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  1. Of course it's beautiful, just take another look at Derek's pic when it's in flight. Great pic by the way. Do I have to say I am going to buy several of these? /Stoffe (who's not at all biased 'cause I'm a Swede)
  2. Hey Anders, have you made any Swedish decals for this yet? /Stoffe
  3. Please do the J28 if you ever get the parts for it, that would be awesome! /Stoffe
  4. Yes Derek I'm with you on that Swedish thinking. I'll stay tuned. /Stoffe
  5. So this is really going to happen? I'm almost soiling my pants of excitement! /Stoffe
  6. Yeah well, we´ll see if I can find motivation again some time in the future. Scratch building is as you know a lot of work...
  7. Me wants it too but 1/18th is not really the scale for me. I am painting the 1/48 version from Pilot Replicas at the moment and some years ago I started a scratch built effort in 1/32 but it stalled for some reason... /Stoffe
  8. Have this set myself and I´m eagerly awaiting pictures. /Stoffe
  9. Yes, thanks for the review Max. My set is on order from Fisher as we speak. /Stoffe
  10. Ok, maybe I´ll buy from Fisher direct. Three absolutely makes a market, at least in my world it does /Stoffe
  11. I´m salivating all over the computer Max... And Anders N: are you making any Swedish decals for this or is someone else looking into it? Those Swedish chicken coloured Meteors look rather tempting. Lucky you you didn´t have to pay customs fee. What was the postage to Sweden by the way? /Stoffe
  12. Thanks for the piccies Max, I am really looking forward to getting this conversion. Am thinking about ordering it from Aviation Megastore to avoid custom fees. Don´t know when they will get it though, it only says "future release" at their site. /Stoffe
  13. Dalarna ("The Valleys") is a really nice area in Sweden. Yes, a lot of Swedes went to the US back in the days because people here were starving due to failing crops so they tried the big country in the west. That´s the reason you find many "Andersons" and "Petersons" over there. I´m sure you are aware of all this Bill, just trying to be a bit informative to the readers in this forum. I´ve said it before and I will say it again; it´s so nice to hear there´s such a big interest in SAAB aircraft around the world and not just in this little confined space called Sweden. I hope this someday will result in SAAB aircraft in 1/32. If we will see this happen I am going to clean the work bench with a leaf blower, call in sick for work a couple of weeks and then I´ll see you all in the RFI section on this site. Bring on Viggen first, please. /Stoffe
  14. I guess a Swedish one is too much to ask for, there were only three of them back in the days... /Stoffe
  15. That is such a cool solution to replicate that area. I have always wondered how to do that and here you are showing us how to. Keep up the excellent work. /Stoffe
  16. I'm with you on that mate! /Stoffe
  17. Exactly my thought Rainer, you beat me to it! /Stoffe
  18. Hej Mal I just saw your models recently at the show. They really looked great in person. And congrats to the award for The 190! /Stoffe
  19. @Rainer: Yes the Tarangus Viggen is a bit flawed but a lot better than the old Esci/Airfix Viggen. I guess some better research could have helped but anyone that has attempted to do a scratch build knows it´s not that easy to get it right. /Stoffe
  20. @Mal: Yes it is a relly impressive build, looking forward to see it taking further shape. I bought the Tarangus Viggen some time ago but I would prefer a bigger one... /Stoffe
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