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  1. Whoah. I was going to start this kit but now I'm having second thoughts. I'll be following your progress closely. Br, Jani
  2. Thanks for everyone for their donations and the organizers for keeping it together, that has required some effort. Joyous holiday times and happy new year everyone! -Jani
  3. Hi! I am offering these as prizes. I am already on the other participant list. Item one: Winners choice, either Kitsworld KW132063 War Birds B-17F Flying Fortress 'Ye Olde Pub' or TwoBobs Aviation Graphics 32-036 F/A-18C Feline Hornets, VFA-131 Wildcats Item two: Mosquito wooden wonder by Edward Bishop. Br, Jani 2018raffle
  4. Thanks, I had not realized that RAF Cosford is so close to Telford. I've been to the RAF museum in Colindale and it has been well worth the trip. This makes the trip even more enticing. Br, Jani
  5. Now that would be interesting to see I'll take the plunge and participate with Revell's Me-262 as the most likely candidate. Br, Jani
  6. Please add me as an entrant in the raffle. I will find something to donate in the raffle as well. Regards, Jani
  7. Premier Inn seems to be fully booked already. If I may ask, how well is the public transport (buses etc) working during the weekends? I'm thinking about extending the search parameters to Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton has a football team as well, right? That might enable hitting two birds with one stone, first international model show and a premier league match Br, Jani
  8. Hi! I tried to use the coupon code, but the shop says that it is already expired? I thought Monday was included in the sales period. Regards, Jani
  9. I have this one in the stash: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/112395-special-hobby-sh32004-brewster-model-239-buffalo I took quick peek that the box, I can confirm that it has two fuselages. Br, Jani
  10. Thanks for the info, I just ordered two landing gears for the Typhoon. Who is doing the cockpit for the single seater if I may ask? I found the Aires pit for the two-seater. Br, Jani
  11. I got mail from Wonderland Toys, the Revell Super Hornet 04994 is now available for pre-ordering. Price is £63 / €73 / $90 This item will be available in 75 days on 22nd September 2018. It can be pre-ordered below. https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/revell-132-us-boeing-f-18e-super-hornet/ Br, Jani
  12. Hi all fellow LSPers! I tried to search the forum for previous posts but couldn't find any. So might as well start one myself, right? Are there any Pokemon Go players in the forum? I am a semiactive player myself. I find that anything that encourages some physical activity in addition to sitting at the desk smelling paint and glue is good for the health in the long run, thus adding some years to complete building the stash. Now that the game offers in game friendships with gift sending capabilities I thought that it would be nice to have some friends outside the local pogo community as well. I understand that some might be reluctant to post their trainer codes in a public forum, I know I am. Feel free to send your code or request mine. Br, Jani
  13. Thank you! I had a somewhat different birthday party, we (me and my wife) left the kids with grandma and traveled to Helsinki where Iron Maiden was on their Legacy of the Beast tour. Oh boy, it was a nice gig with lots of old hits I was half deaf an hour after the concert. I should've brought the ear plugs. I guess the upside is that I don't need ear protection at the next air show
  14. How could I forget the Moranes? They performed well, especially the Mörkö Morane, which was the second best fighter in Finnish arsenal, second only to the Bf-109. Yes, you are right about the C.714. It was basically designed as a sports or racing plane and not designed to withstand the rigors of dogfighting. It wasn't suitable as an interceptor, having very poor climb rate. Even the Fokker D.XXI could outclimb the C.714. Out of the six received planes two were damaged during initial flights.AFAIK two of those planes still survive today, one in France, in the Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace and one in Krakow. D.520 would have done well. I think if they had been offered, the planes would have been taken gladly. After all, the Finns didn't have that many fighters. Br, Jani
  15. Hi, Interesting question, I've never thought of that. One reason could be that Finns had tested the Caudron C.714 and found that unsuitable for nordic environment. Then if given the option of a bunch P-36 planes or D.520s they might have opted for P-36, part of which were coming from Norway. That's just my guess, if someone has actual info that would be appreciated. Br, Jani
  16. My vote goes to option D. I enjoyed the movie, the overlapping timescales took a little getting used to. Although I found the lack of feeling of a large scale aerial attack 'disturbing'. Somehow I did not get the feeling that the entire might of (previously) invincible Luftwaffe was being poured upon the poor men lying on the beaches. Br, Jani
  17. Good topic . I managed to find the Thunderbirds kit a few weeks ago, I'm still pondering on the scheme. Thunderbirds or black-grey-white bandit are the top two choices for now. Br Jani
  18. They have a $2 surface shipping offer for orders over $120. I don't know if that can be applied to preorders Br, Jani
  19. Hi, I'm really, really late to the party.. I just found this thread and it took a awhile to read through it. Really nice pictures everyone I thought I might add some pictures to start the new year Here's me with my lovely wife and younger daughter during our recent trip to the other side of the pond. She had a blast as you can see. We all had, but we are a bit more restrained in expressing the excitement. Regards, Jani
  20. I just finished the Viper Pilot by Dan Hampton and it was a great read! I'll add the Hunter Killers to the 'must read' list, thanks for the tip. The Thud looks great, BTW. I'll be following with interest and taking notes for my own build. Br, Jani
  21. Really nice looking Tomcat! I'll be following with interest and taking notes.
  22. That looks interesting, I might try to build one for the upcoming 100 anniversary of Finnish Air Force (2018). Thanks for sharing, Jennings. Br, Jani
  23. Ah, that's right. Thanks, Kev. Silly me for not checking up myself. Br, Jani
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