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1:32 Hobbycraft Sea Fury


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Taff, this is amazing progress not only in terms of the build but your skills are so finely tuned already :wow:

As for the canopy, I would gently pack the rear part with blu tack (the canopy, not the windshield where you are cutting), define the cut line with insulating tape and go at it literally a stroke at a time with a razor saw, pulling backwards only until you are a few mm in. Just take it gently and don't squeeze the part too hard. the finer teeth on the saw the better...


I reckon with what you have done already it should be fairly straightforward, if a little scary...


Brilliant work - can't wait for more :popcorn:



Hi Peter - Thanks for the advice - it's duly noted! I just need to go and get a razor saw know :thumbsup: - Oh what a hardship having to go and buy some tools - You no what will happen go in to the model shop for a saw and come out with all that stuff you just didn't know you needed!!! :innocent:


Something else to smuggle into the house under the Mrs.’s model radar :hmmm:


Happy Days - Taff :D

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Okay little bit of an update. Had DIY duties last night and because of drying paint in the office couldn’t make to much dust. So thought I would try and face the dreaded canopy.


Here is the general blob of clear plastic




Well this is what I have so I will try and work with it as per the rules – Otherwise think I would be reaching for a replacement!!!!


My plan is to try and cut in half and then use thin tin foil from tea candles to give it some detail. To this end I have worked up some templates to follow in Illustrator. This is my test fit held on with BlueTac. The top of the canopy has a very pronounced angled curve at the top where in the real world it seems to be squarer. This has pushed the join at more of an angle rather than a vertical that it should be. I will try and get this closer when I fit the foil.






Just need to do some final adjustments to the sweep at the back – needs to come forward a bit and more of a straighter line. So apart from this think I am good to go!!!


Just need to grab the courage to do the cut!!!!!!?????? :frantic: :hmmm: :frantic:


Also did a test print and fit of the decals – Mid one could be a bit smaller possibly but other wise looks okay to me what do you think





Okay till next thanks to all for looking in. Any comments, critique and advice always welcome


Happy Modelling - Taff :D

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Also did a test print and fit of the decals – Mid one could be a bit smaller possibly but other wise looks okay to me what do you think






Coooooolness! Good start to the markings Taff.........this one is going to be really different looking from what the normal Sea Fury livery.


Really like what ur doing here bud.............Ive got this one in the stash, and know exactly the issues faced on that @#$% HC canopy.........I think mine will end up getting chopped up into an unlimited Reno racer. I just dont have the intestinal fortitude (or scrach-building talent) you have for this thing. :D

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Hot stuff here -- and that paint, not for the faint of heart me thinks.


Awesome looking office. :punk:






Cheers Dave - I seem to have something about stripes at the moment - Can't wait to get to the painting stage. Just hope I can pull it off to what I have in my head!


Happy Day - Taff :D

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Bl**dy hell Taffy, this is seriously good ... I love what you've done so far and think the colour scheme is a brilliant idea.






Thanks for looking in Grant - I am looking forward to that bit too - Just so much to do before then!!!!! But I am enjoying it........ !


BTW Just looked at the Aston that’s looking good mate not much more to go? :thumbsup:


Happy Days Taff :D

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Okay moved this along a little bit. Started to add some colour – well aluminium primer but it’s a bit better than the white.


Here are the cockpit and bits sprayed hope to get some real colours onto these this weekend






I cut the backing for the main IP from some plastic sheet. Plus added some of the Airscale IP decals. Also punched three holes and added some plastic pins to help line these two bits up.






Couldn’t resist put them together to see the effect. Wow that paint looks really rough in the close up and can see I have knocked one of my knobs off. It defiantly looks better in the flesh.






Right I’ve only bleeding gone and done it – No going back!!!!!! :wacko:

Brought a nice shiny new razor saw and took it to the general blob of clear plastic.


Tried to calmly cut it with the Olympics playing on the telly in the corner. Not the best way to keep your focus.






The front is a bit thicker than I wanted but there is a angled back curve on the top, so I was more worried about the saw slipping than this being a bit thick. Talking thick for a 1:32 kit this canopy is industrial thick but on the positive it did make it easier to cut.


Still got that slight lean back on the windscreen and lean forward on the canopy - but I might be able to adjust this a bit with the foil and then fill the spaces. I think I have to except it’s never going to be like the real thing so just make the best of what I have got.



Till Next Time Happy Days - Taff :D

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Okay folks managed to get some time this weekend so pushed her on a bit more.


Started with sorting the exhausts. The kits ones aren’t much to look at so I am hoping to improve a bit on them.


Question to all of you scratcher’s out there.

How do you cut your brass tubing so neatly and accurately?


So after taking my giant hack saw to the small brass tube then filing the ends flat – and then re-opening the ends I was left with a pile of tubes. For the mounting bracket I used some tin foil


For the backing plate I used the “Peter technique” of bending some sheet plastic with hot water, jar and some rubber bands. Worked a treat this allowed me to easily place it in to the fuselage to mark-up where the tubes needed to be stuck






Whilst I had the airbrush and paints out I moved onto the cockpit and its bits.


I decided that instead of doing the black pit as indicated in the instructions and on the sample pictures I have – :whistle: Uhm!!! ‘clears throat’ - to cheat a bit and brighten it up. So I have used a dark grey on the panels and as per the one at the FAA Yeovilton used a light grey on floor and walls. I hope this makes it a bit less of a black hole and more interesting to look at.


First up the IP back






Next - Gun sight and leaver thing. Also made up the headrest - need to finish painting this. Just got some primer on it at the mo.






After painting the bits I started to put the tub together. Applied a bit of weathering and general muck. But in general quit pleased with the overall look. My seat is a bit to big could be about 1mm thinner and the bucket part about a couple of mm shorter, but I will live with it. Its not stuck yet I will put the top bit of the belts in place first – I know it’s not accurate but busy enough and IMO way better than the kit bits.












Okay scary moment now it’s stuck does it still fit in the fuselage – dry fit not looking too shabby!






I have started to work on the deck behind the headrest but I think I will fit all this after sealing up the fuselage so I can fill in the edges to fit flush to the walls. The kit allows a nice big hole where the wings will go. It’s big enough for even my sausage fingers to get up and into the fuselage. So some bits to do before I get there! The main bit, being the back wheel and well.


Hope you liked and any comments pointers and crit always welcome.


Till next time Happy Modelling.


Taff :D

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Yeah, great scratch-building indeed! For the brass tubing, I used a hobby knife fitted with a curved blade (no idea of the blade #), and then roll the knife blade over the top of the tube repeatedly. You'll find that the blade with quite quickly begin to cut through the soft brass. It's hard to stop the blade wandering and keep the cut straight, but it's a very effective technique, especially with smaller diameter tubing. It did take me a while to perfect the technique though, and the first few times I tried it I was convinced I'd been conned and that it didn't work at all!


Anyway, practise on some spare tubing and see how you find it. I can try to explain in more detail (or with photos) if you like.


Another popular method is to use a cut-off disc in a motor tool, but I find that too messy (leaves too many burrs), and a bit of a hassle.



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