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  1. My order 10829 shipped on July 8, arrived in the Netherlands on 12th, awaiting delivery this week.
  2. Just checked the dimensions of the aircraft: 23.34 x 14.7m, wiki says. Which makes it 73cm x 46 cm in 1/32 !! Monster! I had built the HB 1/48, nice kit full of weapons but with the worst nose shape and profile this aircraft could ever had. Still a very big kit and a 1/32 version needs a properly big display space if any brave manufacturer would ever come up with one.
  3. If only this aircraft had gotten the engines it begged for... Maybe military aviation of the 50s could have jumped a few steps ahead...
  4. Looks so cool !! No way I'll miss this pointy thing. Just placed a reservation.
  5. I see the point and agree to an extent. We can have a Seahawk too if we have a J-29, logically. Let's hope it is sooner.
  6. One could add so many other kits to wishlists but then there is the business side. No one would invest hundreds of thousands in the injection moulds of subjects such as Seahawk, Lansen, Scimitar and so on. They would not sell more than maybe a few thousands in plastic and this is even nowhere close for a manufacturer to get their investment money back. Contrary to what one might think, short run moulds for such subjects are even more risky because of the size of the companies using such tooling. I would very much like to have and build a Seahawk in our scale but I do not see it in the near future honestly.
  7. Yeah, I know, just mistyped. Too many hawks after all
  8. Agree with all above. 1/32 Skyhawk would be great.
  9. Revell. Both for the single and twin seaters.
  10. Scratchbuilt 1:1 replicas WOW! That is real "large scale"! Wonderful job!! Please give us more photos!!
  11. The wheels need correction too, please go ahead.
  12. I'm just about to repair my battle damages after the Lancaster, what I'll do with a 1/32 SR-71 is yet a mystery to me. On the other hand their Infinity models is romuoured to release several kits in 1/32 as well and considering they are basically the same people to design and produce all these kits I think this is someone's good wishes or daydreams of his 200 years life or just a friendly chat with some cold beverages. Even Trumpeter with all their capacity was not that fast during their peak times to release 1/32 kits. I would rather prefer to rely on official announcements and even these can be void many times.
  13. A-20 Havoc, Savoia Marchetti SM.79, Dornier Do-17, Saab Draken and Saab Gripen. All in 1/32. And a 1/48 B-26 Marauder. All from one company which is making short run plastic kits. These would take at least 10 years to arrive, if they ever do! This reminds me Tan Model's future list.
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