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    1/32 scale models (well, duh!) I also model other scales. Primary subjects are WWII aircraft and modern jets. I am also an active R/C pilot (scale or sport scale) and fly planes and helis. I have a private pilots license and have been flying for over 22 years. I have been known to dabble in high power rocketry and model trains. My primary love is aviation and aviation history. I have two wonderfull children that are the light of my life.

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  1. Yeah, not at all like a WNW. Lots of flash. Dodgy fit, sink marks. Some things fit fine, others not at all. For example, the left MG drops right in, the right one needs a lot of tweaking to get it to fit properly. The instructions are very vague at times on what parts to use for which version so you'll need to check references. For the bracing i used .015" music wire. It's definitely needed on the landing gear. Without it it's very wobbly. I used EZ line for the aileron cable going from the fuse to the upper wing. For cables going from the fuse or wings to the control horns i u
  2. Glad the the journey is over. The kit was underwhelming but overall I'm happy with the end result. It's clich├ęd and iconic. MRP krapplack red for the overall finish. As usual it goes on like buttah. I substituted Master barrels for the kit PE. The kit has its issues; warped wings, crap instructions, questionable engineering fitting, lots and lots of flash and seam lines that need clean-up and frah-gee-lay structure that needs wire bracing. Admittedly I got caught up in all the hype surrounding this kit but I do like the Dr.I and if i ever get around to building the Roden F.I i have in the
  3. Eduard interior, exterior, engine. You end up seeing maybe 20% of the total used. TBH, the kit really doesn't need it. The detail OOB is actually quite good. I guess it all depends on how much work you want. Good luck with your build.
  4. Well, the big Trumpy Avenger is done. For those that have followed this build it has been an adventure. Her she is in her glory, warts and all...
  5. Big update.. Wingfold has lots of PE.. Techmod masks for outside, insides were done using the carrier as a template MRP paint was used... Jig required to set wheels plus brake lines added to gear: Techmod decals were used, some finesse was required for the port side insignia to fit over the air vent scoop as solvaset had zero effect on the decals. Walkways were done using ammo paste.
  6. Fuse is now closed. I also made the front cowl removable.
  7. Back to work on the TBM. Interior painted...
  8. Just finished this Tamiya Panigale 1199
  9. Started the Avenger with a crapload of PE....mix of soldering parts and CA.
  10. Probably....but there will most likely be more than a few on the tables.
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