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  1. Can anyone tell me what colour the IP shroud is on the Stuka? It appears either matt black or the interior colour with a khaki coloured cover on the grab handle? Is that about right? Cheers, Rohan
  2. Does anyone know what air to air loadouts and ground attack loadouts the Angolan Mig 23s carried during the bush war in the 80s involving south Africa?
  3. Does anyone know of any 1/32 decals sets for Mig 21s or Mig 23s in the Angolan Air Force markings? If so, let me know Cheers. Rohan
  4. Can anyone tell me if the 1/24 Airscale general cockpit placard decals sheet includes the IP markings that are on the IP under instruments and the cockpit side wall markings? Also is there any other aftermarket stuff for the 1/24 Trumpeter Hurricane Mk IID? Thanks Rohan
  5. I thought so looking at the spinner. Thanks mate
  6. Ok. So its just the prop? The spinner and all is the same? Reason I ask is that the D/K kit comes with a separate spinner etc as well with the prop. Anyone have a aeroproducts prop from the D/K kit they dont need?
  7. Thanks for the info. I discovered the RAAF Mustang had the aeroproducts prop so Ill have to get the D/K kit. Jennings, I said the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force), not the RAF
  8. Hi all, Im wanting to make a RAAF WW2 P-51D. What are the differences between the 1/32 Tamiya P-51D and the 1/32 Tamiya P-51D/K "Pacific Theatre" kits? The 1/32 P-51D kit is cheaper. Can I use the P-51D kit to make the RAAF P-51D? The machine Im wanting to make has the standard prop with no differences to the USAF P-51D. So can I use the P-51D kit? Anyone help? Cheers, Rohan
  9. Im wanting to build a Spitfire Mk II in 1/24 scale. However, Im not sure wich kit to use - either the Mk 1 or the Mk V kit? If anyone can tell me what the external differences were and if I should use the Mk 1 or Mk V kit. I was thinking the Mk V kit was the one to use as the Mk II I believe had the wood prop and the pointier spinner like the Mk V?? Or do i really need to have the Mk 1 and Mk V kits to make a Mk II? If anyone can help, let me knowCh Cheers, Rohan
  10. Love it! There's a member looking for the color names for this camo for a MiG-21 on another thread (he won't be happy with the snarky answer I gave him, hehe). Frogman, a guy who must work at a furniture shop in France called conforama (Im sure that was email address on the avatar) said you could tell me the colours of your Mig?
  11. Can anyone tell me why Trumpeter include SLAM ERs in the F18F kit but dont give you the option of having the wings folded like they are when mounted on the aircraft? They just give you the parts to make the missile with the wings deployed as it is after launch? Or am I missing something here? Can anyone tell me if its possible to make the missile from the box with wings folded?
  12. Does anyone know of a release date yet for the 1/32 Lancaster?
  13. The 262 sounds good. Its also a reasonably priced kit. Its Trumpeter so any fit problems wont come as any surprise. Why is it that Trumpeter kits are just such a shocking fitting? Ive built a few Super Hornets, Flanker, Mig 21 and all Ive used a tube of filler. Then the best one is the F8 Crusader!!! What a nightmare!!! But with a bit of work and patience, Trumpeter kits do come up nice
  14. I have built 41 1/32 scale models over the last 12 months and 36 of those had rubber tyres. No one has had an issue with any of them. The other 5 had plastic/resin wheels. All these were a pain in the rear end to paint and to get siting right and two have sunk because the weight of the model is too heavy for the pins that hold the wheels onto the strut. So I think rubber tyres are easy. They look realistic like Tony T said with a bit of quick weathering and are better as solid and sturdy. Also remember that tyres on aircraft dont last long. So they dont have to look dirty or anything. Also look at the moulding on the tyres on say the Flanker. They are great
  15. I agree with Tony T. What is wrong with rubber tyres? They look fine. Easy to put on and the work you have to do on one piece resin tyres/wheels is just a pain in the rear end. I dont go over my models with a ruler that has measurements in hundredths of millimetres checking it
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