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  1. Wonder why just the Marines boxing. Oh well, not going to buy and add them now.
  2. Thank you very much. For the load out I went as historically accurate as I could. I did my best to replicate the load out from Cunningham and Driscoll's May 10th 1972 mission where they shot down 3 Migs. After several sources I was able to devise that they were carrying 4 Sidewinders on the inboard pylons with four Rockeye cluster bombs on TERs below them. There was some discrepancy on whether they carried 2 or 4 Sparrows but the best sources I could find said 2 in the rear pockets. I have seen it written that they had empty outboard bomb pylons on but the only ones I could find were attached to drop tanks and the only drop tank they carried was the center line. The outboard pylons look detachable in reference photos so I took some artistic license and left them off all together. Thanks for all the great comments guys!
  3. Hello all, This post has been a long time coming. I started this building back in 2016 and have been working on it sporadically ever since. I started with the Tamiya F-4J kit and got a little carried away with the aftermarket. There are flaws in the build that I am not happy with but visually I think it turned out pretty well. Here is a list of included aftermarket. Aires resin cockpit Eduard exhaust nozzles, TERs, and AIM-7 Sparrows Zactoman AIM-9 sidewinders Rhino seamless intakes. Video Aviation Rockeye cluster bombs Hope you enjoy the pics.
  4. Ok, so I am building a set of Zactomodel Aim-9Gs now for a Tamiya F-4J. I am putting the missiles on LAU-7/A launchers. Can you guys tell me were the umbilical is supposed to attach? I have looked through all of my references and online and have not found a picture. Thanks
  5. Hey hoping to pick your brains again. I have a 1/32 Academy F/A-18C kit I would like to turn into a blue angels jet. The only problem is I am only finding Decals for the F/A-18A and B. My question is does anyone know of any C decals available? If not how hard would it be to build a C using the A/B decals keeping in mind I am not absolutely committed on historical accuracy on this one? Thanks again
  6. Thanks, please let me know.
  7. Does anyone have a set from the Academy or Tamiya kit they arent using?
  8. How are the ones that come with the Academy F/A-18c kit and the F/A-18F Trumpeter kit?
  9. Does anyone know of anyone that currently makes a nice set of Aim-120 AARAMS?
  10. Just got some Zactomissles in the mail! They are going to be the nicest thing on thd kit!
  11. Currently building Trumpeter's 1/32 F/A-18F Super Hornet Kit. Wanting to put a set of Aim-9X sidewinders on it. I am having trouble finding the Aim-9X sidewinders aftermarket. I know the kit comes with some but reading the reviews for Trumpeter's stand alone air to air weapons kits they say the Aim-9X missed are very inaccurate. Can anyone tell me if anyone makes a nice aftermarket set of them? Are the ones in the F/A-18F kit the same as the stand alone kit. Also, I have looked at a set of super detail Aim-9Ps. Would they be a good representation of the 9 if I changed the markings? Thanks for your help. Chris
  12. There isnt anyone wanting to sell the F kit is there? Does anyone know where I can get Jakes’s book?
  13. Hello all, I am thinking about building a Trumpeter 1/32 F/A-18F Super Hornet. What kind of quality of the kit? What are the problems with it? I am not particularly a fan of Trumpeter kits but they are the only ones making the F two seat variant in 1/32. Revell is coming out with an E next month but I am wanting to do a Jolly Rogers scheme and I am only finding it in the two seat. Any thoughts or or suggestions. Thanks in advance. Chris
  14. Hope mine looks half as good!
  15. Im sorry I am a bit of a jet newbie. Would the Eduard Brassin late USN set 632011 be the right set for this kit? I am also looking at the Aires 2009 set but the Eduard looks a little nicer.
  16. Does anyone know who makes a set of replacement burner cans for this kit? I cannot seem to find any.
  17. I know it has been a while since I updated this thread. Some personal stuff came up and my modeling bench got put into storage for a while. I am back at it now. The cockpit is mostly done and I think it turned out very well. Hope you all enjoy.
  18. Anyone know if there is a specific color red that is used in the Navy F-4 speed brake inside?
  19. Haven't had much time to work lately. Only thing I have accomplished is removing the major cockpit pieces from their casting blocks. That took quite a while. So so much resin dust. Just thought I would post a picture of my dry fit mock up for a teaser.
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