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  1. I am catching up. My model presents the "tired of service" MI-17-1V No. 6109 used as part of the Independent Air-Assault Group at PKW Afghanistan at the beginning of 2014. Valorization sets have been used to build the model:  PART: interior photo-etched parts  Profimodeller: resin elements (wheels, main rotor elements) and photoetched (flare cassettes) In addition, the following elements were added from scratch:  Interior heating system  Right and left doors  Elements of armament suspensions  Entrance steps  All antennas and brackets  Rigging  Complete interior of the transport compartment  Winch  Front right fuel tank  Additional armor for the engine part  Navigation lighting and NVG  Part of the decal (tactical number, Leźnica emblem, some inscriptions)  Wires  Interior armor and deck armament attachment  Elements of cockpit equipment  Instrument panels  Flare launchers The paints used are: BILMODELMAKERS, GUNZE, TAMIYA Other chemicals are AK and MIG products
  2. This time, something I did two years ago. Miniart model with small corrections (cables and blade assembly components). Paints from the Bilmodel company. Stand made of sticks for mixing coffee
  3. The project has been completed, please visit the gallery:
  4. The project has been completed, so it's time for the gallery. The model was made of prototype moldings. Thanks to the cooperation with Yahu and Master, I was able to equip the model with add-ons that these companies will offer to valorise this aircraft (dashboards, rifles, Venturi tube). I made some elements myself: cables, propeller blades, wing container for ammunition and elements of the inside of the wing). I painted the model with Bilmodel Makers and Hataka paints. The markings were made using masks of our own production (thanks Marco). Photos of the first test model and workshop can be viewed here: I invite you to watch.
  5. Closer to the end of work. There is already a little more of our own creative initiative in these photos. The base of the photorifle and recess of the wing rifle.
  6. In first box polish markings for 3 planes Continued work. Markings painted from masks cut on the plotter. Thanks MarCo .
  7. Hello everyone A colleague MarCo asked me to join the topic so I am. The work continues so I show progress.
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