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  1. No idea why the pictures cannot be seen......I'll try re-posting
  2. Finally finished...........this was a bit of an experiment as this is the first model that I used AK panel line enamel washes rather than oils. Paints are a mixture of Tamiya and Gunze Barracuda resin seat, the belts were either RB Productions or HGW, I cant recall which I had major problems with the fit of the radiator cowling and the lower engine panels, however that was my error as I didn't follow the instruction manual sequence when fitting the engine and radiator assemblies. I should have known better !!
  3. Hi Totalize, For the serial KD658 I used Xtradecal set X32022 RAF serials. For the "115" I used two of the 1 and 5 from the eaglecals set, and cut an additional number 1 from some scrap decals i had lying around. The eaglecals set has the side number 135, so it was relatively straight forward.
  4. Hi Totalize Decals are from Eaglecals set 163 titled FAA Corsairs. http://www.eagle-editions.com/eaglecals-163-faa-corsairs.html
  5. Thanks Richard, No need to apologise for diverting the post, Its always an honour when there is a specific link from what your attempting to build and actual history and the people involved....much respect
  6. Just shows that you can still obtain excellent results with an older kit..... Truly fantastic... A build to be proud of. Well done
  7. Hi Lothar, The harness was from the HGW range, excellent as usual. Mr Color paint from Gunze....C365 Gloss Sea Blue FS15042 blended with lighter/darker colours as required. This was also my first effort with liquid chipping fluid from AK, I usually use the silver pencil method, but I think the chipping fluid gives a more realistic effect in this scale. Cockpit was mainly from the box (its Tamiya...say no more !) but I did add eduard etch for the switch/guage panels. Lead wire for the engine ignition harness. Decal are from eaglecals set 163 FAA Corsairs, but I h
  8. Her is my representation of the aircraft flown by Lt Robert Hampton Gray VC when he attacked the Amakusa and was killed on 9th August 1945, the last Canadian VC of the war. There is much debate as to the markings and aircraft he used on that sortie, so here is my example. Thanks for looking Andy
  9. Thanks for the offer Graham, I bought the eagle cals decals for FAA Corsairs but accidentally damaged the “5†numeral on the fuselage side. I really don't want to have to buy a whole new set just for the one decal, hence trying to source a set of numbers in the right size and font.
  10. Currently building a FAA Corsair from 1841 Sqdn British Pacific Fleet. I've trawled the interweb trying to find the correct 1/32 scale decals for the code numbers on the fuselage side forwards of the roundels. The numbers are either 18" or 24". Xtradecal produce a 1/48 set, but not 1/32. Anyone know of any that are available - wet or dry decals, I dont mind which Thanks
  11. Without doubt THE best 190 I've seen.......period.
  12. Thanks to you all for the positive comments. I'm going back to single engines for a while now - Just starting Erich Hartmann's 109G-6 "Yellow 1" using the Revell kit with a few corrections. I probably wont do a W.I.P as this aircraft/subject has been covered many many times before.
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