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  1. hello to you all like i have said here is the toppic on my next build to get the juice flowing. Im going for some armour. This is the kit im going to build. The kit hase about 800 pieces the construction start with the chassis. This is what already is done the until today. [/url Next up to do is the suspension. Mark
  2. I wondered if anyone with a ZM Skyraider kit would be prepared to measure up the kits windscreen moulding for me? I'm sizing up a Trumpeter kit for an AEW1 conversion but withe the overwide Trumpeter kit parts, the differently shaped sliding canopy on this version is getting seriously overwide to look good. I think I will have to sort out the windscreen after all..... Thanks in advance Tim PS if I could borrow a canopy windcreen to measure, that would be even better! Promise not to damage it of course!!!
  3. And so it begins! A lot of things have been written about the Harrier series of kits from Trumpeter, and to be honest, a lot of folks have either been scared away from the kit because of a few minor shape issues and the somewhat negative reviews that came out just after its release, and you dont see a ton of them built as a result. The good news is that most of what needs to be "fixed" can be done so without a huge drama post condemning the kit and curse words flying across one's model bench onto the internet. Yes, this will require modeling skill, not just aftermarket, but anybody w
  4. Here my finished Jumo 004, that I plan to add to a Ar-234 B-2/N 1:32 Nightfighter. Its a model of its own and a lot of joy to build. Around 40 parts were added. Its not 100% correct regarding the orginal, but pretty close. Dirk
  5. I'm a slow builder, but here we go. 1/32 Trumpeter P-47 Razorback kit. Keeping this one pretty basic with limited aftermarket. Using Montex masks/decals. I'll probably also pick up some aftermarket gun barrels as well. Some initial impressions - The kit seems nice but way over engineered. While some builders may love the fact that Trumpeter included the entire supercharger and ductwork, I can't help but argue that it 1.) It will never be seen and 2.) Its just more parts that need to be lined up perfectly in order for the fuselage to close nicely. Originally I considered just leaving these
  6. Just finished my Trumpeter Mig-29M. This is a build prompted by Trumpeter announcing last year that it would release new tooled Mig-29 and I wanted to build this one before. It is build OOB with the addition of an Aires bangseat, Aires cans and Master static discharger. Decals are from the Begemot Mig-29 set and stencils from HAD models. This is a purely fictional scheme as the Mig-29M never wore that livery. Stencils for the weapons come from Begemot Su-27 stencils sheet. Camo is painted with Mr. Paint. Metals parts are Alclad. This is a very good fitting kit and it was a pleasure to build. I
  7. Good evenin' folks, from Middle Earth. My first thread here in over two years - it was supposed to be my Kittyhawk OV-10A, however I'm waiting on some EZ Line getting here (I'm ruthlessly copying Brian's idea on mine), and this 109 has been waiting patiently for three-and-a-half years for me to finally notice it, so this afternoon I started hacking at it: Hopefully at the end of the process it will look a little like this... hopefully !! In the meantime, I put the block together to a point where it's ready for a splash of paint and started filling/sanding the myriad of sink ho
  8. Dear LSP community. I have been lurking around the forum here for a while. Finally I got around to photographing and sharing my first RFI post. This is the Trumpeter 1/32 Scale MiG-21UM in Czech Air Force colors. The model is pretty much out of the box. I had the Verlinden set, but its pretty useless if you ask me. The seats are undersized so I used the photo-etched parts only. The other goodies included Quickboost air scoops and pitot and AOA sensor. The rest is as in the box with the ejection seats heavily modified using all kinds of material. Not 100% accurate but a bit better than in t
  9. Well, it's got 2 engines, 2 peeps, 2 tails and I've been wanting to do this for too long I know there was only one that was converted for testing and it never went any farther than that, but I've always wanted to do one up as though it was used in Desert Storm. With that in mind, I have an F-15E kit that was started and abandoned by a friend, who gifted it to me that has parts that will lend itself to this project. The original release of the Tamiya F-15E Alot of parts... Some of the aftermarket. Will also have Eduard armament set and exterior details. Would like to include the Sierr
  10. Following on from Uilleans excellent thread , and having seen a few other impressive builds online, I thought I would splash out and have a go at the "Wobblin Goblin" myself. Back in 1990 I remember watching the F-117 and the strike damage being broadcast on TV to the world, during the first Gulf War. The aircraft is a source of fascination for me considering getting the unusual shape to fly as well as the technology to make it stealthy and virtually invisible to enemy radar defences. So time to gather some references and decide on what after-market items to add to the kit.
  11. Hello, everyone. I just finished this one today, after exactly one month of working on it, pretty much all day, every day. I'm not usually one to get the newest kit the second it hits store shelves and, even if I do, it will normally sit for quite some time before I get around to building it. For some reason, however, I had to get this kit and buid it, as soon as it came out. I'm not a Stuka fanatic or expert, by any stretch, but there's something about the early A model Stuka (often referred to as "Anton") that appeals to me. Anyway, I started this kit with the intention of just doing an out-
  12. Hello folks Has any one seen the Sprues or a review of the US Coast Guard HH-65C Dolphin 1/35 from Trumpeter? Looking at pick up one of these after seeing a lot of great Helicopter builds of late here. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/trp05107.htm Cheers
  13. Hello I have a Trumpeter Republic P-47N Thunderbolt. I need a After market Cockpit for it. What is out there for the Trumpeter kit? Thank you. Danny
  14. It's been quite some time since I've been active on LSP and busy times are no excuse of course, so my excuses for that. My posting again might drop the overal level, but I have to play my role! Tonight, however, I've managed to finish a kit: Trumpeter's F8F Bearcat. Very nice kit of a really cool looking aircraft. I added just a little detail; the open panel could use some. It truly was a joy to build and the decals are from the box. They went on like a dream, by the way. I used Tamiya and Gunze paint. The dark blue wasn't the easiest colour. It was very transparent and I had to put on ab
  15. What I have so far, with more on the way. AMS seat, Rhino intake (re-posted on ebay recently), Master Model pitot and the SAC landing gear. Some of my references. A couple more on the way including the Schiffer book Crusader! Also have the Ginter series in pdf. I've really been wanting to do these markings for quite awhile- seems like a good opportunity now to finally get around to it. VMF-312 was at Da Nang for about 6 weeks, from Dec '65 to Jan '66 for 718 sorties. Right now, looks like I'll be doing the wings straight, up, flaps and slats down, refueling probe out, brake
  16. Usually i build models so that i can sell them on built up to pay for the next one. This one is a keeper! I love it. Its Trumpeters 1/32 A-1J. It has been built straight from the box with no faffing. I seem to have gone off weathering too. Im happy with just exhaust streaks. It is what it is , a plastic model. Great build with no problems at all. Im so impressed i am just starting a Trumpeter 1/32 A-1H , which again will be straight from the box but with gun bays open , engine shutters closed but cowling open and wings folded. I havent put the seat in this one yet , i will leave that for anoth
  17. I'll be joining in with a quick project (taking a break from the A-10B) with a North Korean Air Force Yak-18. Some quick history: The USSR supplied North Korea with about 12 Yak-18 aircraft. Inspired by the Russian Black Witches, the NKAF modified their PO-2's and Yak-18's for light bombing. Three of the Yak-18's were shot down during the Korean conflict, all between June 30 and July 20, 1953 and all by Lt. Guy Bordelon. Curiously, there is no mention of these kills in any of the aerial victory lists that I have come across. In this picture, the bomb racks are barely visible
  18. Last one for today, I promise. . . Here we have the fiddly and complex Trumpeter Me.262B-1a/U1. Although a bit of a slog to build that fights you in many areas, it really does build up into an impressive rendition of the legendary Swallow. Kit is OOB except for BarracudaCast wheels and Master Models radar antenna. Finish is RLM 76 with 75 spots over black using Model Master enamels. Please feel free to share any comments or criticism. That's how we get better! -Daniel S. Westminster, CO
  19. Squadron has as a part of its May deals the Trumpeter Stuka Ju87B-2/U4 for $35.99. It is stock number TR03215. It is the one with skis. However, it still has the sprues with its landing gear and full fairings, the kit is just missing the main and tail wheels. So a good deal as the wheels could do with replacing anyway. They also have the Ju87A for $71.19, stock number TR03213.
  20. Hello here my entree for the group build. And this is the plane im going for. Im going to use the trumpeter kit with the CE cockpit set. Just the air scoops,pitot tube and some Pe has to arrive. Mark
  21. Hi folks, As there seems to have some interest in this project, I'm starting a thread to help the poor souls willing to get a similar result. A short summary of this project is nonetheless necessary. I was aware that the Revell kit was far from perfect and decided to avoid it for many years. The final release of the Begemot decal sheet changed my mind. So, I got the single-seater as well as the Zacto detail set (more bout this later). A quick assessment showed that the resin set was really necessary to get something looking more or less like a MIG-29A. I purchased many detail a
  22. So I have finally sold enough of my stash to get one of these honkin' big beauties for a new project. Not only have I been looking forward to building this jet, this will also serve to help me get my modeling mojo back after almost 10 months of hobby inactivity. My wife and I just recently moved, so I will also be breaking in my new modeling space. Let me get started by being a little more long-winded. Just so we all are on the same page, I am not a rivet-counter; I like to build stuff that looks as close as I can reasonably get within my skill level and on a budget. As I stated previously, I
  23. OK, for Paul I am trying to get one done. Thought about a CAC Sabre - nah, too much work. Started a Trumpy MiG-17 - nah, too much work. So picked a true adversary to the US military: a N. Vietnam SA-2, as kitted by Trumpeter. The cool thing about the NV SAMS were that many were camo'ed with a random pattern of two shades of green. So, it will be like German mottle on the rocket!
  24. Helo here my second build. The A-1H from trumpeter OOB only the decals are from zotz(underway) Things are slowing down on my mig(foiling) so i whant to keep building. The only thing done so far on the kit. Test fit of the feuselage and gleud a part of the wings. Now i will start the engine i hope to have a update this weekend. Mark
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