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  1. Thanks Matt - This is my 4th model painted with AK RC. First was Tor/Tunguska complex but I used there only one color - Russian green. I mostly used Tamiya so far, but I was tired of constant lack of dedicated colors - I had mix them by myself. It was always problem with accuracy and quantity. Besides AK can be mixed with Tamiya lacquer thinner and they give quod quality surface. Dries quick, resistant to masking tape and bluetack. More expensive then Tamiya but paint is very thick, I was not able to use it straight from jar - I had to mix with 3-4 parts of thinner. IMHO - very good pa
  2. Thank you. Hey Matt, I used AK Real Colors: RC239 - light blue RC234 - darker blue RC239 - grey Here is the final effect (pictures are a little bit too dark vs real) . . .
  3. Thanks First 2 colors done - here I'm really pleased with result - can't wait for last one. . .
  4. I've painted with dedicated colors and to be honest, I'm not satisfied. All looks dull and insipid, especially bottom part: Additionally top and bottom colors are very similar, not sure if this suppose to be like this: . Only top looks quite ok: Need to paint some details like metal parts near exhaust:
  5. True, total waste of money, but it's just my opinion. Lucky I get few sets on some sale so it doesn't hurt so much my wallet. Anyway, work continues. Flaps in place: . Working on air intakes: . I was not planning to put ladder, but I forgot to cover those nasty fuselage holes. After gluing canopy I realised that now it's too late. I would not risk damage of canopy from inside by fumes so I've paint ladder and will attach it: . All pieces in place - ready for preshading:
  6. Starting preshading: . And few hours later done: .
  7. I finished pylons and wheels: . And finally I closed canopy (but I think I cracked something). And of course air intake fancy parts are in place: After that presiding was just a pleasure:
  8. Thank you Mike I've glued the fuselage - bottom is quite nice: However top is not - with large gaps: . And this is worst: So putting, sanding all again and in the meantime engine and cart: . . Got struts from SAC, and well, I'm not too happy. Metal is quite soft, you can easily bend most of the parts:
  9. Another project started some time ago - waiting to be finished. So in total I have 3 birds on workbench ;-) I will add some Sidewinders from Eduard, Pitot from Master, SAC undercarriage, wheels from Eduard as well as Zoom set: Starting with seat, wheel bays and intakes: . . This time I will load only 2x AIM-9B Sidewinders, 2x1300L Fuel tanks and 1x Matra missile. . . In the meantime I replaces ugly guns with piece of needle: And cockpit with Eduard's zoo
  10. Cockpit time baby: . . . Trumpy left a small hole here, I've drilled it a little bit and I will put some lens here: Front fuselage part glued and attached: Had some problems with windshield, HUD was sitting too high, had to cut it a little bit and somehow windshield was glued in place: To the payload I will add fire bombs Mk.77: And painted: And ready:
  11. I finished payload: And closing fuselage: . Cockpit in place: . . . Gun bay: And ready for preshading: Wolfpack's JDAMs - medium quality. I've planned to put them on BRU-57 from Reskit. If you planning to get one - than don't. I have some missiles and other stuff from Reskit and those are ok, BRU is very poor in my opinion and not worth the money (about 55PLN, 10GBP, 13EUR). You can see the print marks, moulds are badly engineered and there is a lot of cutting and cleaning. And of course fit is not good.
  12. Thank you Crew Dog. This is Trumpeter 02286 - AV-8B Harrier II Plus. I think it was based on 02229 AV-8B Harrier II But I'm not sure what are the differences.
  13. Aftermarket exhaust - nice details, good quality: Minor imperfection: Comparison kits nozzle vs Aires: Anyway, I've got cockpit to do. Nice crisp details: And few hours later: In the meantime, I'm preparing place for cockit. Big plus to Tamiya fo providing nose weight: Gluing also, rear part of fuselage and bottom part of wings, lucky fit is very good so no putty required: . I've recently bought some real colors paints, and since I have a lot of Tamiya paints on rack and no place for new, I had to figure ou
  14. Thank you Robthepom. I do not think so. You would need just a front piece of intake with fan as this piece is visible and it's holding front piece of fuselage. Exhaust parts can be fitted to fuselage.
  15. Waiting for some parts for F-16, I decided to reanimate project which was started some time ago. Actually I was suprised when I checked tho initial photo dates: December 2013. I've put this model to box for a while and almost 7 years passed, so I think it would be nice to finish it. First some photos takes in other era: . . . . Mostly out of the box with only Aires cockpit and some bombs/missiles. But first thing first - engine. Nice, but won't be visible at all, so it was time to play with some Alclads: . . And fitted: Next addi
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