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  1. Well, yes, I do. On a car tire it's quite visible, on a motorcycle tire, it's not. At least not when the motorcycle is standing on it's side stand. Riding a motorcycle on a track does involve lowering the tire pressure, to get the tire to warm up better and to increase the contact patch, but you'll be hard pressed to see bulges on the sidewalls or a flat spot where the tire rests on the ground. A typical motorcycle contact patch: You can see the flat spot when the tire is under load, but one hardly sees a bike modelled like this. This is me on the Zandvoort track in 2009 or 2010, BTW: Cheers, Erik.
  2. Hahaha, you’re right. But generally I like the material Tamiya uses for their tires. BTW, if you see bulges / flat spots on a motorcycle tire, it’s either because the tire has a hole in it or is underinflated. You DON’T want to ride it like that, it’ll wallow and scare you to death!
  3. Hmmmm, Trumpeter's SBD Dauntless-series could do with new tires, too!
  4. I have yet to see modellers swap out Tamiya's tires with their car and motorcycle-kits.... Because AMT/ERTL botched them 25 years ago, doesn't mean that it's ALL bad.... Although seam-lines ARE a hassle...!
  5. David, does that mean that the pilot sits in front and the gunner in the back? The Playstation pad will be used by the gunner I assume? Edit: Oh, never mind, on SVSM I see that both cockpits feature the controller... Don't know why I missed that on your model...!
  6. Wow, great info, Ryan! I'll chop out the brackets I used and try to replicate these!
  7. A little babystep. As pointed out already, the double compressed air-bottle setup on the left fuselage side was an A6M5-feature so I have been busy fabricating two horizontal single-bottle brackets. Comparing them to the photo posted by Scott of the setup in an A6M3 I freewheeled a bit. If they'll be visible at all remains to be seen.... This was the Eduard-modified kit setup: I first tried to copy the Eduard bracket for the single bottle as found on the back of the cockpit bulkhead from plasticard, but I was already dissatisfied even while I was cutting it. When the knife went a little wide; that was it! New tactic: making a photocopy of the bracket, trying to drill the lightening holes after which the bracket could simply be cut out with a small pair of decal-scissors. Of course, drilling in a piece of paper doesn't work! I didn't want to abandon the basic idea at that moment yet so I repeated the photocopying, this time punching the holes with the punch-and-die, what sort-of worked. After cutting out the part, I immersed it in Future, hoping to reinforce the paper with it after it had dried. This also sort-of worked, but I couldn't get excited about it... Nothing beats the instructional value of (other people's) failure, so: Then I had my Eureka-moment: why not try to cut the original double bracket in half, thereby creating two single brackets? Lo and behold, it worked! I cut the two bottles apart and sanded the bottom of one round to conform to the shape of the horizontal bottle on the fuselage floor. Because the bottle only poses for this photo, the straps haven't been fastened over the bottle yet. Hmmmm, looking at the photo of the A6M3, it looks significantly different..... Maybe I'll try something else, yet...
  8. It also seems that unprotected aotake loses (much?) of it’s color over the years. The IWM A6M5 shows only aluminium color aft of the rear cockpit bulkhead and the oil tank etc. on the Merrill Island A6M2 also looks aluminium instead of a translucent blue/green.
  9. Well... The wonderful part up till now is Scott’s work. I’ll see if I can match the quality! The next couple of days I’m afraid I’ll be supporting my oldest son finalizing his history paper he needs to finish to be able to graduate. Interesting topic: How did (the outcome of) the First World War cause the Second World War. The economic, political and German societal (Weimar Republic) causes need to be adressed.
  10. Ey Peter, welcome! It can hardly be called a start but I agree on the info! I’m counting ourselves fortunate that we’ve got access to subject-matter experts! I’m always happy to find WIP’s that not only contain the build itself but also valuable knowledge and documentation. In that way a topic can be very worthwhile even if it so happens that the model under construction doesn’t get finished! Not that I plan something like that, but I know my track-record in that respect....! No pressure, no pressure, no pressure.....!
  11. BTW, are the colors in the ModelArt (I presume) -illustration correct? - Electrical wiring with black isolation (as opposed to white/tan (fabric) isolation that was widely used in the 40's? - Black handles / knobs as opposed to red ones, one sees often - What seems like a metal braided cable for the suspension of the seat. I've always thought it was some kind of off-white / tan elastic? Where was the oxygen connection for the pilot's oxygen mask? I know the O2-control was in front of the stick, but I can't seem to identify a hose connector...
  12. It looks like Flickr won't let you select the location of the image, it just gives a link that doesn't work with the forum. I hope you don't mind that I uploaded the pics to my Fotki...
  13. Wow, Scott, that is GREAT! Gives me plenty of inspiration, not to mention, raises the bar...! But I'll try to be a faithful Padawan, Master!
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