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  1. Amazing build, well done. I too have this in the stash, this has tempted me to bring it out. Congrats.
  2. Looks fantastic. I missed the whole Das Werk thing, but ordering now - thanks!
  3. Gents, What is the industries best seated (ie flying position) pilot out there? The Aires/Aerobonus figures look great, but have the mask off the pilot's face The Reedoak figures look amazing, but nothing that can be placed in a F-14/15/16/18 cockpit. I have used the Academy F-16 Sufa pilot which is great for an injection plastic representation, but surely either a 3D printed or resin pilot exists! Any leads gratefully received.
  4. Fantastic model and super cool weathering. Pics saved for reference, thanks.
  5. Who am I kidding, i'm going to grab it anyway...
  6. Jake, Book looks great, well done. For those who already have the 1st edition, can you give an indication of how much is duplicated? Ie is it worth getting the 2nd edition also? Thanks, Steve
  7. Fantastic build. I love the livery and have wanted to make this aircraft for a while. Well done sir.
  8. Hi John, Just sent through payment for a G-4 set, can't wait. You are doing a great thing for this hobby. I've been waiting for Dragon to make this model, or a decent conversion set. This is it. Steve English
  9. Fantastic paint job. I have tried many times to get a realistic Navy weathered aircraft. You sir, have nailed it. Congrats.
  10. This build is looking good. I know all too well the feeling of pulling an old build of the shelf and getting the mojo back. Good luck with the rest of the build!
  11. Fantastic work of a great kit and subject. The MDC rivet tool is amazing.
  12. It's getting closer boys, which means the Lanc is too!
  13. Thanks for the kind words gents.
  14. Mostly OOB. Eduard PE instrument panel, seat belts, and rear engine cowl clips. Gunze acrylics, Maketar Masks used for markings with some left over Hobby Decal dry transfers for stencil data. Brilliant kit fits together well. Could easily be super detailed, I just wanted to finish a kit, so closed it up. Justing waiting on some resin cannon barrel ends and pitot tube, but 99% complete.
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