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  1. I can only agree, it sure looks great. I have this kit in the stash with Eduard goodies to go with it. I´ve been cutting my own masks for some years now in vinyl and have never experienced problems with the adhesive leaving residue on the surface. There´s only one sheet left in my stash now so I guess i should be careful when getting new ones and try them on a scrap surface first. Or as you mentioned trying some Kabuki sheets instead? /Stoffe
  2. I have also a thing for floatplanes and in the stash I have the Hasegawa Rufe in 1/48th. But I would prefer to buy the MDC conversion set instead and the Tamiya Zero to make a 1/32 version. Will follow your build with great interest. /Stoffe
  3. Yes there are many Swedish and German words that are similar and there are many Swedish and English words that are similar as well, believe it or not. Great work on bränsletanken by the way. And Rainer, I think your English is better than mine. Derek, you really should learn Swedish I think. Then you can communicate with 9 million people restricted to a very small spot on this planet... /Stoffe
  4. Thanks for the review, I appreciate it very much and it will help me in my future build. /Stoffe
  5. Wow, making your own cross sections is quite impressive. How do you do that? Maybe you can make a set with correct drawings for Viggen and put them out for sale? /Stoffe
  6. That´s nice Derek, don´t slow down now and keep the momentum going. Thanks for the info on the banana shake in that cup, I thought it was some kind of glue first... /Stoffe
  7. Thanks for all the comments guys. Thomas: I would love to make kits of this in some form in the future, but there is a big step left for me in just finishing the master. Female vac moulding sounds interesting but I know nothing of this process. At least I should be able to make some moulds in reinforced epoxy resin to cast a few copies. /Stoffe
  8. Hello Derek Regarding the J21 I am having a dream of making a model out of that one but to be honest it´s a huge task I think. The first step is to actually complete the master and then we´ll see if it´s gonna be a one-off just for me or if I have the courage and time to make a model of it. Carry on with your Lilldrake /Stoffe
  9. That seemed to work so here are some more piccies: This is the structure of one of the booms: These are all the pics I have at Photobucket at the moment, I am sitting at work right now so I don´t have access to my own computer. Short story about the build: Started this in 2009 with the fuse and have been working on and off (mostly off) on it since then. I am planning to make a master of this and my first intention was to cast it in resin but that is quite expensive as i understand? An option would be to cast it in fibreglass reinforced epoxy which I have previous experience in. Well I have to get back to work but if anyone is interested I can tell you more later. /Stoffe
  10. Well this is my first try posting a picture here so here goes:
  11. I am really impressed with your efforts so far Derek. I´m following this so maybe I can get some inspiration to continue work on my J21... /Stoffe
  12. I´ll be following this one for sure. But Derek, watch out with that drawing from Karlströms book. They are known for not being that accurate... But I guess you´re aware of this. /Stoffe
  13. No worries Tim. BTW I didn´t intend to be a smart*ss correcting you, I just wanted to be informative. "Vördnadsbjudande" is not a word I have ever used anyway, it´s not that common in Swedish vocabulary. And yes, when it comes to making all those decals for the stencilling you will have a crash course in Swedish! /Stoffe
  14. Hi Derek I suspected AndersN had supplied you with info on these aircraft, he´s a great source. If I happen to stumble upon any stuff regarding these planes I´ll get in touch with you ASAP. Keep up the good work, as I said earlier I am very excited about this project. /Stoffe
  15. Well I´m not sure it´s Google translate or your fingers slipping on the keyboard but it should be "vördnadsbjudande" if you´re trying to translate "awesome"... /Stoffe
  16. Oh Derek, this is very exciting indeed. But I have to ask, do you have reliable drawings for these aircraft and most of all do you have the time to make the masters? I really hope I can build large scale versions of these aircraft one day. /Stoffe
  17. I have to say I love that finish too. Sorry about your IKEA-accident, as a Swede I feel a bit guilty of this because we are pumping out cheap crap to people all over the world. And it´s heartbreaking to see modelers being affected by this... /Stoffe
  18. Hello Derek Are you by any chance making (or converting those B-25) wheels for the P-61? If you are, im interested in buying a set for my stashed P-61. Thanks Stoffe
  19. Thanks Anders I think I will pop by Solna tomorrow on sunday and have a look myself at those models (and others). Maybe I´ll see you? /Stoffe
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