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  1. Wow ! My jaw is somewhere on the floor...great effort! Thank you for this tutorial.
  2. Hello guys, One of my last pre-Covid builds, here is my Mig-21 MF LanceR C ( air-to-air) variant of Romanian AF. I used the beautiful conversion kit from Icaerodesign and a Master pitot. Hataka Orange Line paint set for RoAF came to rescue for camo painting (lovely stuff), oils, pigments, washes from all over the place. Trumpeter's kit is nice enough to keep you going, details are there....but if I am honest I should've replace the wheels with some resin parts as well as the seat. Overall, I'm pleased with the result. Cheers.
  3. Thank you, Lothar! I finally gathered some courage to post my work, because I see in here beautiful works from very talented people. I rekindle my love for this hobby 2 years ago and dove into it with interest and all things necessary: airbrush, compresor, paints, tools and so on. Some 20 years ago I only bought kits, assembled them and painted with a brush or rattle can...well, time goes by but the passion is still alive
  4. well, nice to find someone that actually tasted these masks. I also intend to build it, Ihave all necessary things, but it's on the back burner cause I'm building the Fulcrum SMT right now. For painting I will use instead the Hataka set-orange line. My plan is to work the other way around, starting with lighter blue all around and use the outer masks for gray and dark blue.
  5. Please allow me to present to you my latest project and at the same time my first post on forum. This is my rendition of a Bf-109 G6, "Weisse 11" as stationed in France, 1944. I chose this scheme as I was a little intrigued by instructions from Trumpeter. Did a little research and found just a couple of photos for my subject that looked not as the manufacturer provided, so after some more digging I was confident that I could do a close representation of it. So, here it is, built OOB. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoy looking on this forum for some beautiful models and inspiration. Cheers from Romania! Alex
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