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  1. To my knowledge there has never been a large scale Helldiver Stephen. That's why I attempted the project in the first place. I am sorry to say that the "diver" met an unfortunate end. She took a plunge from a high shelf and did not survive. I also found that the thin styrene I used to cover the airframe was a bit too thin and cracked in many places. Oh well, it was a great experience. What's up Brian! Still no plastic modeling for me. I'm too busy building a race car! I also got myself a new paint gun. It's funny how so many of the tools and skills transfer, just in a larger scale!
  2. Hahahahaha, thanks guys! I had no real issues converting a card model. It just takes a bit more patience than de-sprueing parts. If I can get as far as I got, anyone can! Here is the Camaro at Willow Springs Ron, I wish I had the pics of me sailing past a new Stingray. Muhahahaha. We did that at Auto Club Speedway. My LSP buddy Dave Pratt has been for a ride in this car, we had a great time during his visit. http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii295/bigm601/Nov-09-2013-WestCoastRacingGREEN1135amCLI_2900-Nov09-13.jpg Here is another car I built, 1965 Mustang with a very modern suspensi
  3. Greg, thanks for checking in on this. I actually just saw the big diver on a back shelf the other day! Still incomplete as are all my other kits. Many obstacles remain firmly planted in the way of modeling. The latest potential roadblock is a restoration of a 1969 Colchester Racing Developments Merlyn 11A Formula Ford race car. Car racing and reconstruction has supplanted my desire to work with models. I still get the challenge of building with the thrill of putting the project to the test when complete.
  4. Hello Matt, how are you doing..

  5. I was saddened to hear the news of Dr. Metz' passing. He always had a kind word for me and he will be missed. Making it especially painful was hearing the cause. Several months ago, my wife Susanna, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We have been through a very difficult time so far and can certainly empathize with the Metz family. Pancreatic cancer gets virtually no government research money yet is one of the leading cancer killers. My wife is in an experimental program as well and I hope that someday we have some answers. Rest in peace Charles
  6. Lo and behold the thread that will not die! Thanks for checking in on it guys. Gregory, no progress. The diver is covered in dust. Maybe someday soon but I am elbow deep in greasy car parts. Brian is right about the bench, it has been taken down to make room for car parts. Sitting in it's place right now is a 383 stroker motor worth about 375 hp. I did repaint the block yesterday and just love using my modeling skills from time to time. Even broke out the MM acryl to work on my instrument panel. I have a lot of lsp things on my mind and hope to work on them soon.
  7. Hi guys! Thanks for asking. I have made zero progress since my last post. I have been checking on all the great work here but have not had any time for modeling lately. All my free time has been occupied by the project that has taken over my workshop. I even had to dismantle my model bench. I hope to be back at it soon but am having a lot of fun with a real big scale model! I have spent a lot of time sanding and filling and sanding and filling. I also have been siuperdetailing and restoring original equipment. I finally got to shoot a base coat of primer. I used a hi build,
  8. Don't blame me Ron. Have fun and I would strongly suggest picking up Lee Cook's excellent book on VF-17. There are a ton of shots of white 3. A great subject. One particular shot shows a treaded and slick tire mounted for a nice assymetric look. The weathering is simply over the top as well. We need more Corsairs. I will be watching for sure.
  9. Amazing work Rich! What a great result from a ton of hard work. So many details to look at and discover. You should be proud. Bravo!
  10. Horsepower is right Peter! I hope to be posting some pics of my newest Large Scale Project this weekend. We will see. Hey Richard, thanks for looking in. It has become addicting, you are right. Loic! Long time no hear!!! Hope things are well. Your Kate served as inspiration for me from the day you started it. A really fantastic build, everyone should check it out. Hey Martin! Thank you for the kind words. The wells were really tricky and I am not completely happy with them but they will do. The difficulty came in keeping the plastic thin to get close to scale. I should have done
  11. Fantastic work. I really like the paint.
  12. Hordes??? No one is flocking around my workbench when I rework those old dogs! Grrrr, must be the cologne. Rich, the Trumpy sbd-3 was the best trumpy kit I have built. The cockpit is outstanding and the gun ring is a little jewel. Very nice oob. I did not know they did a -5 but that would be the way to go. Buy your aftermarket after you get the kit. You might find out you don't need as much as you think. Good luck
  13. Excellent work Matt! I think I got too carried away with the smoke but you nailed it. The blue is a great compliment also. I started to get happy with my build at this point and forgot some of the earlier fit issues. A pretty good little kit.
  14. Oh wow! Very inspiring work Richard. Like Kevin says, this is what I aspire to. If I ever grow up maybe I can come close. Awesome!
  15. Excellent work Phil! I have seat envy.
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