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  1. A relaxing project? I am in! Nice input from Radu here, appreciate it!
  2. Nice! An update on this build! Don´t know, but I have some doubt Eduard will do resin nozzles for this one. Or did you quote some "inside" knowledge?
  3. Any progress, 109? Are you going to Fürstenfeldbruck with this one?
  4. Hi mate! You won´t be disappointed building the Ju 88! Some funds (ouch!) provided you could do an "electrified" kit hopefully soon! Revell is about to re-release the 1/32 Ju 88A-4 with some electronic components. To be seen here on a picture from Thomas Voigt, posted over on Prime Portal: http://data3.primeportal.net/models/thomas_voigt11/revell/images/revell_38_of_44.jpg
  5. Hope your knee will be better soon! Very nice start, Rick!
  6. As far as I was told this will be a resin conversion to the standard kit. But it may be wise until the final product gets available.
  7. Wow! Very cool build and diorama!
  8. Love it! You really nailed this one! Stunningly perfect! Btw: I am with you on the Dinah!
  9. Craig, I have no doubt your build will easily surpass mine! Cannot wait to see your work! And I guess Nick, too! The opportunity to build this kit has a very special and emotional history for you and me. Chris, thank you, buddy! I am afraid this one will be the last build that fits one of our cabinets... Must remember to switch to 1/144 from now... Happy new year to you, Chris! And to everybody here on LSP! Awesome modellers here!! Thanks, Maru!
  10. Yepp! This is such a nicely finished build! Figures look great, as does the two aircraft! Are there electric motors driving the props? :goodjob:
  11. Wow! Thanks for the link to those exciting pictures! It is amazing what those people are doing! Great job!
  12. Kev, I would be honoured if you would do so! Thank you!
  13. Thanks for watching! And happy Christmas to all!
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