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  1. Has anyone heard what the release date will be
  2. How about a late version F4F wildcat.
  3. Where is everyone meeting and when ? thanks
  4. Looks great, unfortunate for the decal issue. Where did u order Dave’s Zulu decals for preorder ?
  5. I know the show is sometime this coming week, when will we know if we have a new 1/32 aircraft from Tamiya
  6. It won’t be listed, it never is by Tamiya for 1/32, very seldom does Tamiya list aircraft ahead of time, if it does get out somewhere, it’s been leaked out
  7. Being traditional Tamiya, they won’t announce anything till the week of the show or even the day of the show. Still keeping my fingers crossed
  8. I used the kit exhaust on this build
  9. F6F Hellcat, 109g-6 or a FW 190 D-9 would be amazing by Tamiya. When is the next big show in Japan where they would announce something?
  10. Thank you If I remember right, the maverick came from the academy f-16 or f-18 kit
  11. I need to take better pictures. It’s hard to take good pictures due to its size
  12. I use mrp quite a bit, me personally, I don’t care for the nmf colors. I’d go alclad for the nmf. Also for the gloss coat before u apply the nmf, look for Gunze gx2 black, it’s s upper gloss black. If you are looking for a good thinner, look for mr leveling thinner. I hope this helps
  13. Thank u for your help on this. I appreciate it Not having to mask the invasion strips makes my project go a little bit faster now
  14. . Does this include the invasion strips on the bottom of the wings thank you
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