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  1. Great finish, very nice weathering and pictures.
  2. Great Spitfire&excellent diorama-looks realistic!
  3. OK it is rescue helicopter time. It is nice to buid something that is helping to save people's life. I am going to open the box with EC-145 in DRF colours which arrived yesterday...and to start it?
  4. Come on Anthony you have to finish this beauty! Do not let the dust to win
  5. Yes Anthony I will chceck your wip on BK. On this older Revell kits is always some work to get them closer to the original, but new EC-135 Nr.04659 is great kit out if the box (waiting in my stah) Maybe my pictures will inspire you to finish your project...or I will start my new EC -145 in wip and we could make competition who will finish first
  6. Thanks a lot, go for your BK-117 these kits looks great. Hope I will find time for EC-145 too .
  7. Thank you. This is my first helicopter in 1:32 but after seeing this finished I have ordered EC-145 in DRF colours...ofcourse in 1:32 :)
  8. I am happy that I found time to finish model in my favourite scale 1:32. This is old tool Revell EC-135 in very nice orange Luftettung livery. The kit need a lot of scratch building to make it closer to original and old tooling with fit issues deserves level 5. It has beautiful decals which worked excellent on every rivet just with water. Airbrushed with Revell enamels. Martin 20181214_073238 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr 20181214_073224 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr 20181214_073153 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr
  9. Hi Kev, I also had tempation to leave all doors open, but then I realized I will lost elegant shape of Ruslan. Kit is exellent, just one note to decals. Not all of them has right dimension, but it is not big deal...easy to sort. And small texts and symbols looked too big to me (maybe for 1/72) so did not use them. Martin
  10. Hello, Not the large scale.... but the large plane so it should be posted here Great kit but big, with no fit issues. Airbushed with Revell enamels. Martin
  11. I have to repeat what was written above....fantastic realistic looking diorama
  12. This looks great. I will be watching this..for sure...looking forward to see next progress.
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