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  1. Please put me down for a set, Jan. Should we PayPal you now or when you are ready to ship?
  2. Man, this is awesome! Really enjoyed the Dark Blue Killer and the F-51 as well.
  3. Awesome to see the decals worked out, Dan. Truly incredible builds all 3 and here's to many more in 2019!
  4. Sent you a private message, Chris. Best regards, Michael
  5. This was posted on the P-47 Thunderbolt FB group (last week I think) and I thought many here would enjoy it. I remember reading an old, yellowed, paperback copy of Thunderbolt! in like two days back in middle school. Wish I still had it. I have no idea who Mr. Bob Coiro is (the interviewer). However, I do appreciate his time and effort in transcribing and posting and all credit is due to him. It was certainly the best thing I had read on FB in a while and definitely worth your time IMHO. Now if we could just get Tamiya to pop out a 32nd P-47... ROBERT S. JOHNSON INTERVIEW Back in
  6. What a pleasure it was to watch this one. The end result is outstanding!
  7. OK, so what say we turn this thread around into a constructive direction...anyone have experience with refunds/disputes? I will freely admit it was a long-shot at best and I am about ready to pull the "give-me-my-money-back" trigger. Should I dispute through eBay or PayPal since they both seem to offer "protection"?
  8. Scooby, was your kit shipped in a box out of curiosity? Like a cardboard shipping box? Mine arrived yesterday as well (I also pre-ordered from Tokyo Hobby) and it was only packed in bubble-wrap and an outer string-reinforced paper package. One corner was crushed and some of the sprues were damaged. I have never ordered from them before so I don't know if that is their SOP or a one-off. Thanks, Michael
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-60327-Vought-F4U-1D-Corsair-1-32-scale-kit-/302447681043?epid=2159791542&hash=item466b495e13%3Ag%3Ag~oAAOSwj9lZqDyS&nma=true&si=P0W5tCBeAUupAghB4WV0O8jEAHo%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Happy hunting
  10. I snagged one this afternoon as well. Same deal - $29.99 US Dollars price with ten bucks shipping from The Orient to me here in North Texas. I have carefully read every word on the auction page about three times over and, other than the too-good-to-be-true price and shipping, I can't find anything out of the ordinary. I still agree with David G, though...until I have the kit in my hands, I will be suspicious. Now I am off to read up on the eBay money back guarantee and PayPal purchase protection. Hope I won't have to use them... Michael
  11. Lookin' good! The update is much appreciated. I would actually prefer HKM take as long as they feel is necessary to get the shape right. The Spey jet is such an interesting contrast to the J79 models. Pulling for this one big time.
  12. Nice decals, Jennings and thanks for the continued research.
  13. https://www.tamiyausa.com/items/plastic-model-series-20/1-32-scale-aircraft-17000 Interesting that Tamiya list the MSRP at $188. It is $213 and $199 for the F4U-1A and Birdcage, respectively. I would have thought that, pound for pound, the F4U-1D would have the most plastic in the box with the new weapons sprues. Anyone have a tally yet on a pre-order from one of the major online shops?
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