and cockpit details sets look fantastic in the flesh and I am looking forward to using them




Great work Taff! Good to see you pushing the boundaries of your modelling comfort zone, and I'm looking forward to seeing how your canopy adventures turn out. Great dedication to the build!




Uhm comfort zone yep as long as I don’t fall off and plummet to a uncomfortable landing – fingers crossed, and legs and toes……. everything crossed and a few prays!



Great work Taff! Keep the pics coming!


Ta very much Nathan. Looking forward to the Mustang build when do you start?



Holy Cow .. incredible work. Just keep it coming!



Cheers Peter I sure will keep plugging away at it! Hopefully it will still resemble a Sea Fury when I have finished. Big compliments on the Big Beautiful Doll – that’s looking very smart mate! One of my favourite schemes on the Mustang.





Okay some update


The “Pimp my main wheel well” continues. A bit more wire and plastic added. Still needs quite a bit more added in here. Still trying to find a decent picture of the main wheels extension, retraction system. Anyone out there got any pictures or pointer of where I could get a picture or any details on this would be much appreciated?






Also started to look at the wing area for the wheel well. First thing to do is trying to thin the armour plate thick plastic. I sharpened up a chisel and used it to scrape away the plastic. Still needs a tidy up and I might thin a bit more? Or quit whilst I haven’t gone through. What do you think?


One side thinned.






Both sides done






Whilst waiting for the paint to dry on the canopy former I cut the holes in the fuselage for the footstep, hand hole and the emergency canopy release. It is nice to work with the big hole in the bottom where the wings will go. Means I can get my fat fingers up inside. So after cleaning the holes up it meant I could push the plastic liner in from behind. After this had set I could push the tin foil details in from the front then finally my beer can step and flap where pushed in and glued into place. With the Release It meant I could paint up the inner bits first. Then stick the clear and hoop cover in place and carefully push it up to the clear from the inside.


Hope that makes sense :hmmm:!!!! Anyway here is a picture of the finished bits






Okay my final bit for this update. Most of Saturday was spent carefully filling and then whittling down the canopy shapes. After much vigorous rubbing then re-paint then more rubbing…….. You know repeat and repeat again!!!! But I do now have two shapes that look more like the actual canopy






The front I intend to use as a shape to wrap my Spam can, Beer can and thick tin foil around for the frame but the back I will be attempting, as per the video in Peters reply to make the clear plastic shape! :unsure: GULP!!!!????


Question to the collective how smooth does this former need to be? Also do you give it a final spray over with gloss varnish or just use the highly polished paint?


The first time I have ever attempted anything as mad as this so please any pointers or help would be appreciated!


Final picture of both forma’s in there positions.






Oh don’t you love hi-res pictures and screens. You think you have a perfectly smooth surface and then you look at all those pit marks – so back to some more painting and rubbing.



Thanks for looking in and crits comments or general encouragements always welcome.


Till next - Happy Days - Taff :D

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Cheers Peter, thanks for the comment


I also love what you are doing with “Big Doll” If I can get this half way to that quality of finish I will be a very very very happy chappy!!! :beer:


Update Time


Finally finished as much as I am going to do in the main wheel well. Looking at the pictures I could add loads more but I just wanted to busy this area up as the kit doesn’t give you anything!






Also decided that the retractor/extender arm (think that’s what it’s called) could do with a bit of a makeover. So drilled holes cut some bits of plastic and then wound up some wire for springs. Just busied them up to look a bit more realistic.


At last some paint can be added – seemed to be working on these bits for ages. So they all got a blast of aluminium primer.






Couldn’t resist having a look to see what it looks like in place.







Now moving on to melting plastic and trying :wacko:


A – not to burn me

B – not to burn the house down

C – end up with a canopy


This is my first attempt at doing anything like this. It was an interesting experiment, after much polishing and repainting and polishing again I finally stuck my canopy back mould on to some wood in preparation for the plastic heating and smashing.


The first attempts didn’t go too well but a bit of practise and longer over the heat, I managed a couple of decent results. :D


The only problem, was one of them fogged – any body have any idea what I did wrong or how to correct it as this was my best effort and was the last of my supply of packaging plastic! :help:


Will be making a trip to the Super Market see what I can buy!!!!!






Whilst waiting for the wheel well to dry I moved on to the nose. The engine kit part is very basic here! This had two dots, which is meant to be the exhausts. :shrug: So I rubbed these off and bent a couple of bits of plastic rod to act as the exhausts. This all gets pretty much hidden behind the spinner so not going to go too town here. Just make it look like something is in there.


Get to add some more paint yhippeeeeee! I painted this all quite dark as I was trying to make it all sit back and look deeper than it actually is


Painted up






Also painted up the inside of the nose ring. I gave this a dark grad once again to try and give it a sense of depth. Plus some general dirt and grime has been added for the weathering.







As you can see once the spinner is added in you don’t see a lot of it.




Okay that’s all for know folks – think I am off to try and find some clear packaging plastic to melt!!!!


:hmmm: Hum cakes sure they come in a moulded plastic clam case. Plus I get eat them for my tea. :whistle:


Any comments help, pointers, especially with the canopy, would be very welcome


Happy Days - Taff :D

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Hey Taff this is looking great!


It's a steep learning curve, so stick with it. A tip I got from the Dutch IPMS site was to use a plastic called PET-G - its made for moulding & vac forming - might be worth a try... will see if I can find the link


think the fogging is because the material wasn't hot (& malleable) enough when it was pulled


The U/C bays look fab - every time I drop in you have done something stunning and reminded me of how far I have to go!



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Guest Peterpools


The detailing in the wheel wells just blows me away .. incredible work. Sure looks like you're making progress on the canopy; just that small imperfection at the top front to work out and your home free. I have all the confidence you'll work it out. Believe me, with the quality work you're doing, the finish will be snap ...

Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated.


Peter :popcorn: :popcorn:

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Fantastic work Taff :speak_cool:


I am sharing your enjoyment of pushing your own barriers here, as it will do absolute wonders for your modelling skill and self esteem :goodjob:


Along with (Airscale) Peter's similar build, I find both builds both enlightning and inspirational, so keep the pictures coming.





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Hi folks


Peter -

I did some research into this and does seem that PET-G is the stuff you need – There is a company near me we use for packaging blisters and formers so when I next see him I will try a bit of bribery and corruption – the usual chocolate, beer and if these fail some cold cash to try and get some! I did manage a trip to Sainsburys and bought some cakes that had a nice crystal clear clam shell around them with some largeish flat areas – the cakes where very nice but more to the point managed to bash a couple of clear moulds out of it So the canopy construction is a goer!!!!



Peter -

Thanks for looking in – I have made some progress with the canopy – should be interesting I hope I can pull it off!



Derek -

Cheers I totally agree the beauty Peter’s creating is something else! The inspiration works both ways I just love those B-25 wheels and the how to do it is priceless to people learning like me – Plus I can’t wait to buy a set for my B-25!!!!! They are defiantly on the must have list for my model!




Okay Update


Had quite a productive weekend, which is very nice to see some of the bits coming together. So first thing to work on is the Spinner and Props.


I taped together the two bits to measure up and make a forma for the new prop apertures. Because I don’t fancy the hard work of trying to line the props up after wards I decided to try and keep as much of the kit bits in the lower part as I could. This will mean that the aperture will sit a bit higher to where it is on the actual plane – but I can live with that.






After drawing on the aperture and the drilling and the start of the cleaning up and final re-shaping with needle files






This picture shows how I am keeping the kits bits but am cutting and thinned the spinner to try and make it look a bit more realistic. Also I punched out some rings for the props. I know that the props are wrong but this is all I intend to do to them, as I think they are okay for me. My plan is that the larger inner ring should look like the cuff / sleeve that the prop fits into.






With the first dry test fit and it looks like the plan to leave the centre guide might work! So next I sliced some plastic tube up to give the Cuff/Sleeve some layer and depth. Also started to detail the spinner. Looking at my picture reference there is what looks like a band that runs around just under the apertures – this was made with a bit of thin plastic.






Next bit to do is to run a thin line around the front part of the spinner – this was done buy sticking down a sculpting tool at the correct height and just spinning the part against it whilst on a flat surface.






There is what looks like a bolt head on the top, which is very noticeable on photographs. Whilst I was grinding out and thinning the top cone shape I noticed that the part has a nice circle guide impression on the inside top. Nice of the manufacturer to give me a guide – but would it have been too hard for them to mould this feature? So I drilled this out, which meant it was nice and centre then just pushed and supper glued into place a thin bit of plastic rod. This got rubbed back and shaped to look like the photographs.






Okay final dry fit. Looks okay to me - what do you think?






Okay Update Part1 back in a mo with Part 2


Taff :D

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Okay back with Part 2



With the Props and Spinner in the paint shop and drying, time to do one of those milestone “finish and seal up the wings!!!!”


I finished the wheel well – Uhm forgot to take pictures sorry! :innocent:


This left the Gun’s and Gun Camera to sort out. The Gun camera was made from a bit of spare clear sprue. This got carefully rubbed down to a thin rod shape. I taped the wings tightly together and drilled a hole just over from the gun holes. Also whilst the wings where together I reshaped and cleared out all the gun holes.


The gun barrels where made from some aluminium tube with a bit of tin foil stuck around the ends to give it a bit more shape. I then stuck some plastic blocks into the wings. These got drilled through the gun holes. The barrels got stuck into place with supper glue with the barrels slightly offset. They then got some paint added.






With these bits done and dry it was time to do the final close :yahoo: YEAH!!! Seem to be working on this part for ages.


The wings – just need to clean the seams and get them blended in. Then the blisters on the undside. Then reshape the intakes Then!!!!! Then!!!!! - Uhm still a bit to do then!!!!!! :hmmm: Also in the background is the Props and Spinner back from the paint shop and waiting the final weathering. Also how cluttered is my desk!!!!!






The underside showing the wheel well in-place and weathered






Couldn’t resist a dry fit, just to see and get an idea of what she will look like – Uhm amazing what a bit of colour can do.






Okay folks final one for today after a fruitful forage in the local supermarket – and some very nice cakes I have managed, finally to get a couple of clear moulds for the back of my canopy. Yipppppppy :yahoo: – Now just the simple task of making it into a canopy AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! :frantic:


I put this over my paper guide to work out the cut line. After donating blood several times this is now cut out, the bottom edges sanded smooth, given a coat of Lakeland Floor Polish and is sealed in box to dry off. Never done the floor-polishing thing before so I am intrigued to see how this works out.






Okay folks that’s it for now till next time any comments tips always welcome.


Till next time - Happy Days -Taff :D

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Guest Peterpools


Holy Smokes .. just an awesome update and the prop and spinner look tremendous. Just love the photo of the fuselage all together. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Keep 'em coming

Peter :popcorn: :popcorn:

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REAL nice work here Taff! Tiz turnin out a true Gem!!!! :popcorn:





My man.............................you need one of THESE for sure.


Even if you have already glued the props in I guarantee you will get lots of use out of it.......... Ive used min over an over on a MULTITUDE of different custom projects (including my current one) and is worth EVERY penny.


You wont be sorry, since it is SO versatile having the ability to be flipped over for opposite turning props, as well as any number of blades you can think of. Quite strong/'bombproof as well, being mostly made out of a solid chunk of billet aluminum.



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Hi Peter – Thanks for looking in and here is some more that you asked for!


Hi Brian – Oh Yeah love it!!!! Now you have gone added another must have tool to my increasing list – OHHHH Shiny Metal – I must have it!!!!! :frantic: :wicked:


As you will see my solution wasn’t quite as sophisticated as this! I did a quick Google search and can’t find anything in the UK but I will keep looking. Good news for me is that looks like I will get to Telford on the Saturday (My first ever model show – I am exited) So I will see if I can get something sorted there – Think my wallet is already groaning!!! And my shopping list grows and grows.



Okay folks managed to get some more bits done.


Back to the prop and spinner – This I weathered up, first with some fine wet & dry rubbed down to the aluminium primer on the tips and on some of the edges. Then some splodges of mixed oil paints thinned with turpentine. After this had dried I brushed on some light grey chalk. The metal on the bottom was done with adding some very soft graphite pencil (6B) and then giving it a good polish. This looks very effective in the flesh – but the photograph just flattens the subtitles. As is the way with pictures I can see where I got a bit enthused with my polishing and the bottom edge has gone through to the plastic, so will revisit this. This all got finished off with a coat of Semi Gloss varnish from a rattle can.


The Pros getting fitted – not quite a Sufis and as nice and shinny as Brian solution but it worked,






All the props added






Couldn’t resist seeing what the nose will look like – Uhm I like :) - starting to get that sleek aggressive look of a Fury. What do you think?






Next on my to do list was the reshape of the wing intakes. I was hopping to do this with out fixing the wings. But because the inside intake wall is made by the fuselage I thought it would be easier to do this all in one, So it was time to unite the wings and body!


This did show-up the joints where a bit loose, with a gap at the front and back. I should of widened these so I could have filled with a bit of plastic sheet – but the bull in a china shop and the excitement of attaching the wings got to me and I had already applied the glue with out checking DOH!!! :shrug: So I stuffed the thinnest card I have got in the gap with some liquid glue and I will fill the rest with some watered Milliput as I do the intakes.






Out with the Milliput









This got rubbed back into shape last night. No photos of this yet because I noticed that the top of the wing joints didn’t line up. Plus I had just finished the shaping and was admiring the effect when I dropped the file on to it and took a nice lump out of the front so some more Milliput and then back to some rubbing back!!!


Okay that it for this one Happy Modelling.


Taff :D

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Lovely work on the spinner and blades Taff. I agree, she's starting to look like a Fury now.


That Milliput looks like hard work though. I've often seen modellers using it but I've never used the stuff. What are your thoughts Taff?

If it is as tough to use as it looks, you could try "Green Stuff" from Games Workshop as an alternative.

It's also a two pack putty with yellow and blue sticks joined side by side in the packaging. You chop off suitably sized chunks then mix them together. I roll it out into a long sausage leaving the yellow on one side and the blue on the other before folding them together and twisting them into a rope and finally squidging them together until it becomes an even green colour.

In my experience, it remains workable for quite a while and can be easily smoothed and worked using a wet sculpting tool or similar. Additionally, once dry, it can be sanded to shape nice and easily too using wet and dry paper. Just a thought mate.


Keep up the excellent work, She's looking great!



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