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  1. Ssculptor: traders board, here:http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=64315 Wurzacher: HM...maybe on sunday for a short visit.....
  2. It´s been a long time since I´ve been here, but most of you can remember me as "the ripper" ;-) Some of my well known cutaways can be seen in the boards here, and some of you I know personally. Because of difficult time management I could not manage to glue two single plastic parts together for the last 3 or 4 years ( look at ny last post!), and unfortunately the future for doing this doesn´t look much brighter. That´s why I decided to quit this wonderful hobby and clean the shelf......ok, 1 or 2 kits I will keep if motivation should come back again some day, but most kits of my collection have to go......some treasures here and there included. Therefore I have opened a topic in the market place where you can find a list of the kits I´m selling, prices are fix, I will ship worldwide but please ask for shipping costs first. Any questions?.....feel free to contact me at cnasm"at"aol.com I will reply as soon as possible ( a bit of pacience would be great ;-) I will stay as a member of this great forum and take a look from time to time to your great work, maybe inspiration comes back, thanx and happy modelling Chris "the ripper" Novak ( feelin`a bit sad.......)
  3. Hy mates, just my 2 cents here ´bout the 109 and the UHU: Have talked to Volker Vahle from REVELL at the Toy Fair yesterday ( he´s a longtime friend and patron of our club) while our visit and got following infos: The 109 is a complete new tooling, no HASE repop ( like they did with the HASE 109 a few years ago). They will be no more REVELL - HASE repops / joint ventures in the near future ( seems HASE molds are too expensive), seems REVELL puts all their efford / money in own developments in the future..........if they do it te way they did with the JU-88, the Heinkel and now the UHU than this is the right way! For the UHU: have seen the UHU from ZM, build and in sprues, and there´s no doubt this is a well researched and engineered kit. The details at engines, cockpit, landing gear and so on are precious. But ( there´s always a "but", isn´t it?...) As a specialist in cutaways ( and usually "non-visible" details) the wings don´t / wouldn´t satisfy me at all.....the ribs are much to thick, the main-spar itself looks a bit weird.......anyway and again: the overall detail is stunning. But ( another one ;-) ): if I do a bit of maths and check the parts/ price relation of the already released ZM kits SHINDEN, Focke Wulf, Skyraider and do the same with the ZM UHU this kit would probably be around the EUR 200.- range, maybe a bit higher......that´s alot of money for a box of plastic! From Volker Vahle / REVELL confirmed yesterday: the REVELL UHU will go for EUR 49,90.-!!!!!! I´m pretty sure both kits will find their customers, I´d prefer the REVELL ( maybe other prefer the ZM),everyone makes his own decision. Conclusion: noone would have thought 5 years ago whats going in in the plastic biz in our scale, birds most of us would have thought never to be released in "our" scale popping out from the companies in a 3 - 4 month rhythm, what more do we pray for?..........( ok, more money, but thats different story) cheers and greez from fu.....g cold southern germany ( - 28 Celsius last night) Chris "the ripper"
  4. Thanx for asking Kev, but sorry..............my time is too limited at the moment to do 2 similar arcticles in different languages at the moment.....havent done a single piece at the SU-35 the last three months (!) because of to much work in the job, family business and more. Will post some single pics of the major mods as soon as I can ;-) cheers Chris
  5. backend: TV nozzles and actual SU-35 tailcone I already started my actual SU-35 "902" and doing an article in a german forum, here you can see the first steps / modifications done to the TRUMPY kit ( you´ll have to sign in to see pictures) http://www.flugzeugforum.de/forum/showthread.php?65378-Su-35-quot-schwarze-902-quot-1-32-TRUMPETER-%28-Umbau%29 hope this helps, cheers Chris "the ripper" P.S; the "old" SU-35 with the canards would be a stunner............thinkin´ of doing one after the "902" ;-)
  6. front gear: twin wheeled, the wheels are smaller in diameter than the single whell of the SU-27
  7. Here are a few detail shots of the most visible differences to a SU-27: vertical stabs: note the difference in the rudders ( also the antennas on top of the stabs are different to a SU-27,but both sides of the SU-35 vertical stab antennas are identical) Left: actual SU-35 right: Su-27
  8. the actual ( and "final") SU-35 is the "new" one, developed somewhere in the 2000ths, which was also basically a "normal" Su-27, but this bird was heavily modified in structure and components , f.e. heavy usage of composite materials instead of metal. The two best known birds are the two prototypes "black 902" ( white/gray/dark grey splinter pattern) and "black 901" (brown/ green/ocre splinter pattern. The overall measurements are basically the same as to a normal Su-27 ( stated so in the technical data sheet on the KNAAPO-website and some other sources), so it has the same lenght, height and wingspan. The visible differences are the following: bigger vertical stabs: the stabs have the same heigh as at the SU-27, but the rudders itself are wider ( see pic below) modified / different tailcone: totally different from the tailcones before ( tricky to modify / scratch) thrust vectoring: also tricky to modify from th kits parts, unfortunately no aftermarket parts available Airbrake: no airbrake!............the big airbrake on top of the fuselage has gone Nose: although the bird has the same lentgh as normal SU-27 the nose looks a bit different, this results from a different framing in the nose section and a shorter dark painted nose cone, which makes the nose looking " longer" ( but it isn´t) front-landing gear: the new Su-35 has the two wheel front-gear used at the SU-27 double seaters Cockpit: the actual SU-35 is the first SU-27 derivate with a glass cockpit ( 2 main 15" LCD monitors plus a few smaller LCD on side consoles) Some deatils here and there may be missing. SU-35 prototype "902" ( my actual project) SU-35 prototype "901" ( both birds are visually identical but may differ in internal facts like electronics, avionics, radar and so on)
  9. Hy Mark, I think I can help you at least a bit ´cause my actual project is SU-35 "902" as a buddy to my finished SU-27 SKM, therefore I have done a lot of research to bring light into the tunnel of SU-27 derivates. ( only my personal conclusion and may lack of some facts and details here and there and may be completed / corrected by someone who´s fitter than me in SU-27´s)) Here we go: The most confusing thing is the number of derivates of the original SU-27 and their visible differences, basin´on some facts like prototypes which weren´t "real" prototypes but more "modified" old SU-27´s, also confusing with the names / subnames is the fact that different Su-types where build / developed in the two different SU factorys, so there´s finally a great type-mismatch here and there. For the "SU-35": Basically you must know that there are 2 types which were named "SU-35"! The first one is "709" ( brown/ green/ ocre splinter pattern), this is the "old" one with canards and the much noticable higher vertical stabs. This bird also has a modified / bigger nose, no thrust-vectoring and it was developed in the 90ties (?), I think for foreign customers but wasn´t really finished / developed to serial status.
  10. Chris/Germany


    oh yeah.......looks familiar........this thing is really calling out loud: Ripper.....please.....complete me.....gimme ribs...and stringers Nice one, looks well engineered, would be fun to make a cutaway of it ( unfortunately I´m into Russian Jets for the next two years ;-) ) Chris "the ripper"
  11. Oh yeah, shame on me......the 219...hm... Unfortunately the fuselage halfes, although cut out and fixed together with tape, have warped badly. There´s no chance to fix this, so I have to order a new kit from Tigger soon ( need a canopy also ´cause the original one is badly yellowed), so ´till then she has to wait. "good thing needs time" we say in germany, so when time is the "level-factor" she will be my ultimate kit......someday.. thanx for asking Chris "the ripper"
  12. Yep......cant...resist........arghhh.........must.......cut......aarrghhh.....holes into planes.....aargrhhhhh
  13. Thanx Kev!...........what´s next?.........uhhh, some may call me a sick puppy but she has to get a sister ;-) Another Trumpeter SU-27 kit ( got one for 60 EUR last weekend at an model show), this time converted into the second SU-35 prototype ( code "902", splinter pattern in same colours) Will be a challenge because of the major modifications to be done: thrust vectoring engines, bigger vertical rudders, modified nose and more. cheers Chris
  14. Some detail shots at last, thanx to all you guys for your nice and encouraging comments during the build. hope you like it cheers Chris "the ripper"
  15. And then:..........Tatatataaaaa!!!.....Rollout!
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