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  1. Thanks KiwiZac, Martinnfb and allthumbs for your great words. It's appreciated :-) Joycraft Just a few more photos :
  2. See you later for the next steps, Joycraft
  3. Hello guys, Here the continuation of the assembly of the monster :
  4. See you later for the next steps Joycraft
  5. Hello folks, I start a new project. This is the bad (very bad) Trumpeter Lightning F.6. I know, this kit has a lot of mistakes from Trumpeter. But I really like this Big, Monster Britain Jet !!! I will add a Aires cockpit and exhaust. The decal sheet is from Xtradecal. Ok, maestro :
  6. Hello everybody, Shame on me !!! I never returned to you for your support and your great comments !!! Many, many thanks. You are very generous :-) See you soon for a new big kit. Joycraft
  7. Of course, Kev. It's my pleasure :-) Thanks for your good words! Joycraft
  8. Thanks for all of you! I have finished this nice project. For the final result, it's here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=63383 Ciao Joycraft
  9. Voilà ! I hope you like it! Joycraft
  10. Hello all LSP friends, This is my Tamiya's Viper F-16CJ Block 50. A very nice kit. Out of box, except the decal sheet. You can viewing the work in progress here : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=61176 Maestro, photos : Extrados
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