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  1. Hi Kevin, I'm back on on it... Stokey Pete sent me the piece i was missing... Will post some pictures soon Regards Stephane
  2. Woa! Great job... I'm lost for words!!!!
  3. Awesome build Chuck!!! What's your next build? I learned a lot from your build thread
  4. Good to see you back Mal. Nice repairs on the wings. As alway's beautiful job !
  5. Great work! Very nice, should have bought the placard for my P-51... Stephane
  6. As Harvey said, WOW!!! Amazing job with the camo and weathering Really really nice! Stephane
  7. Hi guy's; Told you i'm not a fast builder... I just finished most of the cockpit, still need touch up. Here it is with no IP With the IP, need to work the glass panels a bit more: With the ejection seat: The ejection seat (seem that a lot of dust invaded my workplace...): Need to tone down the ejection loop whatever it named... I'm sorry for the delay in my update but this one is the reason: My Tamiya F4U-1A: Next step for the Cf-188, Gear wells... They scare me!!! to much details! As usual, any criticism and comments are welcome Regards Stephane
  8. Great update Chuck! Amazing work as usual. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you and your family Stephane
  9. Wow! Pretty in pink indeed Great work Stephane
  10. Hi guy's; My name is Stephane (same a Stephen but french) Pelletier and this is my 1st build thread on this great forum. Been lurking for some time now, and i have finaly have the courage to start my own build thread. I always wanted to build a Cf-188 from the 425 Alouettes squadron based in Bagotville, Quebec. My little brother father in law was a Weapon specialist, navigator on one. I can't do his plane as it was a 2 seaters but still can build one from his squadron. The plane i want to build: Credit: 2011 Barry Griffiths I'm pretty new to scale model planes and never wrote any real build thread, also my first language is french so, please bear with me I'm a real slow builder and have a tendancy of leaving build to start new one when i encounter big problems... I have currently have on the bench: a Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair,Tamiya P-51D (scared of alclad syndrome) a Revell BF-109 G6 and a Revell Spitfire Mk2a + 1/35 armor, 1/48 planes etc... each in different build phase... The kit i will use for this build is the Academy F/A-18A+ The after market i will use.. Ares F/A-18C hornet wheel bays Ares exhaust nozzles (not so sure after reading Chuck CF-188b thread) Wolfpack F/A-18A+ cockpit set Eduard f-18 placards Eduard f-18 exterior Eduard f-18 mesh set Eduard remove before flight (fabric) Rhino intake and wheel set Scale aircraft conversion main landing gears (not to sure again...) Canuck CF-188 Hornet Fip marking decals For Doc's i will be using Daco, In detail&scale F-18A-B, Squadron signal fa-18 hornet, Chuck build thread on the CF188B and the internet. I started cleaning the resin after market that i will use: Ares F/A-18C hornet wheel bays Wolfpack F/A-18A+ cockpit set (generate huge amount of dust!!!) Thats it for now, told you i'm slow Any comment,constructive comments and tip are welcome Just keep in mind that i build model for myself, relaxation and not for competition (never been in one) but i still want to do a good job... Stephane
  11. Jer; Great build so far! The pit is amazing!!! Can't wait for more update Stéphane
  12. Beautiful Corsair. I really love the weathering! Hope mine will be half as good. Great work Stephane
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