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  1. Thanks. No I started it about 1 1/2 years ago and it got shelved for a while. Restarted it about 6 months ago.
  2. Hi Mark, thanks. The kit came with a woven cotton cord. It looks pretty good. I tried making the flying wires from thin metal extrusion but I couldn't get the tension right. Had to use the cotton in the end.
  3. Thanks for the comments. I'm really chuffed how this has come out. The pics don't do it justice. So much better in the flesh.
  4. All finished. Prop turned out a treat. Finishes it off really nicely. |https://thumbsnap.com/TaQqO0Ee |https://thumbsnap.com/GhjLIxRf |https://thumbsnap.com/zzOHPluH |https://thumbsnap.com/iqdle4gr |https://thumbsnap.com/2oQ3KnLL |https://thumbsnap.com/uOP4MQhC |https://thumbsnap.com/F7PnI9P7 |https://thumbsnap.com/qZGj88WX |https://thumbsnap.com/ro2rlrgX |https://thumbsnap.com/xF6UwuzL
  5. More progress. Not happy with the plastic prop in the kit I decided to make my own from walnut and beech veneer. Bonded the veneer together using PVA wood glue, clamped and waited 2 days to fully dry. Scaled a drawing from the internet of a standard British Wooden Propeller from that era to template from. I have profiled one side and it seems to have come out really nice. Well chuffed with the look and finish. Excuse the upside down photo. Not sure what’s happened there. |https://thumbsnap.com/6tc5EA4N |https://thumbsnap.com/dn7T3EJ4 |https://thumbsnap.
  6. Nearly finished. Just the prop to go. I’m not liking the plastic version supplied with the kit so I’m going to make one from wood. Intension is to make it the same way as the originals and stack layers of template cut veneer and sculpt the prop by hand. Going to be interesting. |https://thumbsnap.com/tjPTtofD |https://thumbsnap.com/QzcggqKV |https://thumbsnap.com/pymjdCsE |https://thumbsnap.com/Ld725Ks9 |https://thumbsnap.com/zgp5AcNg |https://thumbsnap.com/Ld725Ks9 |https://thumbsnap.com/PWO2RAb4 |https://thumbsnap.com/HItKry7i
  7. Finally got the wings on. Getting the thing sat flat was the hardest bit. Just the engine and a few other panels to go on and finish ringing it. |https://thumbsnap.com/TOpheKT5 |https://thumbsnap.com/VLpxMNzx |https://thumbsnap.com/317FCmTO
  8. Thanks for that. I don't think they did any other version but I haven't looked recently. This is definitely a good compromise for the wooden version. Simulating the wood on the plastic was fun. Not sure why my post is in massive letters. I copied the words from my phone as I was originally having trouble posting the URL's.
  9. Hi, not been around for a while as I’ve been building smaller kits. I have always wanted to build a museum type model of the Camel and finally go around to buying one. This is the plastic version and not the larger wooden type so creating the wood effect was a learning curve for me as I’d never done it before. Here are some pics of my build for you to look at. As you can see I’m trying to rig the structure as it would have been using reference photos as the kit asks you to rig most of the parts with one continuous piece of line. I’m making the turnbuckles by han
  10. Well, finally got round to making the plinth. Just waiting for Adrian to come back from Malaysia to sign it.
  11. Tyres stencil sprayed and fitted to wheels. Mostly together, just need to bond on the wing mirrors which are going to be a bit of a challenge.
  12. Yes, here is one place. eBay is another. http://www.tbdecals.com/product.wml/productid/339899/TB-Decals-Models/1-12-CAMEL-DECALS-FOR-WILLIAMS-RENAULT-FW14-FW14B-TAMIYA-FW-14B-FW-14-DECAL-TBD108.htm
  13. Looks great Richard. I will build one one day. The camel decals are an aftermarket part from Hong Kong. Have a look on eBay and you will find them readily. It's all to do with Tabacco laws in countries. It's a big part to be missed out on a kit but easily rectified.
  14. Whoops. I just realised that. Sorry. Must of been half asleep. Thanks
  15. Uprights and brakes fitted. Wheels ready for tyres. Just waiting for photoetch Goodyear paint stencils to arrive as tyre decals looked naff.
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