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  1. Looks like the real Catalina, the first picture has excelkent atmosphere. Top modelling skills & weathering!
  2. Looks great, fantastic realistic looking weathering!
  3. Excellent, this looks like the real thing!
  4. Very nice project and extremely well executed foiling...like the real thing...Well done!
  5. Thank you gentemans for very nice comments, still some more classic kits are waiting in my stash, so hopefuly I will find some time to finish them. Your builds here are great inspiration.
  6. So what else to say ? ....like the real thing!
  7. Thanks guys for nice comments, these old Revell kits are bringing back memories so why not to build it again as is used to be..without too many worries what is accurate. (Less work, more fun) I am still imressed how were people able to produce such a kit in 1970 without any special 3d software and it is still looking good.
  8. Thanks Craig and everyone for nice comments. I was about 11 too when I build this big model for the first time. My father airbushed it for me + painted the pilot. I think this model is still in my parents house, so I might take picture to compare them after 30 years:) Martin
  9. Hello, As I like this old school Revell 1:32 kits I went for the real vintage from 1970 (plastic was still in great condition as well as decals) Model from the box with all raised panel lines (I just made "Titanic" rivets bit smaller by sanding) and the scheme is from the box too. Only aftermarket are wheels, interior and guns (all was defigned for the Trumpeter kit but it fits this old Revell wery well without any issuses). Airbrushed with Revell and Humrol enamels and aquacolor for the details. Weathered with Revell pigments. I know these days there are on the market more accurate models of this aircraft, but this was nice memory to build it again after 30 yeas when I found this model as a teenager under christmas tree. Martin
  10. Great finish, very nice weathering and pictures.
  11. Great Spitfire&excellent diorama-looks realistic!
  12. OK it is rescue helicopter time. It is nice to buid something that is helping to save people's life. I am going to open the box with EC-145 in DRF colours which arrived yesterday...and to start it?
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