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  1. Got Henri´s new Ju 388 resin propellers today! Cannot decide which ones to use: with, or without the hub. The details given are again superb! Here is a list of his props in case you might want to place an order, using his email address mentioned above.
  2. Nick, I have to thank YOU for the special pleasure and opportunity to build this amazing kit! I recently had it on show here in Friedrichshafen (home of Dornier) and your work really turned heads! No need to mention that I didn´t stop to mention your shop on Shapeways!
  3. Obiwan, these are the only ones I did in Reno years ago. Maybe, I hope, they are helpful.
  4. Well, my avatar is a hint on one of my interests, showing Neil Armstrong. What an achievement and what a great decade for humanity. Today (perfect timing!) I got a kit with exactly 1969 parts. 1969, you get it?
  5. Mark, thank you so much for those pictures! One never has enough pictures of this beautiful aircraft! Thank you!
  6. Being German I am not aware on a law about à la Revell. In my understanding it more simple: such a box, one-sided coated and printed, then folded up from a single sheet of card saves them money. No idea how much. A Euro Cent? But I am with most of us: I hate them!
  7. Such a great build! Like it! I already saved some stuff as reference for my own kit when being build!
  8. In Germany it´s verboten only from 11am to 16pm, in months ending with the letter "y"!
  9. A "Chris" build! Added to this the old, but still somehow magic Airfix kit! I am in!
  10. Lovely subtle shading and paint job on the cockpit parts, Rick! Hope you don´t spend too much time at the pool. The bench (and your fan crowd) is waiting!
  11. Jan, I guess you will ad the gun muzzles later after painting?
  12. Peter, for sure a thread not to be missed! I am in!!
  13. Tom, a beauty to look at! Love the whole build and the subtle detail, such as the faint traces of dirt on the main landing gear cover! Top!!!
  14. Wow! Great find! I am amazed about how good the remains look. Hope the Greek will do a fine job on restoring it!
  15. A relaxing project? I am in! Nice input from Radu here, appreciate it!
  16. Nice! An update on this build! Don´t know, but I have some doubt Eduard will do resin nozzles for this one. Or did you quote some "inside" knowledge?
  17. Any progress, 109? Are you going to Fürstenfeldbruck with this one?
  18. Hi mate! You won´t be disappointed building the Ju 88! Some funds (ouch!) provided you could do an "electrified" kit hopefully soon! Revell is about to re-release the 1/32 Ju 88A-4 with some electronic components. To be seen here on a picture from Thomas Voigt, posted over on Prime Portal: http://data3.primeportal.net/models/thomas_voigt11/revell/images/revell_38_of_44.jpg
  19. Hope your knee will be better soon! Very nice start, Rick!
  20. As far as I was told this will be a resin conversion to the standard kit. But it may be wise until the final product gets available.
  21. Wow! Very cool build and diorama!
  22. Love it! You really nailed this one! Stunningly perfect! Btw: I am with you on the Dinah!
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