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  1. Hi Sean, great WIP! I have downloaded your photos to help me along when I return to my Zero! At this moment I'm fully immersed in Z-M's Henschel Hs 129B-2. Your progress surely does inspire me! Cheers, Erik.
  2. Jennings, I like your choices for the Lightning! When do you expect to have the sheet for sale?
  3. Hi Dave, the Zulu-sheet is gorgeous! How is 35002, the stencilling sheet coming along? Cheers, Erik.
  4. Hmm, this link doesn’t work?...
  5. As I’ve seen the sprues at Flanders Modelling Festival in March: you’ll be VERY pleasantly surprised!
  6. As for the missing depth of the cockpit, as stated earlier, that would be around 3.5mm. That translates to 11.2cm or 4.4 inch in real life. With the ejection seat in place, how visible will that really be, I wonder?
  7. Does anybody know of photos of the instrument panel of the RF-5E?
  8. Well, yes, I do. On a car tire it's quite visible, on a motorcycle tire, it's not. At least not when the motorcycle is standing on it's side stand. Riding a motorcycle on a track does involve lowering the tire pressure, to get the tire to warm up better and to increase the contact patch, but you'll be hard pressed to see bulges on the sidewalls or a flat spot where the tire rests on the ground. A typical motorcycle contact patch: You can see the flat spot when the tire is under load, but one hardly sees a bike modelled like this. This is me on the Zandvoort track in 2009 or 2010, BTW: Cheers, Erik.
  9. Hahaha, you’re right. But generally I like the material Tamiya uses for their tires. BTW, if you see bulges / flat spots on a motorcycle tire, it’s either because the tire has a hole in it or is underinflated. You DON’T want to ride it like that, it’ll wallow and scare you to death!
  10. Hmmmm, Trumpeter's SBD Dauntless-series could do with new tires, too!
  11. I have yet to see modellers swap out Tamiya's tires with their car and motorcycle-kits.... Because AMT/ERTL botched them 25 years ago, doesn't mean that it's ALL bad.... Although seam-lines ARE a hassle...!
  12. David, does that mean that the pilot sits in front and the gunner in the back? The Playstation pad will be used by the gunner I assume? Edit: Oh, never mind, on SVSM I see that both cockpits feature the controller... Don't know why I missed that on your model...!
  13. Wow, great info, Ryan! I'll chop out the brackets I used and try to replicate these!
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