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  1. One of the best Phantoms I've seen lately. What a beautiful model with equally great scheme, congratulations and thanks for sharing.
  2. I received my Learjet a while ago and started the build last week. The fuselage parts are 3D printed and possibly in a way as best as the current 3D printing technology allows. I'm not an expert on 3D printing whatsoever but I know it's about layers and geommetry of parts can sometimes reveal these layers. Luckily the resin is quite workable and it took me less than an hour to have a perfectly smooth surface of the fuselage. Priming as my next step should make it even better. I could not help wonder if the fuselage could be mastered in this smoothed way and then cast in resin but I remember Jetmads mentioning in one of the project updates that this is a trade-off about the intended good fit with cleanness of an intricate and large part demandig a modest sanding job, which now I agree as I am building.
  3. Thanks, I asked by email. They say their new release is AJ37 and the red Viggen is AJS37. Not any external differences other than weapons they say but some cockpit stuff should be different, I understand they do not plan to include decals for the red Viggen. The whole aircraft is red, does not carry any weapons, identical to AJ and I can live with a few buttons that do not exist in the cockpit. I am planing to buy two and wish to build one of them as this red one. Decals can be mosty done with masking as I see..
  4. Can this upcoming Viggen be painted as the red "Show must go on" aircraft? Any ideas?
  5. It certainly wasn't my intention to help anyone but just to shout out that my kit arrived.
  6. A wonderful sight when back home after an exhausting working day Can't wait to start the build! I'll take more pictures as I go to see how the big parts fit during the weekend and maybe even a WIP follows...
  7. Mine is 10880, shipped on Wednesday last week.
  8. Did I miss it or has the S-3 Viking not been mentioned so far?? I'd make it top of the list!
  9. So beautiful a Viper! Polish F-16s are really a treat to the eye and your model looks awesome!
  10. Top-notch build! Congratulations, the splinter scheme looks awesome!
  11. Looks perfect!! I admire how you people can so realistically do that rigging job... amazing work!
  12. To me the details of the kit looks great. I cannot speak for accuracy but it seems HK has put in everything I would need as a modeler. Maybe I'd add some extras on the engine with an open panel and that's it. Looking forward to building that with D-Day stripes!
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