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  1. Thanks for the offer Graham, I bought the eagle cals decals for FAA Corsairs but accidentally damaged the “5†numeral on the fuselage side. I really don't want to have to buy a whole new set just for the one decal, hence trying to source a set of numbers in the right size and font.
  2. Currently building a FAA Corsair from 1841 Sqdn British Pacific Fleet. I've trawled the interweb trying to find the correct 1/32 scale decals for the code numbers on the fuselage side forwards of the roundels. The numbers are either 18" or 24". Xtradecal produce a 1/48 set, but not 1/32. Anyone know of any that are available - wet or dry decals, I dont mind which Thanks
  3. Without doubt THE best 190 I've seen.......period.
  4. Thanks to you all for the positive comments. I'm going back to single engines for a while now - Just starting Erich Hartmann's 109G-6 "Yellow 1" using the Revell kit with a few corrections. I probably wont do a W.I.P as this aircraft/subject has been covered many many times before.
  5. Well its finally finished. The longest project I've ever undertaken. I started this project in January 2014, but took a break from modelling for 9 months, finally gathering some enthusiasm about 3 weeks ago. Actual build time is just under 6 months. I live about 15 minutes drive from RAF Portreath, so there is a local interest for me in this particular aircraft/squadron. The build can be followed in the WIP section, http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=49582 so I wont repeat here what I've already covered there, only to add that I utilised Mastermodels 3" RP's. Neadless to say that they are so good, I will be buying another set for my 1/24 Typhoon ! Thanks for looking in Andy John
  6. Well its been just over 9 months since I last posted the WIP. I lost interest in the Mosquito and spent last summer away from the model bench and in my garage restoring two motorbikes I bought. I also kind of lost any enthusiasm in modelling for a while, but I've got my mojo back and its onto the Mosquito to get it finished. I think I spent so much time and effort into adding tiny details, that I ran out of steam, I guess we all go through a stage where something else grabs our attention. I am currently going through the weathering process, oil wash etc hoping to have this one finished in the next week or so. Thanks for looking in
  7. In anticipation of HK's 1/32 Lancaster, a company called Kora produce a decal set in 1/72 of a Lancaster B1 W4842 ZN-HJ of 106 Sqdn. This aircraft has a personal link, which is why I'm interested in upscaling Kora's decals. The story: As a teenager, my family lived next door to an ex RAF Lancaster tail gunner. He would never discuss his experiences, and we never asked out of respect. I moved away from home to join the navy, but my parents still kept in touch even after they moved from the area. Unfortunately our old neighbour passed away recently, and my parents went to his funeral. After a couple of hours on Google, I found out that on 27/28 May 1943 his aircraft (W4842 ZN-H of 106 Sqdn) was shot down returning from a raid on Essen. It crashed near Warmond in Holland and all the crew were taken prisoner. He spent the rest of the war as a POW, I also fouind out from my mother that he was subjected to forced marches, on one occasion they were strafed by American P-47's who mistook them for a column of German soldiers. Luckily they survived that experience. That aircraft was called "Fema Dora" and my plan was to obtain a set of the Kora decals and scan the noseart and serial and scale them up to 1/32 scale.
  8. Without doubt one of the best "Tooms" I have seen
  9. Anyone know why there's a delay
  10. Has anyone upscaled decals before. I want to upscale 1/72 decals to 1/32 scale as the subject I am interested isn't available in 1/32. I'm guessing scanning the originals, then using some form of graphic software to enlarge then re-print on decal paper, but would appreciate any experienced advice.
  11. It's been a while since my last update, things have been a little slow due to the better (?) weather - more time spent out on the mountain bike than at the bench with the Mosquito. The .303 gun bay is all but finished, as is the cockpit, having scratch built the GEE radar receiver and indicator unit behind the pilots seat. The port Merlin is complete as are both undercarriage bays. Thanks for looking in......
  12. Might be a bit early for this topic, but has anyone heard any rumors about who may be producing aftermarket stuff for the imminent Airfix Typhoon
  13. OK, again slow progress on the Mosquito. The bomb bay is all but complete, although I'm not 100% happy with the bomb rack frames, so I'm going to rework them with some 1.5mm alloy tubing. The forward bulkhead containing all the Hydraulic services is complete and weathered as is the Hispano cannon pack. Both undercarriage bays are all but finished, and wont be 100% complete until the U/C doors are installed at a much later stage. At the moment I am attaching the engine and undercarriage sponsons to the wings, and the bare stbd merlin is fitted. I will post more photos of my progress soon. thanks for looking in Andy.
  14. Well progress has been a little slow on the Mosquito, what with work commitments and a little loss of enthusiasm that I'm sure every modellers gets once in a while, however things have moved on a little since my last post. I'm going to display the port merlin whilst the starboard engine will be covered. Plenty of lead wire and a little fabrication and its finished - well almost but I wont finish it off until installed onto the wing. The cockpit is nearly complete. The pilots seat still needs to be fitted as does the radio equipment behind the co-pilot - hence the mess of lead wire awaiting the "black boxes" of the GEE radio fit. The bomb bay forward bulkhead is no-where near finished. There is still plenty of lead wire to add for the pipework hear as well as the hydraulic lines down the sides. I have tried to keep as close to reference photos as I can, but I think the main goal for me is to make it look the part. An finally in this update, the port undercarriage bay. Again plenty more detail will be added, and then I will start on the starboard bay. Well that's it so far, slow but steady progress. Thanks for looking in. Andy
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