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Mystery 109 Build; Revealed!

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I'll add my name to that as well...Indeed, what they all said!




Me three, I scrolled down and thought it was real, not that it's not real, but I'm sure you know what I mean! :coolio:

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Thanks for the very kind words everybody!

I can say, never having done a dio before that it was actually very enjoyable.

It was very much a splash it on and see kind of thing.

I used watercolours a lot as they can be blended and thinned.

Pastel chalks were the real lifesaver allowing a dusty effect which was what I'm after.

At the moment I'm waiting on some drybrushing on the tarps to dry and also waiting for the temp to get above freezing so I can take some photos.

The drums are in place and I'm about to start sorting out the mountings for the 109 on the tarps and drums.

Once its in place I can then start to build the metal frame/workbench and piece of wood under the oil cooler.

Here's a cropped shot of the original photo:




The tarp under the tailwheel has dropped over the side.

I have made some tarps for the floor.

You can see a couple here at the base of the drums. I don't know if they actually covered this thing up with them or what.

It looks like there are some ropes/ties on some of them so I might use some cotton thred to get that look.

The box under the plane is what we believe to be the radio and wiring.

I've separated the bits from the bulkhead on the Aires set so after a bit of paint and wiring I'll add those too.


Photos soon!



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Cant wait to see more....................

Well here you are then mate!


Tarps. I tried the methods suggested by members previously.

I tried the rolled out Milliput with talcum powder and it worked ok but I couldn't get the right look I wanted.

They ended up looking like rubber sheets. Hmmm you are probably wondering how I know what a rubber sheet looks like? :wub:

Erm.......well I don't. Its how I IMAGINE they would look...........(Sheesh that was a near one!)

Anyway, my little one needed new school shoes and in the box was some nice tissue paper and some thin recycled paper.

The tissue fell to bits when I coated it in diluted PVA but the other stuff worked ok.

I folded them to shape and when dry I gave them a coat of neat PVA to make them nice and stiff.(No it WON'T work for anything else so don't even think about it!)

Painted them matt dark earth (I have no idea what colour they should be but brown seemed ok to me) then dry brushed with a light tan and gave them a dark wash.

They are a bit too shiney at the moment so I'll give them a coat of MM flat later.

The ropes were just pieces of beige cotton glued inside.









Bit of a confession here.

At the start of this epic I said I wasn't going to do the engine cowlings as they weren't in the final photo.

But we saw that they were on the aircraft on landing.

So provided no one came along and nicked them I thought they would still be somewhere so I'd put them in the final diorama albeit out of the "master" image I'm going for.

I believe that the two main cowlings were still hinged even when off?

If I don't hear to the contrary I'll attach them along the top spine and pose them artfully somewhere with the other pieces:







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:o :o HOLY BAT, S**T MAN ! I no expert at modeling, but I gotta tell you Phil, that is the most realistic dio base I have ever seen Takes all hands down. Good show, my friend.....harv



...Talking of which...Alledgedly, in the recent crop of Batman films, I understand that the cape (and costume) is made of rubber...So I guess that is where Phil 'imagined' he'd seen the effect from?:lol:


Seriously though, fantastic stuff Phil - it really fires up the imagination and brings your Father's photographs to life even at this stage in the process - images turning into 3D reality...Superb! (I hope that you will take some B & W monochrome pictures of your completed diorama as a comparison when you are finished?).



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Absolutely masterful Phil. You have outdone yourself yet again. It will surely be a work of art when complete. Museum quality stuff.


Go Phil, Go!

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Thank you all for your very kind words.

Special thanks to you Derek for the "rubber sheet" get out of jail card!!!! :blush:


Anyhoo, todays thrilling episode is a bit late as photobucket had a bit of a wobbler until I'd reset my password/cleared cookies blah, blah blah.

Apologies first for indoor photos again but its raining with a vengence!


Today I got the 109 onto the diorama.

For those of you who don't wish to troll through my ramblings, there's a couple of photos at the end!

During the build I didn't think about how I was going to fix the aircraft onto the tops of the drums.

As I showed in a previous post, the drums under the wings are hollow with a couple of holes drilled through the base inside.

I had to add a couple of "cushions" of tarp to these drums as she was sitting too low at the front. Luckily I made some spares when I did the rest of the tarps.

I then punched a hole through the tarps with one of those punches for leather belts.

The front tarps are not fixed on the drums at this time:





I decided to use some fishing line attached to the plane to run through the tarps and tie off under the base.

I have dug out some of the base underneath to accomodate the knots.


I thought about various ways of attaching the line to the lower wing but in the end I drilled a couple of holes and managed to thread it through and tie it off.





I then threaded the lines through the tarps:




Then through the centre of the drums through to the underside of the base:




Then pulling the lines through and mounting the aircraft before tying off underneath:




Obligatory black and white comparison shot:




Now I have it up on the drums I can start to build the trestle that goes under the oil cooler.


Thanks for looking.



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