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  1. Great job man! This hobby can be so frustrating, but you definitely prevailed.
  2. Yes I do have Facebook. I will send you a PM with my info. The Super 62 I want to do is the one from the Irene mission that dropped off Shughart and Gordon.
  3. Tim I would appreciate all of the photos I can get. I am not only interested in making the most accurate model possibly I can but also the history. I ordered the Werner’s Wings decals already and was going to wait until I find out which helos are included in that set. First choice would probably be Super 62 with second choice being Super 64 or Super 61. I know that does not narrow it down much. I would appreciate any help you can give me. I love getting into the history of the aircraft and who flew them. Thanks in advance. Chris
  4. John, I will be sure to let you guys know what I think of it.
  5. Yeah that is definitely what I am planning to do. Haven't decided which one specifically yet though. I have ordered a book. I will see how good it is when I get it. https://www.scalemates.com/books/uh60-black-hawk-rotor-books-rb001-robert-burik--130331
  6. Thanks for the info Thierry. I do have one of the Squadron In Action books but I was disappointed with it. I was just hoping for something like what Reid Air offers for some fixed wing aircraft. I too am surprised by the lack of material for such a prevalent aircraft.
  7. Starting a build of the Kitty Hawk MH-60L Blackhawk kit. I am looking for a good reference book for this aircraft with lots of pictures. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good book and where to get it?
  8. Wonder why just the Marines boxing. Oh well, not going to buy and add them now.
  9. Thank you very much. For the load out I went as historically accurate as I could. I did my best to replicate the load out from Cunningham and Driscoll's May 10th 1972 mission where they shot down 3 Migs. After several sources I was able to devise that they were carrying 4 Sidewinders on the inboard pylons with four Rockeye cluster bombs on TERs below them. There was some discrepancy on whether they carried 2 or 4 Sparrows but the best sources I could find said 2 in the rear pockets. I have seen it written that they had empty outboard bomb pylons on but the only ones I could find were attached to drop tanks and the only drop tank they carried was the center line. The outboard pylons look detachable in reference photos so I took some artistic license and left them off all together. Thanks for all the great comments guys!
  10. Hello all, This post has been a long time coming. I started this building back in 2016 and have been working on it sporadically ever since. I started with the Tamiya F-4J kit and got a little carried away with the aftermarket. There are flaws in the build that I am not happy with but visually I think it turned out pretty well. Here is a list of included aftermarket. Aires resin cockpit Eduard exhaust nozzles, TERs, and AIM-7 Sparrows Zactoman AIM-9 sidewinders Rhino seamless intakes. Video Aviation Rockeye cluster bombs Hope you enjoy the pics.
  11. Ok, so I am building a set of Zactomodel Aim-9Gs now for a Tamiya F-4J. I am putting the missiles on LAU-7/A launchers. Can you guys tell me were the umbilical is supposed to attach? I have looked through all of my references and online and have not found a picture. Thanks
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