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  1. Hi Dan , thank you , yes, now , this sheet is hard to find....actually , a French seller sell on Ebay a sheet...but the price is too expansive for me... Jean-Luc
  2. Hello , I try a little come back after a long time....! I try to build a F-15 DJ from Nyutabaru , the last Aggressor scheme. This plane : I use a F-15C Tamiya and the parts from a F-15 E for this project. The main fuselage and the wing are assembled. The pit is a mix between Aires F-15C , photoetch Eduard , Tamiya F-15E parts and "parts r parts" Sorry for the dust... I open all the right electronic bay And the gunbay Some typical renforcement are added I finish the three pylon with the aggressor scheme on t
  3. Wow ! It's a great idea this monument , and i love the blue scheme , great work for this plane !!!! Jean-luc
  4. Yeah , great work on this pit ! I follow your build with interest ! Jean-luc
  5. The Exhaust type "spaghetti" provided with the kit is not the right version for this plane...i need to scratchbuild the correct Exhaust...for after , when the engine is in place Second Big big problem...the front collapse is too big... Solution , show the engine.... See you next for the suite... I wish a Happy New Year to you to all, full of models! Jean-luc
  6. I thus decide to make a new plastic frame.... I add some correction on the frame and this new tubular frame is done And with a perfect fit The supplied engine is magnificent The engine is done , some little detail are added , all the cable come when i fix it at the fuselage.
  7. Hi Everybody , I try to do my best this New Year , i need to finish a RF-4EJ , a F-15DJ , a F/A-18F and maybe a Su-34....gluuupssss I finish the first of this series...a Extra 330Sc from the EVAA (French Acrobatic Team from the French air force) , i love this little plane , at the beginning , i would scratch build the plane , and Icareodesign come with a resin kit from this plane ! Great for me !!! A Extra 330 SC , is that : And the Icareodesign kit , is that : For a Walkaround of this kit , follow this link to the website of Icaerodesign : http://lc
  8. Mmmmmmh , Israeli Eagle ! £The best scheme ! jean-luc
  9. Great work on this hard old kit !!!!!! Jean-luc
  10. Nice pit ! nice work !!! Jean-luc
  11. Wow !!! I love Sukkhoi , great paint for a great plane !!!! Jean-luc
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