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Found 95 results

  1. What I have so far, with more on the way. AMS seat, Rhino intake (re-posted on ebay recently), Master Model pitot and the SAC landing gear. Some of my references. A couple more on the way including the Schiffer book Crusader! Also have the Ginter series in pdf. I've really been wanting to do these markings for quite awhile- seems like a good opportunity now to finally get around to it. VMF-312 was at Da Nang for about 6 weeks, from Dec '65 to Jan '66 for 718 sorties. Right now, looks like I'll be doing the wings straight, up, flaps and slats down, refueling probe out, brakes open, but everything else closed up. In typical Marine style, will hang Mk82's and Zuni's. Will follow up with open box and more pics later Kai
  2. Usually i build models so that i can sell them on built up to pay for the next one. This one is a keeper! I love it. Its Trumpeters 1/32 A-1J. It has been built straight from the box with no faffing. I seem to have gone off weathering too. Im happy with just exhaust streaks. It is what it is , a plastic model. Great build with no problems at all. Im so impressed i am just starting a Trumpeter 1/32 A-1H , which again will be straight from the box but with gun bays open , engine shutters closed but cowling open and wings folded. I havent put the seat in this one yet , i will leave that for another day. I was too lazy to mask the camo so i just airbrushed it freehand.
  3. I'll be joining in with a quick project (taking a break from the A-10B) with a North Korean Air Force Yak-18. Some quick history: The USSR supplied North Korea with about 12 Yak-18 aircraft. Inspired by the Russian Black Witches, the NKAF modified their PO-2's and Yak-18's for light bombing. Three of the Yak-18's were shot down during the Korean conflict, all between June 30 and July 20, 1953 and all by Lt. Guy Bordelon. Curiously, there is no mention of these kills in any of the aerial victory lists that I have come across. In this picture, the bomb racks are barely visible. Night-time nuisance raids were stepped up during the last six months of the war, when the front lines has stabilized. On the night of June 16, 1953, approximately 15 PO-2's and Yak-18's bombed Inchon, hitting the fuel dump and igniting a massive fire that ultimately destroyed 5.5 million gallons of fuel In June 1955 (some sources cite late 1954), a Yak-18 bearing construction number 59 and which took part in the Inchon raid, was flown by two defecting North Korean pilots to South Korea. This aircraft was given tail code 47-7715, designated as T-10G and evaluated by the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) from 1955 to 1957. It was donated to the USAF Museum in Dayton in 1960, then later transferred to the National Air and Space Museum. It is currently listed as on loan or in storage. Note the bomb racks on the underside. Sources: Leatherneck.com National Air and Space Museum Aeroflight Shine Your Light I'll be depicting the aircraft in North Korean markings as it may have appeared on June 16, 1953. Kai
  4. Last one for today, I promise. . . Here we have the fiddly and complex Trumpeter Me.262B-1a/U1. Although a bit of a slog to build that fights you in many areas, it really does build up into an impressive rendition of the legendary Swallow. Kit is OOB except for BarracudaCast wheels and Master Models radar antenna. Finish is RLM 76 with 75 spots over black using Model Master enamels. Please feel free to share any comments or criticism. That's how we get better! -Daniel S. Westminster, CO
  5. Squadron has as a part of its May deals the Trumpeter Stuka Ju87B-2/U4 for $35.99. It is stock number TR03215. It is the one with skis. However, it still has the sprues with its landing gear and full fairings, the kit is just missing the main and tail wheels. So a good deal as the wheels could do with replacing anyway. They also have the Ju87A for $71.19, stock number TR03213.
  6. Hello here my entree for the group build. And this is the plane im going for. Im going to use the trumpeter kit with the CE cockpit set. Just the air scoops,pitot tube and some Pe has to arrive. Mark
  7. Hi folks, As there seems to have some interest in this project, I'm starting a thread to help the poor souls willing to get a similar result. A short summary of this project is nonetheless necessary. I was aware that the Revell kit was far from perfect and decided to avoid it for many years. The final release of the Begemot decal sheet changed my mind. So, I got the single-seater as well as the Zacto detail set (more bout this later). A quick assessment showed that the resin set was really necessary to get something looking more or less like a MIG-29A. I purchased many detail and accessory sets to help me but the problem stayed for some areas. Assessment showed that the Revell main landing gear zone was really bad and asked for complete re-construction. I realized than that the Trumpeter MIG-29M could be a source of parts and solve some problems here and there. The more I looked at both kits, the more I realized that the Revell kit had not ONE correct section, part or panel line. Nearly everything had to be replaced or corrected! The sole correct things are the general dimensions of the airframe. This made me wondering if it would not be a better idea to use the Trumpeter kit as the starting point and the Revell kit for some parts here and there. As SAS used to say: Who dares wins! So, I took the plunge! I enlarged some plans and took my best razor saws!
  8. So I have finally sold enough of my stash to get one of these honkin' big beauties for a new project. Not only have I been looking forward to building this jet, this will also serve to help me get my modeling mojo back after almost 10 months of hobby inactivity. My wife and I just recently moved, so I will also be breaking in my new modeling space. Let me get started by being a little more long-winded. Just so we all are on the same page, I am not a rivet-counter; I like to build stuff that looks as close as I can reasonably get within my skill level and on a budget. As I stated previously, I sold off a bunch of stuff from my stash to raise funds for this project, so here is a list of what I have accumulated: -Trumpeter 1/32 Su-27 B -Aires cockpit for above kit -Eduard Su-27 Flanker B exterior PE -Begemot Flanker Family Stencils (4 pages of stencils!) -Linden Hill Flanker Sparka Su-27/30 Family Two-Seaters (we'll get back to that in a minute) -A full set of Akan paints for the plane I'd like to build I also have the following items on order: -Zactomodels Su-27 replacement nose cone -Quickboost Su-27 instrument panel -Mastercasters Su-27 weighted wheels About the decals - I ordered these initially to do the Russian "weatherbeaten" standard Flanker, but everyone who's done one of these planes has done it. So I decided to do one of the blue-over-blue-and-blue Kazakh Flankers. I figure I'll do a fairly-new out of refinishing plane so I can load it with stencils (I love stencils!). My compromise here is that I will wind up painting the plane in the scheme used on the two-seaters because they just look nicer. Also, I'm wide open to suggestions and advice- if you've done this already, I'd really appreciate all the feedback I can get. This is my first WIP on LSP so please let me know how I'm doing! I've gotten a start on some small stuff, so my next post (after dinner) will show where I'm at as of today. Thanks for indulging me!
  9. OK, for Paul I am trying to get one done. Thought about a CAC Sabre - nah, too much work. Started a Trumpy MiG-17 - nah, too much work. So picked a true adversary to the US military: a N. Vietnam SA-2, as kitted by Trumpeter. The cool thing about the NV SAMS were that many were camo'ed with a random pattern of two shades of green. So, it will be like German mottle on the rocket!
  10. Helo here my second build. The A-1H from trumpeter OOB only the decals are from zotz(underway) Things are slowing down on my mig(foiling) so i whant to keep building. The only thing done so far on the kit. Test fit of the feuselage and gleud a part of the wings. Now i will start the engine i hope to have a update this weekend. Mark
  11. I built this straight from the box with the exception of the seat harness (too out of scale). I love the Extra Dark Sea Gray/Sky combination and colors presented in the Indian Navy markings. I planned to finish this with a wash but want to wait unitl I can find some Flory wash to give that a try. Otherwise, the kit went together with the usual angst regarding these kits. Kit needs a lot of nose weight. I used about 10 grams pushed in around the nose gear bay. More is better in this case. The rest of the kit was fine.
  12. Here is my 1/32 Trumpeter Swordfish Mk.II. ...
  13. Ok here we go I have this conversion for almost a year now. Time to start the beast. I hope it will look like this when compleet. What i have for the start at the moment. The conversion set. A bit off reference. also i will use live resin weapons and some eduard an cobra company stuff(those pics ill follow) Time to cut some plastic but i still need to work on the mig. Mark
  14. Hey everyone, I'm back for more after my Beaufighter build which ended with most of my hard work to be completely hidden and almost for naught. I've been busying myself by cutting down the stash to make room for a new Hawker Typhoon, favourite plane, next to the Fw190 D-9, of which I have one of as well. There is also an up and coming IPMS show where some shopping will be done. Here is the topic for this build. Something not 40 years old this time: Here are just a quick snapshot of my builds since the Beau: Hasegawa 1/48, F-16C "Wolf Pack" which just became some made up aircraft and markings. Not a great build, but kinda fun detailing the landing gear and wheel wells and continuing to practice and hone my skills. Also, Academy 1/35 M-10 Wolverine, again just for fun and a completely made up paint and marking job. Built as a damaged and abandoned M-10. The figure is a mash up of Tamiya figures and the long coat sculpted from milliput. (first ever sculpting) Should have some build progress up soon. Cheers!
  15. Hi, Here is my Trumpeter P-47D. I've started it a few months ago but i've put it aside for a few weeks. It's painted with various alclad, and the national markings are painted, too. The stencils are hobbydecal dry transfers, and the other markings are decals from kitworld (great decals as the film become almost invisible even on NMF). THere is no varnish on it, only a light wash of flory dark dirt (i've also tried to use enamel wash from AK or Mig, but dont do that if you have hobbydecal stencils as they do not survive the enamel thinner experience...) and then a light dusting with Mig pigment. The kit is the trumpeter P-47D with dorsal fin. It is not a bad kit, i've liked this build, even if there is a few small defects. The cockpit is detailed with the eduard PE set, some scratchbuild, HGW belts (or RB? i dont remember) and a resin gunsight from master details. THe wheels are from Barracuda, and they are great ! (but pretty difficult to make the paint stick on them, even with many degreasing operations). The engine cowl flaps are scratchbuilt as the kit part is totally messed up. The exhaust staining is done with some alclad burn metal colors and then with highly thined acrylic chocolate and mat black. Hope you like it ! Here is a link to the WIP thread : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=49771
  16. Another of the production line recently - I had hoped to have completed it by the 60th anniversary of the Lightning's first flight (4th August) but I didn't quite make it! This is the Trumpeter 1/32nd scale kit, with the addition of an Aries cockpit set, MasterCasters wheel upgrade set and Xtradecal transfers. I also removed 2mm from the main landing gear legs, as I felt 'out of the box' the tail sits too high - the real aircraft has a slightly tail-down attitude, captured so well by Echelon's kit. A final touch was a homemade air intake cover to add a splash of colour. All paints were Xtracolour enamels. EE (BAC) Lightning F6 XS903/AM of 5 Squadron, Binbrook, 1984 I know this kit gets a harsh press from time to time, but it certainly looks like a Lightning to my untrained eye Tom
  17. So, the production line of 109's is in full production. With kits of Hasegawa, Revell and Eduard done or almost done, I was curious about the Trumpeter kits. In this build, I will try to do a G-6 nightfighter. This Trumpeter 109 has many parts for cockpit and engine; you can build the engine quite easily. I plan to have the 3 engine panels open on this build, so I've started with what I like best; scratching details: Fit is really good and the kit is a very good base if you want to go far in detail. Fortunately, a lot of info and photos are available in books and on the web. A testfit of the engine with a little extra detail. A lot more has to be added, though. I often tape the kit together to see what effect it has and what needs to be added. Here's a close-up: Some of the lines have Tamiya tape around them to get a slight difference in diameter. I pulled some really thin sprues for the small lines, some are barely visible. The sink marks on the insides of the covers will be a problem I have to deal with. They are in difficult spots... I still have to glue those typical bulges on the fuselage and add detail as well. Anyway, this one won't be an out of box one, like the G-10. Hope you like her! Nic
  18. Yes! An opportunity to get something built for the first time since the AOOB GB two years ago! My AOOB entry, this incredibly realistic scratched well weathered French Indochina F6F-5 Hellcat Will be followed be this: This will, like the Hellcat, also be brush painted. Cheers Anders
  19. Hello here one of the models im going to try to finnish. Its on my bench for almost 2 years now. When the decals are drying on my F-86 i work further on this one. Its the trumpeter kit with aires cockpit,eduard slats,flaps and two bobs decals. Work done so far(almost there no pics from before sorry. Its going to be the grey with bleu. Mark
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