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  1. they are actually 'flowers', worn on two planes. Can't recall the Jagdschwader.
  2. So, anybody know of a compatibility chart for Alclad vs all comers? Like a under/over guide? I have just started a ZM P-51D that will have a partial metal/OD scheme. I am very unsure of how to avoid a disaster(not that that ever stopped one from occurring). Vid I have watched say to shade panels with UNDERcoats, rather than using tints on top of base in order to achieve differences in panel colors, and sheens. Any advice is appreciated. K BTW, what scale is that Hughes, Kev? It is magnificent!
  3. Oops. I'll get back to you...
  4. Here is a BA Eindecker redid as an early Pfalz A II.
  5. Really beautiful job! I always appreciate realistic weathering. Rarely seen modelled so well.
  6. Very nice work. I have wanted a large scale Mossie since seeing '633 Sq' so many, many years ago. How nice that Airfix finally discovered CAD!
  7. oldgoat

    Revell's Uhu

    Giggle, giggle! Can hardly wait.
  8. Lovely work! I am currently building a Mk1; so looking forward to see this finished. I am retired from a life's work in a model shop, and sorely miss the laser and 3D printer there. It sure helped some of my scratchbuilding efforts. You should talk with your boss about mfg'ing your parts as saleable product. Kevin
  9. Thanks T, I had forgotten about that version. I used LiteSpan only once before, on a 1/32 Lohner. It came out OK. So maybe clear is do-able.
  10. Ah, shucks. You fellers are real nice-like. I started work on this before having the skills to finish it. Thanks in no small part to the encouragement by, and exposure to, the outstanding exemplars right 'cheer on LSP. I'll try to live up to your kind praise.
  11. Dang It!! I forgot how to post pics. I'll work on it. Sorry.
  12. Hi Folks! I've been out sick for a while, so I dug up this EIII I started a couple of years ago. It started life as a Marco's Models 1/24 vac, which was largely unbuildable. I kept the undercarriage, LMG 08, engine and engine cowl. I drew the wings in AutoCad, and had them laser cut from Basswood. The tube frame is welded brass rod. Wheels are scratched, as is all else. I plan to finish this in the next few months. Sorry, but I have only one passable shot. More will follow.
  13. What do a Sopwith Cam fighter and a ephant have in common? No el, No el. Just getting a jump on Christmas. Lovely humpback, Des! Kevin
  14. Lordy! I love me some 110G! Really nice job.
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