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  1. All we need now are photos showing the 'office' through all the glass.... Fantastic
  2. Thanks Barry and Phartycr0c. Wished I had a bit more references for the internal rib scratchbuilding though. A lot of it is pure imagination.
  3. Bruce, Which section for page 53?
  4. no words to describe the amount of effort I feel went into this masterpiece.
  5. Blackheart's work is well known in my part of the woods. He always does extra by scratch building interior, structures and putting the kits in a service mode. You can spend minutes looking at all the crooks and crannies. Good to see you here.
  6. Bruce, your observation on the reinforcement panels are duly noted. May just correct that the same time when I do the paint chipping. What do you guys reckon is the most interesting Rhino scheme whic I can get aftermarket decals for?
  7. Reading how much passion you guys have for the Rhino makes me wanna go out and get another kit for a different version....
  8. thanks Michael, I did do the complete build log in a local modelling society homepage. Its located here for those interested cheers CK ps: I just got the aftermarket cockpit set for my 1/32 Av-8B day attack. Hopefully will post the results of the build here in the near future.
  9. Looks like its off to the Verlinden hunting ground for me.....
  10. Pilot to hop in? I was hoping to get a Robin figure like what bigmatt did in his WIP. Ron,thank you for your compliments! What's your preference?
  11. Its been quite a while since I saw a piece of work that was really inspiring and at the same time giving me a few shakes of the head wondering how a person have so much patience? I shall now go to bed and wonder if I will ever get to do it to this level?....
  12. Watching and waiting.....with the man for company! I have to ask this. Where did you get Robin from? Now I can't sleep
  13. Chris, Having completed the GR3, I think this takes the cake and the whole box it comes with! Where did you eventually get the decals? The kit box decal is printed out of register on some of the stencils. You did an absolutely stunning job on the fuselage. Give yourself 2 pats on the back.
  14. Some of the photo angles reminds me of a very shy bird!
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