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  1. Hey Stormer, that's AWESOME!!!!! Excellent detail and very good painting job. Please post more pics!!! Cheers, Alfonso (a.k.a. The craziest)
  2. Nice looking Viper and excelent detail!! I have a few of them in the stash...How difficult was to make the Aires sets fit in? Cheers! Alfonso Cesar
  3. Hey Roy! In this link you'll find several good pics of this beast: http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?regsearch=165188&distinct_entry=true As for the decals, you're right, there's none....I ended up printing my own decals based on the photos, but it's part of the fun!!! Cheers Alfonso Cesar
  4. Yeah!!!! Crimson rules!!! Thanks a lot for all your comments. I really, really appreciate it. There is no WIP guys, sorry....I promise one next time!! Cheers! Alfonso a.k.a. "Locuaz" (the craziest)
  5. Great!!! Could it be possible to have close-up pics of those nicely detailed wheel wells? Cheers! Alfonso a.k.a. "Locuaz" (the craziest)
  6. Hello Jerry, Trying to answer your questions, I used a resin cabin which actually was from Black Box, not Aires as I previously mentioned, and a set of photo etched details from Eduard. I added some bits of detail here and there, mainly knobs in the cockpit and brake lines for the landing gear, but no more than that. As for the painting of the camo, oh yes....those were painfully hand-made with tape masks out of my original drawings, one layer of color at a time. I have some pictures of the process though not as good quality as the finished model but didn't have the dedication enough to upload them...sorry for that..., here's some: The tube ready for it's new home! Fuselage after second (or third...don't recall) layer of masking tape: Removing the mess of masking tape layers, lots of fun indeed!! It took me like a whole day... First impression of the Behemoth!! The result was too contrasting so I had to blend and tone down a bit... Home-made decals with my ink-jet printer, had to apply two of each as they were too transparent...the others were for a side project (don't ask, he he): I like combat jets to look like they had indeed seen some action!!! Here I'm whethering the paint job: Landing gears here, not much really, only lots of dirt, later on I'd add some brake lines: Weapons....lots of weapons.... The thermal protection was made with some sand from Cancun Beach (though you can give it a try also with your local beach sand!!!): Overall that was pretty much the process...Next time I'll be more pro-active and upload the whole WIP!!! Alfonso
  7. Hey folks! Thank you all for the comments. I'm glad you liked it!!! The making of the model dates back some 5 years ago when I first got the idea. After doing all the investigation and producing the drawings I did a first try with a Fujimi 1/72 (yes, I know you guys don't like 72s...) prior to going for the Behemoth. After that I had to take some vacations, modelistically speaking, as everything I saw was "pixelated".... Here's a picture of Big Brother-Little Brother: Cheers! Alfonso a.k.a. "Locuaz" (the craziest)
  8. Hello Kev, Don't mind at all! Please do so and let me know if you need more pics Alfonso a.k.a. "Locuaz" (the craziest)
  9. Well, that's it, a few more pics (my favorite ones)...let me know if it was worth a year's work!!! Cheers from Mexico! Alfonso a.k.a. "Locuaz" (the craziest)
  10. Up & down images...warning!!! some of the schemes in the upper fuselage were difficult to determine with the images available in internet so I had to figure them out...so don't get offended by my Peccata Minuta, OK?
  11. This is a sample of the drawings I did to recreate the scheme. I did one for each view for each color (4 of them) and then paste them together as required, opposite to what you all might think I started from the darkest one simply because the lightest colors are also the ones with the most intrincate pattern.
  12. Hey! I've been a big follower of this great forum, this one I finished more than a year ago, just wanted to share with you and give a little back to the community. The idea was simple, to end up with a model that nearly looked like this one: http://www.airliners...-18C/1151028/L/ The subject is the awesome camo scheme that appeared in some of the famous VMFA-314 Black Knights circa 2003...not sure if they're still using it but anyway I couldnĀ“t resist the challenge. For that matter I used the Academy 1/32 model along with the Aires cockpit and the Exterior set from Eduard along with patience, lots of patience, so here it is. Hope you like it! Cheers from Mexico! Alfonso a.k.a. "Locuaz" (the craziest)
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