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  1. Hi guys. Today i have question here about P39 1/32 kit... What kit should i buy? What brand? Thanks a lot Marcelo
  2. Hi. Sorry ask, but what is the color did you used at the cockpit tub? Bronze green, interior green???? Thanks Marcelo
  3. Hello friend. I am planing to buy just the same kit. It is a good kit? Good fit? I like yours, very nice... What tips can you share with us? Thanks Marcelo
  4. Hi guys. Finally i found a "new" Revell P-40E kit. Now i have a brand new canopi..But it was very expensive. I am waiting for another and new canopi set to this kit send to me for a frind here in Brazil. After this building and so many unforeseen, i think i will have a new P40 in the box...Maybe it will be happening!!! So, my new workbench is almost ready, i am doing the eletrical instalation of my painting both... My P40 is in a very slowly speed. I do some paint of the sides panels of cockpit, some detail work... I almost forgot about, Yesterday I received the resin tires from Eclipse model design. Thanks Derek they are amazing... Tomorrow i will post some photos.... Thanks guys... Marcelo
  5. Well my friends. what happened was this: I had bought from a friend here a glass, said original, Future. Simple as that! The problem was that it smelled very active thinner or something. Like this product did not know until now, did not matter much. During assembly I decided to use as all use there; simply mergulhasndo transparencies and put on paper towel to dry. Except that when I take the transparencies of the pot they just were totally spoiled ... Hence began my torment with a particular kit because it was rare and no prospect of replacement parts. A big hug to everyone. Marcelo
  6. Hi Senior. How did you do this tarps (canvas)? What do you use? Marcelo
  7. This is a big project....Very nice one... Looking forward... Marcelo
  8. Thanks guys. Paulão good to see you here...But i will post all this building back in your site!!! Bozzarro, this idea is good but i will made a canvas to aply in other location. I hava e great and hard job at the cockpit.... More photos: The problem with the wrong paint is resolved. Meanwhile I will continue to build this kit. The next step is the correction and detailing the cockpit, finalization of seat belts and other peripherals! Thanks guys. Marcelo PS: the pilot isn't finished yet!!!
  9. Good evening my friends. After a week bad for this kit, I have good news today. First, despite all the setbacks we have had some progress especially in the engine which is complete. My pilot resin for the diorama is also a little earlier because I've done a wash with oil paint artistic. The Vallejo help but get a little better after the wash. Also in relation to the pilot saw that they originally possessed a kind of embroidery on the back with a message to the villagers if it were slaughtered. That was good for them to be treated and medicated until resgataods and fly again. I think I can represent these embroideries. Below are some pictures of the kit and the progress so far. I want agardecer everyone for the words of encouragement and support. Now photos!! Before you ask me why the wash motor is so strong I explain: I decided to do a wash over "heavy", because it was a plane crash with an alleged it will be set in a diorama in this direction. Something like a diorama based on this photo: Thanks a lot guys. Marcelo!
  10. Hi Derek. Thank you... Now i am calm. But last week was very bad for me and for this kit... But i think it's all right and i will still go on!
  11. Good morning everyone. Today I'm calmer because last week was a bit complicated for this kit. First, the problem was with the canopy that after being dipped in a bath of Future. Result: All peçaas the canopy were damaged and I just get lost in all. So I'm using all that I can continue this assembly. A more recent but no less stressful, and it made me very angry even, was the order of the Model Master paints that did to a colleague in the USA. All references were used for enamel paints. Everything ok, pagamaneto done, I was still taxed by customs, but when I got home I started unpacking everything: ALL WERE ACRYLIC INKS. From Model Master acrylic but were. For me it was the culmination of all failures for the same kit!! I wanted to fire, burn everything, paint, kit, accessories etc ... :BANGHEAD2: But I had to compose myself. I took a deep breath and just accepting the whole situation. Even today I will talk with this my colleague who brokered this transaction, he admitted the mistake in not checking references, and we will find the best solution. Regarding the P40, he escaped from ashes. I finished painting the inside of him in zinc chromate. Despite not liking the acrylic think the finish was good. Even did some scratch on the fire wall, even a little thing. Later I will post photos of the progress. Thankful. Marcelo
  12. My friend Hercules, the canopy is intact but as said enrrugado (think melted a bit) and totally white. I'm not much of use in Vaccum form canopy, I hate them because I'm clumsy to cut them. Masking is another fight ... And I'm a little annoyed with this kit! But I will not give it up. Our friend Mouse are seeing is the canopis him, let's see what happens!! Thanks. Marcelo (Meu amigo Hércules, o canopy está intacto mas como disse: enrrugado (acho que derreteu um pouco) e totalmente esbranquiçado. Não sou muito de usar Canopi em Vaccum form, detesto eles pois sou desastrado para recortá-los. Mascarar é outra luta...E eu já ando um pouco irritado com este kit! Mas não quero desistir dele. O nosso amigo Rato está vendo se encontra os canopis dele, vamos ver no que dá!!! Valeu. Marcelo)
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