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  1. Yes. The finish was the scariest part after all that work. Some cracks have developed from warping and I'll have to touch up later.
  2. Hey Thanks Timm. Coming from you that's Bigg praise indeed!
  3. Thanks Mike. Glad you noticed the finish. I was apprehensive about an all black plane.
  4. Hi guys, Just want to highlight the Beaufighter that I started a few months ago. It has recently been uploaded to largescaleplanes.com. I see a lot of Beaufighters on the forums and its great to be a part of the club. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=3423 Wishing you all the best in this time of isolation, Suresh
  5. Yes. This was discussed..... I've given Chris the link to this discussion so show him some Defiant love and who knows......
  6. Hey Dan, Do you have a detail picture of the top of the Defiant? Especially the engine cowling area.
  7. That's true. The undercarriage is also being designed. I scratchbuilt mine mainly because I needed to meet a dateline. Also, because its an early war design, the undercarriage is actually quite fun to build out of brass bits. The props are quite easy to cut out and shape. I have a friend at the club who does it all the time. I used resin just to use up some old stock. The main thing is the spinner which is provided. Here's Chris designing the thing at HPM. Lol. Early test shots: Suresh
  8. Hi Dan, I built the Tigger (ID) model a few months ago and am even now constantly tinkering with it. HPM is making a detail set for the turret, cockpit and undercarriage which I helped fabricate. Its featured in this build: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=3289 Honestly with not that much effort you get a pretty decent model of this highly historical but neglected plane! Suresh
  9. I considered something like that but showing a fighter being treated like trash was more than I could bear. Lol.
  10. And here it is, the article on this diorama: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=3307 Thanks Kev!
  11. Hiya Mike, I thought someone might bring that up. But you know.... Having served in an Artillery and Engineering unit, I've seen some pretty outrageous behaviour amongst tired servicemen. Lol.
  12. Did some weathering and detailing with cables and hoses. The chains go together with magnets so it can be disassembled for transport. Also I cut off and repositioned the rudder and stabilizers to make it more organic. The mud shows how the Dora was dragged over the side of the hill. And you can see the bunker better now. Just have a few figures and some small odds and ends left but its essentially done. Will post the link to the full article (with proper pictures) here when I'm done. Thanks for tuning in!
  13. Thanks Brian, I try to imagine what it must be like to behold a bright red plane in the middle of the war and nothing really prepares you for that. Regards.
  14. Did the crush last night. I had to be suitably tired not to care how it turned out. This morning it appears ok. Also initial weathering, the tree and just general busy work.
  15. Thanks Thomas. I feel that way about figures too. I was recently in the Tamiya factory in Japan and saw some of Shep Paines work close-up. Virtually all his figures were kit figures so you're in good company. I'm wondering how to crush this wing too, TBH. Lol.
  16. Thanks Kevin! Minor snafu's aside it's progressing reasonably well I think.
  17. Did some work....... One of the few shots of the freely standing model. Note the portside wing is an aluminium foil scratchbuild and will be CRUSHED at the end of this. (GULP!) Panels on but not on. Adds to the effect I'm looking for. Took me a while to figure out how to showcase the stunning red and white under side of the Papagei Staffel. You almost forget the truck is there! I added a tree to effectively pin the model to the base. I've had instances in the past where aircraft models fall off and shatter and I'm constantly paranoid about it.LOL.
  18. Papagei Staffel!!! Fairly complex paint scheme but very satisfying.
  19. The port wing will sustain some serious crumpling at the end of this. I built a new section out of brass and aluminium foil. It's not perfect but it's going to be crushed anyway.
  20. I think it's more than that. Models and figures were sculpted by human hands. Even the high quality ones like those from Zoukei Mura have a hybrid process of sculpt and digital scan with post process digital detailing. They take on a very organic feel. Contrast the stuff from Trumpeter or Hobby boss which feels like it's taken out of a 2D line drawing. It's a bit like Model Maker Starwars vs CGI Starwars, isn't it? It's why I only ever build the old stuff and the occasional ZM. I take pride in those..... The Trumpeters and Hobby bosses I build in a week and take them to a modeling talk and I'm not too concerned if they break in the process. Sorry to derail the discussion. These figures are nevertheless stunning and I'd love to paint one! PS> I sculpted the figure of Joe Foss for largescaleplanes.com in 2003. Took me 6 months. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=48
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