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  1. How did you manage to get that red paint so glossy? Excellent build by the way. /Stoffe
  2. Thank you for the news, very welcome indeed. /Stoffe
  3. Nice work Chuck. When you go back and refill those seam lines and other flaws you discover, are you using CA or something else as a filler? /Stoffe
  4. Hello I tried to pre-order a set of the Zulu decals but when I was at check out I got a message you´re not shipping to Sweden. Is that correct? /Stoffe
  5. Good to hear you and Viggen are still alive and well. I will keep an eye out for updates on the 37 /Stoffe
  6. I also made a donation. Keep up the good work Paul, hope you get organized soon with everything. /Stoffe
  7. Ohh, you make me wanna drag out mine from the stash. Must resist, so much else to do... /Stoffe
  8. I´m gonna welcome any tips regarding painting and glueing this Bandai plastic. Will be useful when it´s time to start my own Star Wars models. Keep up the good work. /Stoffe
  9. Ooooh I´m gonna follow this. Ordered some of the Bandai Star Wars stuff from USA Gundam store the other day but this speeder bike was out of stock at the moment. Shipment fees to Sweden was a killer but these models are way too cool to stay away from. And I haven´t found them anywhere close to Sweden anyway. /Stoffe
  10. Well I have the kit in my stash and if Harold comes up with intakes and other goodies I will by all of it in a heartbeat. My guess is AM for this kit is going to sell really well? Go nuts Harold! /Stoffe
  11. Well I can certainly pronounce Draken with a thick Swedish accent... /Stoffe
  12. Thank you for bringing us a Swedish version with tre kronor. Really looking forward to this release! /Stoffe
  13. That's fine by me, I can wait. Or maybe I can't wait, at least not that long... /Stoffe
  14. Yes! As Ray says it´s Tre Kronor. It´s good you guys know the Swedish lingo. /Stoffe
  15. Oh so you speak Swedish after being here for only five years, that´s impressive. People can stay here for decades and never bother to pick up the language because most Swedes speak English. But you can always return to Sweden you know... I have also seen Viggen do that same manouver you told but never in the rain as you said, that must have been awesome. Have also seen Viggen in pairs many times flying by the house during the 80´s and 90´s. And last summer a pair of Gripens flew by just over my house, a rare sight these days. Also been fortunate to see the only flying example of Tunnan at an airshow some years ago. /Stoffe
  16. David66, you´re a Swede? Just asking out of curiosity. And I couldn´t agree more about the SAAB 105 (and all other SAAB aircraft, of course). /Stoffe
  17. What, you're a Swede? I didn't know that. /Stoffe
  18. Yes, this is so cool. just bring it on I´ll be ready... /Stoffe
  19. I would be in for a couple of sets too. Have an A-7 in the stash desperately needing a nose job. /Stoffe
  20. Thanks for the latest update, always a joy to follow this build which is my favourite on this forum. Your latest effort looks great but it looks like it's gonna be a PITA to paint it? /Stoffe
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