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AVAILABLE AGAIN FEB 2023, New clear cast Grumman F-14 canopy sets, Tamiya and Trumpeter 1/32 scale


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Hi Guys


Here are two new canopy sets the details are in the links, so I will not waffle on too much here. Suffice to say thank you to Tony Thornborough for supplying the Trumpeter kit canopy and Phil Fisk the Tamiya canopy.  Pictures and links below





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Received my Aerocraft for-Trumpeter Tomcat canopy parts yesterday and they are stunning: beautifully cast (and without the Trumpeter seam or incorrect external conducting strips). 

Now looking forward to building the kit!


Many thanks Ali



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22 hours ago, Mark B. said:

Hi Ali,
Just wondering if one of these sets would be close enough to use on the old Revel 1/32 F-14 Tomcat?   With adjustments of course.
Thanks in advance,

Mark B.

Hi Mark 

To be perfectly honest I do not know. I have only worked from ‘borrowed’ canopies for both of them, I have no other kit parts, and I do not have the Revell kit.

the two canopies I have are very similar in size, as they should be, if I were to guess I would say that I would take a stab at the Tamiya kit to fit Revell, just my inclination.

Where in the world are you, if you are in the U.K. we could do some trials between us early in the new year? If further afield it would be more tricky time wise and cost wise.

cheers Ali

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Hello Ali,


Hoping you had a Merry Christmas.

Thanks for the response. I am a bit further afield over here in Pensacola, Florida USA. I was wondering if you knew off hand if one was a better fit than the other. I’m working fixing a chip at the extreme rear bottom corner of the canopy frame. I have tried several different approaches to fix this over the years, but not with much success. I am currently thinking about adding a backing piece of thin sheet styrene and using milliput to fill in the “hole”.


Thanks and have a great year,

Mark B.

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Hi Chris


i hope to get the back in production by mid January, I have had a few technical difficulties in casting them, and so I will hopefully get new moulds sorted early January all being well. I stopped sales I just to give me a breather so I can try and sort it out.

will advise when they are available again.


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  • Ali62 changed the title to AVAILABLE AGAIN FEB 2023, New clear cast Grumman F-14 canopy sets, Tamiya and Trumpeter 1/32 scale

Hey guys,


Some quick pictures a tooked with the Revell kit and the  fit with the Tamiya or Trumpet canopy, something to think.....


Here with the Tamiya clear and framing parts... not deep anough...



and is sitting on the RIO consol.



a better shape and deeper for the Trumpet parts, 



but a tad too large...


And here a mix, the Trumpet with the Tamiya windshield..



Have fun.


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