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  1. On second thoughts, this could be a better source: http://www.jaysmodelkits.com/jaysmk/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=102
  2. I might have found a source. The model shop in Wellington (Modelcraft & Hobbies) used to have the full range of Falcon Clearvax and Squadron canopies. Since Richard Alexander sold the shop when he was headhunted to manage Wingnut Wings, it's been through a number of owners. Last time I looked it was an empty shop, but it still seems to exist online. The website is very poor (they can't even spell their address right), and the search facility particularly poor, but at least they do seem to have a fair number of Squadron canopies in stock. Only two 1/32 and no 1/24 though.
  3. Ooops. I've just noticed that the link to the 1/32 Erla canopy was screwed up ... I've fixed it now. Not that it seems to be much use, because the availability of everything seems to be "Available to order", which presumably means they'd ask Falcon to run off some more. Yeah, right.
  4. There's plenty of pictures around of Alan Deere's Spitfire KL-B "Kiwi". Alan's exploits were the basis of the Spitfire story in the film "Dunkirk", which has sparked some interest. Be aware that any depiction of the kiwi with a peculiar white ruff around its neck is completely fictitious, and based on bad interpretation of a bad photo. This is discussed in "Spitfire: The New Zealand Story" by Gerard Morris. There are a better photos showing the kiwi emblem, such as this one: Tony
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