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  1. I still have to paint the black part behind the exhaust and the cannon.
  2. I used the Aires wheel bays, but only for the front wheel.
  3. Extras used: Fightertown Decals, Aires exhaust nozzles, Aires cockpit Paints and colors used: Gunze Mr.Color, Model Masters( Testors)
  4. I made a model directly from the box.
  5. I used only the Aires wheel bay for the Hobby Boss and the Eduards zoom set for a cockpit that was designed for a Hasegawa.
  6. I used the accessories: -Fightertown decals -Crossdelta walkways -Master pitot -Eduard cockpit (excellent) -Eduard wheels -Quickboost chin pod with ECM / TCS equipment -Quickboost tail reinforcement plates -Quickboost beaver tail
  7. Excellent AMK model, it's really a pleasure to work with such a good model.
  8. Thank You.. I have build thread http://www.maketarstvo.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=29912&start=0 http://www.maketarskikutak.com/index.php/topic,20510.0.html
  9. Hello, I added edurard PE interior set, several wires in the wheel bays.
  10. Extras used: Aires wheel bays, True Details wheel set Paints and colors used: Gunze Mr.Color, Tamiya
  11. Kit manufacturer: Eduard (Academy) Limited Edition Scale: 1/48 Type: F-4B Extras used: Aires cockpit, Aires wheel bays, Eduard PE, Eduard wheels, Eduard exhaust nozzles Paints and colors used: Gunze Mr.Color, Tamiya
  12. Thank You. The kit is excellent. You need to add several wires to the wheel bays, and seatbelts
  13. Kit manufacturer: Tamiya Scale: 1/32 Type: F-4J Extras used: Aires cockpit, added several wires to the wheel bays Paints and colors used: Gunze Mr.Hobby, Tamiya
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