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  1. you're crazy! In all the best ways :p Great project idea
  2. you'll love that lil Kit Brian, its quite comprehensive
  3. brilliant work Oliver, just outstanding
  4. WOW what a stunning scheme.
  5. Fanes and I are chatting, Dukie99 has been PM'd. Thanks for putting this all together again Kev.
  6. looks like a nice simple build OOB, nice review as always Kev!
  7. have you seen the wind tunnel pick of the weaponized U2?
  8. Shawn M

    Gripen E

    THAT is sharp looking. I do agree that the symmetry of the splinter scheme is a bit counter productive. But its still good lookin.
  9. wow way cool! looking forward to getting my hands on this: 1:32 PCM Fw 190A-1/2/3 Thanks everyone! Fanes, hit me up with your address. Shawn
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