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    aircare84 reacted to TomR in WNW Albatros D.V Otto Kissemberth   
    It's starting to look like an airplane folks! Top wing is on and the weathering can begin. And of course the rigging which doesn't seem to bad. Thanks for looking

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    aircare84 reacted to Miloslav1956 in P-51D-10-NA Colonel C.E.“Bud“ Anderson, 363.FS   
    Tamiya Kit 1/32
    Barracuda wheels
    HGW wet transfers & seat belts
    Painting mask homemade
    All colours MRP                    
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    aircare84 reacted to Tolga ULGUR in 1/32 Hasegawa Bf 109 G14-AS   
    This is 1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109 G14-AS with the markings of  "Kristin"  Yellow 1 from 9./JG300 in December 1944.
    I have used:
    MDC Cockpit set
    Masterdetails horizontal tails.
    Quickboost exhausts
    Barracudacast Propeller and spinner
    Barracudacast main wheels
    Eagle Cals decals EC#81
    Gunze Sangyo acrylic paints.
    Happy modelling

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    aircare84 reacted to Thomas Lund in 1/32 Hasegawa Fw190A-5 wnr 410004 Walter Nowotny   
    DONE - quite satisfied







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    aircare84 reacted to Bill Dedig in 1/32nd Revell Bf109G-10 Eric Hartrmann Scheme   
    I know this has been done (Great build on this site) . But I needed My Own.

    Kit decals ,which I thought were great. Barracuda Resin on Small wing bump section and on Spinner/Props (Prop Alignment jig). HGW Seatbelts, Uschi Line for antenna.

    Kit decals were used for all the markings especially the spinner and Tulips as they settled perfect and were better than my trying to paint them.

    I cut all the clear from the Insignia and used a Scrap set of markings on the tail. I did add some brake lines but tough to see in my photos.Lightly weathered as this is a 300 plane Ace mount.

    Thanks for Looking and comments are always welcome
    Bill D
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    aircare84 reacted to Nick32 in Wingnut Wings Junkers D1   
    My first Wingnut Wings kit, its a very far from perfect build but it was great fun and i've learnt a lot, so thats what counts eh? Everything people say about these kits is bang on, they are fantastic. I've since added 2 more to the stash and i just know more will be incoming.... 
    I used MIG Metal acrylic Matt Aluminium for fusalage, pastels for weathering and my new favourite flat coat, Windsor and Newton flat varnish. 


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    aircare84 reacted to Tolga ULGUR in 1/32 Hasegawa-Montex Focke Wulf Fw-190A-4   
    This is 1/32 Focke Wulf Fw-190A-4 with the markings of 1/JG54 Eastern Front in spring 1943.
    Base kit is Hasegawa’s A-5. I have used Montex A-4 conversion set for backdating.
    Seat and belts is from AML
    Exhaust stacks are from Quickboost
    Paints are Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. (RLM75/White/RLM76)
    All decals are from the kit and my spare box except for customized chevron figure decal on the fuselage
    Note the under fuselage mounted ETC 501 bomb rack
    Happy Modelling

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    aircare84 reacted to 109 in Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6, 2./JG 51, Black 13   
    Part 2:





    Hope you´ll like it :-)
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    aircare84 reacted to 109 in Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6, 2./JG 51, Black 13   
    finally a gallery of my finished diorama with a Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 from Hasegawa.
    Original photograph of black 13




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    aircare84 reacted to Lud13 in Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2 Hasegawa 1:32   
    Hello all
    Back to usual stuff...Messerschmits !!!
    Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2 flown by Hpt. Hans von Hahn  Kommandeur of I./JG3 in July 1941.
    Well known Hasegawa model was a pleasure to build. Used Model Master Authentic RLM 70/74/75/76 colors with Eagle Cals decals.
    Varnish as usual was Valejo.
    Thx to LSP Mike for help with decals


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    aircare84 reacted to alain11 in the black whistling death F4u-5N   
    a few more ????













    thank you for watching 
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    aircare84 reacted to John1 in Yellow 5 - Late War 109G-6   
    I've always had a thing for late war Luftwaffe schemes.   The variety and "mix and match" components really attract me.   Anyway, I stumbled upon this very interesting G-6 and had to build it.
    The full page is here. 
     http://theprofilepaintshop.blogspot.com/2013/09/bf109g-6-found-at-kassel.html  BTW, I highly recommend this blog, it's got a large number of very interesting, very unique profiles.
    Here are a couple of pics of the real thing that were graciously provided by Anders, the creator of this blog.  He also provided some pics of the aircraft just after capture when it was in better shape.

    Note the mix of RLM76 and late war yellow green and 81/82.   You can also make out the right wing in original grey's.   Obviously a rebuilt aircraft with some older components added. 

    Left side view, note the light colored patch ahead of the number and a what appears to be a previoulsy painted out number just forward of the cross. 
    Anyway, here are pics of the model.  Base kit is the Revell Gustav which is "ok" to be charitable.   I used the Alley Cat update set to address the MG issues (spacing and the bulges), they also provided a replacement oil cooler and some other small bits.  Very useful.  I also used the Aires cockpit which had fantastic detail but was a huge problem with regard to fitting.  Also used the wonderful Barracuda resin wheels. 


    Unlike most late war Luftwaffe aircraft that never got off the ground due to fuel shortages, Yellow 5 was a long serving combat vet and as such, I opted to dirty up the cockpit.

    The left wing was noted in some of the pics Anders provided to be in the late-war style of mostly NMF.   The landing gear covers were removed, I'm guessing due to muddy conditions at it's airfield.   This was another reason why I went heavy on the grime on the cockdpit floorboards.

    Love those Barracuda wheels.  The spinner and props are also aftermarket, can't remember who (maybe also Barracuda?)


    Again, unlike many late war aircraft that never got off the ground, Yellow 5 showed quite a bit of grime (exhaust staining, oil leaks, etc.



    National markings were homemade stencils.   A major pain but much superior to decals IMO.   That blob of brown on the fuselage balkenkruz is not a spill, it was present on the real thing.   The hardest part of the project was trying to replicate the exact pattern of all the paint mottling.  
    That's it.  Not perfect by any means but it was a fun project.   Thanks for looking! 
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    aircare84 reacted to karimb in Wingnut Wings Halberstadt Cl.II "Martha and Else"   
    Two photos of my Wingnut Wings 1/32 Halberstadt Cl.II "early" build for an article in Mig Jimenez's The Weathering Aircraft Magazine which will be published in 2020. The kit has received the addition of the beautifully custom carved wooden Niendorf propeller by ProperPlane, HGW textile belts, Aviattic 5 color Lozenge decals and Rexx metal exhaust. All markings are airbrushed on using homemade masks on the Silhouette plotter. All main painting done with MRP lacquer paints, all weathering products are AMMO by Mig Jimenez along with prismacolor pencils. I would have wanted to release more photos for LSP but things are what they are!
    Happy to answer any questions or hear any constructive criticism from the LSP family!
    Now that commitments are complete, soon off to start a new build on LSP!
    As always stay safe and happy modeling!


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    aircare84 reacted to kkarlsen in 'Flying Circus' 'dreidekker's (Roden 1/32)   
    Hi Guy's - After finishing the 'skeletal' Fokker Dr.I - I've been working on a Fokker 'dreidekker' triple...
    Three of Jagdstaffel 11 (Richthofen's) 'triplanes'  - They will later become part of a diorama counterpart for the '74th Squadron' S.e.5a.

    Fokker Dr.I's 477/17 - 502/17 - 588/17. I've taken some 'artistic' liberty's in displaying all three 'Fokker's with early German Crosses.










    A little list of what was done to 'fix' the Roden Fokker Triplanes...
    External corrections:
    Tailplane contur corrected
    Depression in stabilzer's removed
    Front decking corrrected with filler holes
    Gun blast protection plates
    Fuel tank and filler caps
    Engine push rods and spark plugs and wire
    Engine access hatch - scratched
    Inspection window in upper wing moved
    Viewable ZAK stamp and Werk nr.
    Axle wing corrected
    Wheel openings detailed
    Rib tape added to all wings

    Internal corrections:
    Machine gun boxes scratched
    Fuselage plywood sections scratched
    Pilots seat reworked with seat cushion
    Bulkhead reworked with string
    Linen cover for shoulder belts
    Machine gun and throttle cables
    Map case scratched
    Internal rigging
    Magneto + instruments
    Fuel pump
    Aftermarket parts:
    Aviattic rudder
    Aviattic cowling
    Eduard photo etch set
    Eduard Linen stiching
    Monofilament fishing line for the rigging
    Infini Black Aero Rigging for control cables
    0,12 mm steel wire for eyelets
    0,5 mm brass tube
    Fokker bleached linen (homebrew)
    Fokker Turquoise  Tamiya XF-23
    Streaking camouflage: Windsor & Newton Oil.
    Raw Umber Green shade.
    Richthofen 'red' - Vallejo Cavalry Brown.
    Cheers: Kent
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    aircare84 reacted to Tolga ULGUR in 1/32 PCM Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 Early   
    This is my recently finished 1/32 Pacific Coast Models Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 with the markings of L1909 LR-R, 56 sqn RAF North Weald,mid 1939
    Cockpit modified with Warbirds seat and control stick.
    Watts 2 blade propeller is from Fawcett Models
    Artillery vacuform canopy used.
    Paints from Gunze Sangyo acrylics and Alclad metalizers.

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    aircare84 reacted to Miloslav1956 in Ta 152H-1 W.Nr. 150168 "Green 9" Ofw. Willi Reschke   
    Zoukei Mura model 1/32
    Painting mask home made
    Yahu instrument panel
    HGW wet transfers for Fw 190D
    All colours MRP
    Finaly finished










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    aircare84 reacted to Lothar in Gustav goes Italian..   
    I remember years ago after a terrible day at the office I decided to do some modelling to calm down.
    But something went wrong and in my frustration I smashed the almost finished fuselage against the wall.
    At least I collected the debris and put them back in the box. I pulled the box out of the stash some weeks
    ago and my guilty conscience told me to finish it, which I did.
    I need to mention that I did not thoroughly research the subject, it's more or less based on my interpretation of
    the few - partly conflicting - information I had. Hope you like it:





    BTW: It's the Hasegawa G-6 kit with a few etched parts in the cockpit and the Barracuda canon gondolas, paints are all Gunze.
    Markings are a mix of Sky Decals and Montex masks. Thanks for watching.
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    aircare84 reacted to DrDave in Wnw Jasta 18 Halberstadt   
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    aircare84 reacted to Miloslav1956 in F4U-1A Lt Cdr. Tom Blackburn   
    Hi all,
    Here is my another Corsair .
    Tamiya Model HGW wet transfers, seat belts, stencils Barracuda wheels Eduard instrument panel & All colours MRP                        
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    aircare84 reacted to Bobs Buckles in WNW Sopwith Triplane "Black Maria'   
    Thanks for your kind words.
    Here are the rest of the images.
    I hope you like.
    von B 














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    aircare84 reacted to Bobs Buckles in WNW Sopwith Triplane "Black Maria'   
    Hello my friends,
     I have been quietly sitting in the background working away on my Sopwith Tripe.
    Well, today, she is complete (is a model ever complete?) and sitting in the case. 
    I have this one image for now, but more will follow. I've been super busy of late and finding spare time to think, let alone modelling, is a blessing! 
    More pics soooooon.
    Von Buckles 

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    aircare84 got a reaction from Phartycr0c in Let's get to know each other a little better. Show a photo of your   
    Here a photo of me & my other hobby.
    A few years ago.

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    aircare84 reacted to Grizly in Trumpeter 1/32 P-38   
    Trumpeter's kit built as Colonel Harold Rau's P-38J "Gentle Annie"

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    aircare84 reacted to TomR in WNW Albatros D.V Otto Kissemberth   
    Well I decided at least for the time being to put the Ta.152 on the shelf. Got a bit bored of cleaning up all the flashing for now so I'll have to revisit that one at a later date. Anyway I pulled one out of the archives and its probably one of my top three projects that I've been looking forward to building. The scheme that Otto painted his airplanes, all black with a prominent edelweiss is just so striking to me. I've been working on the kit for a good while now and figured I'd post the progress. Having built a few kits now with lozenge wings I know the pace of construction will slow when we get to that point. I'm going to be weathering this bird as I do most of my WWI subjects, very little weathering save for a bit of dirt in the cockpit, mud on the wheels etc. I still need to pull the cockpit back out to put the final weather on the seat so that's still a work in progress. Anyway take a look and any comments are more then welcome. 

    The engine is about 50% complete and the initial coat of engine grease oil paint has gone on. Subsequent steps will help reduce the glossiness of the effect.

    Here you can see a nice example of some of the aftermarket resin Lukasz produces at Taurus models. I have a few of his full engines plus many of his parts for D.iii engines. His work is second to none. Aftermarket includes overhead rockers, springs, spark plugs and priming cups.

    Those priming cups are by no means easy to put together (so tiny) but well worth the effort.




    This is probably the best picture I got of my wood grain effect. So tough to get on camera.
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