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  1. This is my first go at a Tamiya kit. I have heard lots of good things about their models but was always put off that if something went wrong its a lot of money going in the dust bin. Work starts with the Cockpit and after only a few hours of work i realised this was not just a very detailed but great fitting kit. The photos below are from two nights (12hrs work).
  2. Hi Guys I ve been hard at work over the last week and have finished the Stuka. Here are a few pictures of the end product. I painted the aircraft in the green and dark green splinter before painting on the white. I used tamiya matt white sprayed on in a random fashion which felt like a leap of faith as it looked awful at first . I also used Absolute chipping for the first time and found the results good but more practice is need to get the different affects i wanted. Overall i found this a great fitting kit and think i will revisit this model again once i have a bit more practice under my belt
  3. Wing only needed a small amount of work to get a really good fit.
  4. This was last nights work. The fit so far has been good. I have only done a few Trumpeter kits and this has been one of the better ones.
  5. Here is a picture of the cockpit and dont worry i have since found out that stuka fire extinguisher were blue and not red.
  6. Hi I am new to this forum but have just started building a trumpeter 1/32 stuka.
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