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  1. I think there is no problem with torque as long as the rotor is a tip driven jet. I seem to remember tail rotor requirements comes with fuse mounted engine and gearbox. More info? Thanks, Mike K
  2. Any idea when your parts will be on sale? Thanks, Mike Krizan
  3. I was told to pound sand. My DO 335 kit had a screwed up canopy. The sprue gate was half on the frame and rest was on the window for a real high quality look. Sent message to whoever appeared to be in charge and told they did not send a replacement. Told that they only made enough parts for number of kits. Great service. Mike Krizan.
  4. I think they might have the ability to mold the canopy sans stupid seam and locater pins. Cool subject. MK
  5. New to this thread but I am interested. Thanks, Mike Krizan
  6. I do not see 7 cm difference in the overhead split picture and the tail struts are not the same. Close but not the same. Mike Krizan.
  7. I compared the 1 32 hase and trump fusealages. The trump is 7-9mm longer. I am not a math guy but the jump to 1 24 dimension does not work. 3 in longer with scale difference between 1 32 and 1 24? So is the trump 24 a pantographed 32 kit? MK.
  8. O. K, last thought about the Trumpeter Stuka. What is really stupid on this kit is the wing tip extensions on the D 5. As installed there is about 3 to 5 degrees of washin from the end of kit wing moulding to end of wing tip. MK
  9. I looked up 3+ different references and got at least 3 different dimensions from 11.0m to 11.5m. I think the kit looks good to me I do not see how a compare with an Airfix B kit (with 2 tail struts?) to the Trumpeter D/G kit works. Bottom line it looks like a Stuka to me. Thanks, Mike Krizan
  10. I measured my kit to fuselage length of @22 inches from tip of spinner to back edge of rudder. Thanks, Mike Krizan
  11. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BBMF_Lancaster_Bomber_Preparing_for_Take_Off_MOD_45154145.jpg. Test
  12. The message I sent did not send. Also interested in Wessex decals. Mike Krizan.
  13. Wing is different. The 3 has a long thin panel on the lower surface, this panel was access for aileron cable and flap control access. The 5 does not have this panel. I think this is the easy visual, there are others such as the layout of outboard wing panels. MK
  14. There is color profile of a 3 color -5 in the Hellcat monograph 10 from Kagero. Stated from VF 17 on Hornet first half 1945
  15. I think the wing construction is different from 3 to 5. Mike K
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