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    aircare84 got a reaction from rafju in P-39 Airacobra, by Kitty Hawk   
    If I remember correctly, the rear fuselage needed extended by 3/16"
    Check out Pg 1 of Quang's build;
    This one spelled it out well, but is now gone;
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    aircare84 reacted to jgrease in 1/32 Mirage 2000-5F, Kitty Hawk   
    Completed the KH Mirage 2000C as a -5F. In my opinion this is KH's best effort to date. Assembly was good in spite of the usual bad instructions. I like the addition of the resin pilot and exhaust. The decals were thick and did not respond to setting solutions. In spite of decals for French, Greek, Brazilian and Taiwanese airframes, there are only French stencils. Also, no information is provided for the 4 different rudder tips and two noses, so check references before assembly. This wasn't my best work - I found a lot of things I would correct in a future build.









    Your observations and critiques are welcomed.
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    aircare84 reacted to skiner in Me 262 Trumpy, paints and photos   
    Hi friends
    Here my last job with my Me 262 Trumpeter. When I saw these Photos 3 years ago  I decided to built the same. The main challenge . How to translate  these Black and White pictures in color ...





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    aircare84 reacted to kensar in 1/32 Thomas Morse S4C scratchbuild   
    I decided on a Thomas Morse for my next scratchbuild as there aren't any kits of one in this scale.  I think its a significant plane since most American WW1 pilots had time in one.  The idea was planted in my head when I came across some papers left behind by my Dad after he passed.  Among them was a line drawing of the Tommy from a 1957 issue of Model Airplane News.
    I have put together the engine using a Vector kit, with the front of the crankcase machined from aluminum and some RB Motion bolts.

    Next, I machined out a cowl on my lathe.


    Then it was time to start the fuselage framing.  The top longeron has quite a curve in it, which was created with three 0.020" strips laminated together to hold the curve.

    Then the cockpit bits.  The Tommy has a simple cockpit.  The ailerons are operated via torsion bars, like a Nieuport.

    Nearly completed cockpit bring me up to date here.

    The next challenge is rendering the bottom of the fuse and the turtledeck.  They were longerons covered with the linen covering.
    Comments welcome.
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    aircare84 reacted to AEROPOXY in Boeing F3B-1 Command Aircraft by LUKGRAPH - RFI   
    WIP here:










    Thanx for looking, 
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    aircare84 reacted to HL-10 in Bf-109G-10   
    Revell's 1/32nd scale Messerschmitts are rather impressive kits.
    By clever engineering they have produced variants from F to K.
    My model was& propeller blades, as well as an oil cooler and nose air scoops from Barracuda Cast, seat belts from Eduard.
    Topped off with brass gun barrels & pitot tube from Master
    The model is painted with Xtracolor enamels and the markings, for Eric Hartmann's aeroplane are the kit's decals which are of a very high quality.







    Thanks for looking 
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    aircare84 got a reaction from mpk in A6M2b Zero   
    Great build & love the carrier deck.
    Stunning all around.
    Thanks for posting.
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    aircare84 reacted to Greif8 in A6M2b Zero   
    And a few close ups to finish off.
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    aircare84 reacted to Greif8 in A6M2b Zero   
    A few med distance shots.  I had not yet put the tie downs on the carrier deck, but the aircraft and figure are complete.
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    aircare84 reacted to Greif8 in A6M2b Zero   
    Marking time while looking after my spouse who is laid out sick today with either the flu - or she ate something that did not agree with her; and our 5 year old foster daughter (who we are in the process of adopting).  I doubt there will be any bench time today and while the little one is listening to some children's music and coloring I thought I would post a build I did some four years ago of Tamiya's A6M2b Zero.  This was a very nice kit that had only two drawbacks.  The decals were not the easiest to work with and the undercarriage was more fiddley than it would have been had Tamiya not tried to make it a cross between a toy and a model.  I guess one could also add the rubber tires as well, but I thought they were ok.
    The figure is the one that came with the kit and shows all the limitations of an injection molded figure vs a resin one, but it turned out serviceable.  The carrier deck is scratch built using left over "planks" from an old wooden ship kit that I built for my brother-in-law some 10 years ago.  Those were laid down on a  piece of MDC board that I then framed with wood.  I tried to get the deck color to look like a Japanese carrier deck circa mid to late 1942.  I wanted to show the aircraft a bit worn, without making it look ready for the boneyard so I kept chipping, fading, etc somewhat "middle of the road".
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    aircare84 reacted to Brett M in Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair - Engine cowling and engine flaps, done!   
    Well, its not the cleanest work.....but for the first time using lead wire, I suppose it's okay. I think that I'll call the engine "done" and move on so I can get the exhaust done and get the front of this bird attached!
    Comments, suggestions, all are welcome!

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    aircare84 reacted to HotWaffle in 1/32 WNW Pfalz D.IIIa, my first LSP build   
    Hey all!
    I recently picked up the Wingnut Wings re-release of their Pfalz D.IIIa (my favorite WW1 airplane). This is my second WNW ann 1/32 kit, the first being a Roland C.II I built some months ago.
    I'll be making a Pfalz D.IIIa from Jasta 46. I've yet to decide between one with black and white bands or Rudolf Matthaei's Pfalz.
    Here is a skin I made of the 3-band skin for IL2: Flying Circus:

    and Matthaei's pfalz, which had black and white chevrons as a personal marking:

    My plan is to do as much of the internal piping and wiring as possible. I'll be leaving off all of the covers to show off as much detail as possible. To this end I'll be adding spark plugs, rocker arms and valve spring from Taurus models, LMG08s and turnbuckles from Gaspatch and white metal undercarriage parts from Scale Aircraft conversions. I've also got the decals from WNW's previous pfalz kit so I have various balkenkreuzes and serials to choose from.
    I started the build a week or two ago, so here is my progress so far.
    I put in lots of 0.3 and 0.5mm holes to accomodate for pipes and wire I'll be adding to the engine and interior.

    elevator, throttle and trigger cables added to the control stick:

    Interior frame and floor put together with fuel lines and grease pipe installed.

    The oil filter I made from a spare bit of landing gear.

    Air pump, fuel filter and various other pipes installed

    Interior weathering done by oil washes and splattering.

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    aircare84 got a reaction from Thunnus in 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1a Corsair - Boyington's 17740   
    What a great build!
    The paint & weathering are first class.
    Nice touch with the parachute 
    Thanks for posting.
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    aircare84 reacted to Thunnus in 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1a Corsair - Boyington's 17740   
    Thank you Rod and Brett! Here are some more photos...

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    aircare84 reacted to Thunnus in 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1a Corsair - Boyington's 17740   
    Here is my recently completed 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1a Corsair painted in one of Greg "Pappy" Boyington's purported mounts, BuNo. 17740.  The Tamiya kit is an extraordinary state-of-the-art kit and doesn't need much to build up into an impressive model but I did take the liberty of adding a few aftermarket items:
    1. Vector Resin Cowling
    2. Barracuda Resin Wheels and Tires
    3. HGW Fabric and Phototech Harness
    4. Barracuda Cockpit Stencils
    5. Montex Masks
    6. True Details Resin Parachute
    7. HGW Wet Transfer Stencils
    The complete build can be found here:
    The canopy is removable so that I can pose it in the closed or open position.  I did not glue the wings into place so that transport would be easier.  AK Real Colors acrylic paints were used for the exterior.

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    aircare84 got a reaction from Brett M in Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair - Engine cowling and engine flaps, done!   
    I use various small gauge wire, 22, 24, 28, etc. that I strip off the outer sheathing & use the wire strands. 

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    aircare84 got a reaction from Kagemusha in Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair - Engine cowling and engine flaps, done!   
    I use various small gauge wire, 22, 24, 28, etc. that I strip off the outer sheathing & use the wire strands. 

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    aircare84 got a reaction from Brett M in Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair - Engine cowling and engine flaps, done!   
    The white tape on the wings was to seal the wing fuel cells, just like the white tape you see on the fuselage of many of the F4-U's.
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    aircare84 got a reaction from D.B. Andrus in Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair - Engine cowling and engine flaps, done!   
    The white tape on the wings was to seal the wing fuel cells, just like the white tape you see on the fuselage of many of the F4-U's.
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    aircare84 reacted to Whitey in Tamiya Mosquito MK VI   
    I'm pleased to present my Tamiya DH Mosquito Mk VI representing MM403, SB-V. 464 Squadron, RAAF, September 1944.

    The aircraft took part in Operation Jericho, the raid on Amiens Prison on 18th February 1944.

    The amazing Tamiya kit is a joy to build and I added HGW seatbelts,  some resin wheels and tyres, EagleCal Decals, Barracuda Studios cockpit stencils and Master gun barrels to just go that bit extra to make it look swish. 
    I used MRP paint for the exterior surfaces and SMS Interior Green inside the cockpit.
    My original idea was to keep the cockpit door open but I found that it ruined the fine lines of what is arguably the most beautiful aircraft from WWII, so I closed it up. You can still see plenty of detail through the crystal clear canopy and its exquisite canopy framing.

    I prefer my models to be complete so no engine detail was added and the cowls closed up after painting the undersides.

    I tried to represent some of the wear and dirt that this aircraft shows in some AWM photos of her.

    Burnt Umber and Dark Earth oils were used to stain panels and fuel stains at the filler inlets and to bring out some of the finer details and then dirt stains added using hard pastels scraped off onto a fine brush for exact workings and a wider soft brush for area type stains and dirt.



    The invasion stripes were carefully measured and masked off to ensure parallel lines and equal widths. Nothing was spared the dirt and grime.

    Upper surfaces camouflage pattern was sprayed free hand .








    Overall a fantastic kit of a beautiful that was a dream to build.
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    aircare84 reacted to KitmodellerNZ in Revell 1/32 North American P-51D-5NA Mustang   
    Hi guys, I have just completed Revell's 1/32 P-51D early Mustang. This was OOB with the exception of the HGW textile harnesses. I used Tamiya acrylics and lacquers, Vallejo Metal Color, Windsor & Newton oils and AK weathering products. I really enjoyed this build, fit issues aside. I decided to use the supplied decals rather than masks for this build. The quality of the decals is fantastic. I believe they're Cartograf.
    I used flat and semi-gloss clear coats to represent the sheen in the areas of the hotly debated 'was it blue or was it green?' topic.










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    aircare84 reacted to dodgem37 in Tamiya P-51D, Sinai, 1956, with Reposted Images   
    'Seriously, wish I could see you in action - might learn a thing or two (million)'
    It's all about research and doing it as many times as necessary until you get it 'right'.  It's a slow, laborious, and thinking process.  It's asking and answering the question "How do I make this and with what to best represent what I am seeing (in the research material)?'  It's not about speed at all.
    'it’s wonderful!!!!!!'
    Thank you, Brother.
    A few more.













    Thank you for looking and liking.
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    aircare84 got a reaction from CZPetrP in F-16CJ Block 50 1/32 Tamiya   
    What great paint work & finish.
    Thanks for posting.
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    aircare84 reacted to Wackyracer in Revell IXc built as a FR.IXc Holland 1944   
    Eduard PE and exhausts. Scratch built camera and bay. Custom paint mix for the camotint pink. Markings all sprayed from custom masks.





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    aircare84 reacted to CZPetrP in F-16CJ Block 50 1/32 Tamiya   
    F-16CJ, 91-0348, 77 FS/20 FW, SW, Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003 (maternity base-SHAW AFB, North Caroline)
    Aires: cockpit, wheel bay, exhaust nozle
    Wheelland: Wheels
    Master: pitot tube
    Paint: Gunze C, MR Paint, Aero Master
    Wash: AK Interactive, Ammo Mig
    Foto: my frend Miloslav( thank you)

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