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  1. My condolences for your loss, Jennings. I hope you find the strength to carry on.
  2. Just my two cents: I would like to see two-seaters allowed, too. I don't expect that we'll see a squadron of Phantoms or Tomcats built! But it is nice to see maybe one or two?
  3. On the other hand, Eduard has a big sale from 05-05 to 09-05 to commemorate 75 years of Liberty. So not all of CZ is shut down. But it is of course always a possibility that a couple of employees are sick at home so the process is slower.
  4. Ah, yes, of course. You source the printing from Cartograf. Italy is indeed hard hit by the virus. They are about a month ahead of us in the sense of the timeline, I think. We have the "luck" that because of how the rate of infections in Italy played out, our government saw that rules regarding social distancing, closure of restaurants and public places were necesarry instead of keeping to play down the risks. It looks like the rate of infections is indeed somewhat blunted here in the Netherlands. I hope they're right. But it'll be a close call if there are enough IC-beds the coming weeks. If
  5. Hey Jennings, is this project still alive? Or did you have to postpone it?
  6. Huh? The aircraft registration on the instructions and the decals differ?...
  7. As the title says: Do you see merit (preferably profit ) in producing decals for Tamiya's forthcoming F-51D? The "Was that too Fast"-option is already (too) well known from the 48th scale offering... Besides, many ANG units flew the F-51D in very colourful markings. Heck, even some active USAF units had you take out your sunglasses... Thanks in advance, guys! Erik.
  8. https://www.i-f-s.nl/vietnam/ http://www.916-starfighter.de/Cartoons/gallery_cart021.htm http://www.916-starfighter.de/Cartoons/gallery_cart022.htm
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