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  1. I´ll be there helping out with the Swedish if you need assistance. Any update no matter how late it is is always exciting to me. /Stoffe
  2. @AndersN: Lots of Swedish stuff going on there! Anything finished soon except the J26? /Stoffe
  3. Thanks for the update on this, it´s always nice to see. I´m starting to have fantasies about doing a splinter camo on a 1/24 Viggen... But a 1/32 Viggen would do just as well. /Stoffe
  4. Love your paintwork on this I must say. Can you explain with words your procedure when painting the wings, I really like the effect. /Stoffe
  5. I have also used X-22 as a gloss coat on many of my models and they still look fine after many years. So I guess you can lean back and relax about this. /Stoffe
  6. On my kit the sprue with the canopy was completely missing. I contacted Airfix and after less than a week I received the canopy in the mail. It has some slight distortion in it but I can certainly live with it and it was crack free. Airfix has some really great customer service I must say. /Stoffe
  7. I have to say I like it very much indeed. /Stoffe
  8. So your 1/48 stash consists of 50% Draken? I like it! /Stoffe
  9. I really hope you are serious about this you tease... /Stoffe
  10. Yes it's great to see Draken built up and painted so well. And I can only agree with previous people saying they want Draken in 1/32, I would by several... Really like the quality of the photos as well. /Stoffe
  11. Yes, I think it would be a crime not to continue this build so please go on Rainer. Forget about deadlines and go on at your own pace with this, see you in the WIP section soon. BTW it's really hard to write in a second langua´ge after a couple of gin &Tonics I reckon... /Stoffe
  12. Still doing a great job on this project. Yesterday I had a look at the real thing, the surveillance version of Viggen, at a museum. Always cool to see the real thing in the flesh. Unfortunately there were restrictions to climb into the cockpit so no closer look at the raketstol... Keep up the good work. /Stoffe
  13. Your keeping a nice pace there on these builds. I was thinking about the drive chains, are they separate pieces or even link to link builds? That would be cool with link to link types like Friulmodels´ for tanks but I guess it would be too tiny in 1/9th scale. /Stoffe
  14. Great build I must say, but what do you think about the quality compared to Tamiyas bikes in 1/12th? These bikes don´t seem to have the same level of detail and accuracy compared to mr T´s? Regards Stoffe
  15. Sign me up for a set, I would also be much more interested in a Swordfish with floats because it looks so much better with them on. /Stoffe
  16. You certainly have been busy! I love this stuff, guess it´s gonna be hard to get the other fuse half symmetrical? Just keep it up, I will be watching. /Stoffe
  17. I really like this build as well I must say. Can you tell us in detail what you have done to the landing gear? Or maybe you already have earlier in this thread? It's 44 pages long and I must confess I'm too lazy to flicker it through right now... /Stoffe
  18. That´s better! I have to post pictures here more often to get into it properly...
  19. Well that didn´t turn out the way I wanted it to.
  20. Very interesting project to follow I must say. I have no intention to hijack your thread byt here´s my effort of the same thing: http://i627.photobucket.com/albums/tt352/Stoffe_01/Fw%20190/Bokslut_2010003.jpg Built it a few years ago but didn´t throw that much AM on it. Good luck with your build. /Stoffe
  21. Yes, it looks like it´s gonna be time consuming to do this but just quit your day job and it should be ready for next christmas (2014)? I´ll be watching for the next post... /Stoffe
  22. Hello Thomas I use my on "home-cut" masks for insignia on my models. When I painted the stars and bars on my P-51 a while ago I started with the blue first then covered those areas with the appropriate parts of the masks and then primed the white areas with a medium grey paint before I hit it with white. Using grey helps to cover the dark blue areas and it doesn´t contrast that much with the off-white shade I use later. /Stoffe
  23. Looking good there Derek , I am following this one as well. I don´t have that much time to hang around on the forums lately, am doing a full size scratch build of a new kitchen in my house at the moment... These old houses need a lot of TLC... /Stoffe
  24. I love the amount of effort you are putting into this and I really hope you will reach the finish line with this. Did I tell you that I really like it when non-Swedes are into Swedish aircraft? I wish you all the best. /Stoffe
  25. I totally agree, it looks great and I feel honoured that you are doing a Swedish scheme for this one. I don´t know anything about the history of the Ar 196 in Sweden, were there just one example or more? /Stoffe
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