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  1. Thank you Crew Dog. This is Trumpeter 02286 - AV-8B Harrier II Plus. I think it was based on 02229 AV-8B Harrier II But I'm not sure what are the differences.
  2. Aftermarket exhaust - nice details, good quality: Minor imperfection: Comparison kits nozzle vs Aires: Anyway, I've got cockpit to do. Nice crisp details: And few hours later: In the meantime, I'm preparing place for cockit. Big plus to Tamiya fo providing nose weight: Gluing also, rear part of fuselage and bottom part of wings, lucky fit is very good so no putty required: . I've recently bought some real colors paints, and since I have a lot of Tamiya paints on rack and no place for new, I had to figure out how to store another few (dozens) of jars. I decided to keep them on rotary stand. It is designed to fit my shelves system - similar to hobbyzone but bigger 20x20x40cm (8"x8"x16"). This is first layer for 12-18 jars, there will be 3 layers and 2 stands in shelf so in total it can hold 108 jars:
  3. Thank you Robthepom. I do not think so. You would need just a front piece of intake with fan as this piece is visible and it's holding front piece of fuselage. Exhaust parts can be fitted to fuselage.
  4. Waiting for some parts for F-16, I decided to reanimate project which was started some time ago. Actually I was suprised when I checked tho initial photo dates: December 2013. I've put this model to box for a while and almost 7 years passed, so I think it would be nice to finish it. First some photos takes in other era: . . . . Mostly out of the box with only Aires cockpit and some bombs/missiles. But first thing first - engine. Nice, but won't be visible at all, so it was time to play with some Alclads: . . And fitted: Next adding more parts: . . . I can't recall why I did all the bombs, missiles and everything what was in the box but there is a lot of this. Harrier has take only few of them, but it would be pity not to have so more option then simple fuel tanks, Mavericks and Sidewinders. I decided to do much more: 2x AIM-9L Sidewinder 2x Mk.117 2x AGM-65E Maverick (Eduard) 3x Mk.83 regular fin 2x Mk.82 Snakeye 6x BSU-49 + 2x TER 2x GBU-12 2x Mk.77 (Aerobonus) + 1xTER (Eduard) 2x Fuel Tanks 1x AN/AAQ-25 Thank you for watching. New update soon...
  5. I fit the wheel bays somehow but it leaves a small gap: I used the kits screws and a fair amount of CA glue: Rear view: . Now to front bay. Kit vs aftermarket: I've painted it as later it will be difficult to access all areas: Prepared to glue: Fitted quite well, but... I had some problems with closing fuselage halves - resin was too high, had to cut some: And already with front part of intake and a lot of putty: Comparison with CMK intake which is one big part. Nice fuselage details but wheel well is not too detailed: . . . 've been working on gun and gun bay: . .
  6. Sorry guys - Google Photos is quite unpredictable. I've replaced pictures to the ones posted on Scalemates - hope it's ok now.
  7. Updated first post as photos disappeared. Slowly but progressing. Added some wires to the engine: And primed: . I've started resin wheel bays fit. The part is big block, to fit it the existing engine wall, I had to cut it. Problem is that on the other side there is an air inlet: . The kit's parts have also the small "wings" to screw them to lower fuselage - I cut them away to use on resin. I replaced part (which was cut from resin) with a piece of kit's inlet: However resin do not fit well on width, length and shape: . In the meantime, I've painted some piece of internal fuselage - no of it will be visible, but I just could not leave it like this: .
  8. Another recently completed build - I just realized that it was completed even before Nighthawk. Almost Out of the Box - I replaced cockpit and wheel bay from those from Aires. Some scratch for gun. Rather dirty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  9. I recently finished a long build of Su-25 (long as in the meantime model landed in the box couple of times) and was wondering what next. I took me couple of days to decide and take out model which I got very long time ago. It was my second purchase of 1:32 birds, I gave around 50 bucks for it, so it was rather a bargain. So here it is my F-16C/CJ Block 50 from Tamiya. Apart from model itself, I'm planning to use: - Aires Cockpit Set - Aires Wheel Bay - Aires Exhaust nozzles - Wheelliant Wheels - M61 gun from Master - CMK intake (not sure about this one) - Eduard Canopy Masks - Master Piot and AoA - Master Static Discharges - ResKit BRU-57 (probably) Additionally I have some - Wolfpack's JDAMs - Wolfpack's JSOWs - Eduard's B and C AMRAAMs - Eduard's Sidewinders I would like to do an Aggressor scheme but they rarely are full loaded, so I have problem here - will se later. Due to COVID-19 I'm still waiting for some of above, so it will be long build. As of now, I've started with fuel tanks, HARMs and pylons: . . And as I will have aftermarket exhaust I will put engine on service cart. . Glued engine: . Now I will add some wiring to engine.
  10. BIG thanks to all of you - it was the hardest plane to paint. I was wondering all the time, it is ok, it is enough? Should I add some something else, or more. I'm really happy that you like it.
  11. A lot of time passed since my last post here, I promise I'll try to be more active. Since my MiG-23, I finished 4 birds, I'll present one of them here, next will post in a few days. My Nighthawk was made almost Out of the box, I've changed only wheels for Eduard ones. Base was inspired by last flight box by Academy. Biggest problem was with exhaust painting, I did some research, but it is so hard to find a decent photos, so it is my vision of exhaust. Watch and comment - and please, be gentle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  12. I did similar for my Su-25 base but plaster not resin and in various shapes as I'm not sure what combination use.
  13. Yep, that’s what I was affraid of. KRL, I saw picture of yours Nighthawk on Modelwork, but forum is currently unavailable due to migration. Could post some pictures here?
  14. I need some help... Some time ago I've started Trumpy's Nighthawk. Simple build - complicated paint job but worst of all are those flat exhaust. I was not able to find any good reference photos - well there is a lot of them actually but most of them is small, bad quality, photoshoped etc. On those which are quite good exhaust looks very different, from something brownish rusty thought dirty whites to shining metal. Please help as model went quite well and I do not want to ruin the whole effect with bad exhaust.
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