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  1. If it is - as you imply - repeated behaviour, why should we have to ignore it?
  2. If we weren't - all - modelling nerds, this site wouldn't exist: neither would after-market decals ... If video reviews give him the creeps, why did he watch it? Surely not just to be able to make an offensive post about it? I found the review helpful, and appreciate you doing it.
  3. Have we actually had a "test shot" (literally)? I thought we'd seen CAD images and (??) some 3D printing from those early CAD designs ... but no shots yet from any actual cut metal? I may be wrong though!
  4. I really like - prefer - the look of the two seater v the single seater ...
  5. Looks to me like there is a bigger gap on the real thing than there is in the plan ....????
  6. Now listed as available to advance order from Hannants (which usually means the arrival is fairly imminent, and reasonably certain ...), with a 10% advance order discount: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TU03223
  7. Whichever colour you pick / can get hold of, I think you may need more than one shade / tint of it, for a "used" look (this is a Brit example, but I *think* the original paint colour is the same?):
  8. I'm sure that the OP can answer more fully than I can ... but in the meantime, for info it is a Fairey Firefly
  9. And my use of the word "polluting" probably came across as more confrontational than I intended to be; apologies for that.
  10. You do realise, don't you, that there is a separate thread on the proposed new B/N Phantom, where you could have posted your enthusiastic comments and wishes ... without polluting this thread with the negative comments about the Spey-powered variants?? There are quite a few people, including me, who don't think they are a "waste of time" ...
  11. Thanks guys for all of the advice plus very helpful pics on the use / don't use bits for an IDS rather than an ECR
  12. I'd like to piggyback on the OP's question, and take up your kind offer to "ask away" ... I too have the ECR version, being the only one seemingly available when I bought mine (at a good price ...); but I also want to build the IDS version. Just thinking about OOB for now, is there an idiot's guide (or if not, can you give *this* idiot a guide) as to: - which ECR-specific parts should not be used; - which IDS-specific parts (in the box, but presumably marked not for use in this case??) should be used; to make the switch to an IDS version?
  13. I've always had a soft spot for 57 FIS and its aircraft: if you ever succeed in getting these printed, count me in for one please! (Though what I really want to build are a dayglo-marked F-89 and F-102, kit makers please note ...)
  14. Yep, 38.0.1 (on a Mac) works for me too, so don't think it is Firefox per se? (But, for the file / document size, it is quite a slow download ...)
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