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  1. I've just finished going over the entire thread the last few days. It's mindblowing! The level of detail you put in is just amazing and it really shows how terrifying it must have been flying those bombing raids over Germany. Can't wait until the diorama is finished. Regards, Ian
  2. Thanks Wolf, It is indeed a fantastic kit and your build has been an inspiration (as some other great builds on this great forum). I was indeed afraid of breaking the control column in half if I forced them true. It's going to be interesting indeed on how the markings are working out. For me the painting is still a way of and last night I discovered that the 2 radiator fairings are not in the box, so I have to go and look for some replacements. Not much to show for now. The wing is together (except the missing fairings), the engine mount and firewall has been glued and the engine is painted black. I'll post pictures of those when there all done. Groeten. Ian
  3. Wow. That looks real good. Groeten, Ian
  4. Thnx Peter, The Barracuda Studio parts and decals add a lot of nice detail to it. Groeten, Ian
  5. Hi all, It's been a while since I last shared a WIP, but here is my latest effort. It's the well known Tamiya Spitfire Mk IXc with some extras. I'll be using a lot of the Barracuda Studios detail sets for the Spitfire: the seat, cockpit door, cockpit upgrade set, rocker covers with RR logos and 4-slot main wheels. For markings I'll be using the Montex Barrels & Masks set which include metal turned barrels. It's the first time I'll be using masks for the main markings, so I'm a bit nervous about that, but I guess patience will be my best friend. So here are the pictures of the finished cockpit. The seat has been painted tamiya XF9 Hull Red with the back padding in tire black, the seatbelt XF57 Buff, the back frame is painted in alclad II aluminum. The rest is XF71 Cockpit Green (IJN). It all has been given a wash/filter with diluted XF68 NATO Brown. The black wire in the cockpit set is a bit to thick to be used in the control column, there I used thinner copper wire painted black, but it was perfect for the hydraulic lines for the retract quadrant. The fuselage has been joined, and most of the wing and the tail are also together, ready to be joined. The engine is mostly build but now needs painting and (I'll try) detailing. That's it for now. Thanks for watching. Groeten, Ian
  6. WOW Just read through the entire thread. Man this is amazing. Pretty cool looking sheme Groeten, Ian
  7. Hi Ludek, A couple of months ago I finished the F version: online build The biggest fit problems I had was a with the wings. Also the fuselage half's didn't fit that well at first but after removing the locator pin at the top it was much better. Hope this helps groeten Ian
  8. Rest in peace Russ You will be missed here. It was always fun reading your posts. Condolences to his friends and family. groeten, Ian
  9. Wow!!!!!!!!! This is amazing, mind blowing stuff. groeten, Ian
  10. Very nice work indeed. groeten, Ian
  11. Very nice model of a rare subjects. groeten, Ian
  12. Great attention to detailing indeed. Cool tip on the rudder pedals too. Those seats look very good. groeten, Ian
  13. Stunning piece of work very inspirational And some great shots to. groeten, Ian
  14. This looks great. The real leather is looks very good as does the rest of the cockpit. Nice clear explanation of how you modified the cowl-flaps. Keep it coming. groeten, Ian
  15. Thanks, I have one of those, but it hasn't been working for a while and those pictures on the french site will be a great help. I'll try and give it a good cleaning. groeten, Ian
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