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    1/32 scale models (well, duh!) I also model other scales. Primary subjects are WWII aircraft and modern jets. I am also an active R/C pilot (scale or sport scale) and fly planes and helis. I have a private pilots license and have been flying for over 22 years. I have been known to dabble in high power rocketry and model trains. My primary love is aviation and aviation history. I have two wonderfull children that are the light of my life.

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  1. Fuse is now closed. I also made the front cowl removable.
  2. Back to work on the TBM. Interior painted...
  3. Just finished this Tamiya Panigale 1199
  4. Started the Avenger with a crapload of PE....mix of soldering parts and CA.
  5. Probably....but there will most likely be more than a few on the tables.
  6. Me recently completed Tamiya F-14A in VF-84 livery. Paint is primarily MRP. Only extra bit was the Fine Molds metal pitot.
  7. My Hasegawa FW-190A-8 in Heinz Bar colors.
  8. My Revell Me-262B-1 that I built back in 2017. MRP paints, Eduard seatbelts, Master FuG antennas and then just what is in the box. I added some piping to the exposed engine under the cowling cover.
  9. My Revell F-18E, Wolfpack flaps & wingfold, two Bob's decals, Hasegawa weapons. Enjoy!
  10. My Trumpeter E-100 Jagdpanzer. And her she is with the fender skirts installed: It's a monster......the workable track I used was the most time consuming part.
  11. jbrundt

    too much

    The weathering debate has been going of for many years now. There are equal proponents on either side of the 'spanish style'. Basically it comes down to what you, the modeler, like. You are the one who has to look at the completed model for the rest of your life and in the end you can't make everyone happy............ so ultimately the completed model has to make you happy. Argument can be made that what we do is a form of art and all artists have different styles and conversely every viewer of art is different and has their own particular tastes. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.
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