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  1. Ordered a set of masks from Kitlinx, waited a week and heard nothing. Sent an E mail for info and heard nothing. Started getting a bad feel for this and went on line to see what was being said and came up with a lot of negative notices about this outfit. I am going to assume my money is lost and would suggest staying away from this company!! https://www.bbb.org/us/ut/sandy/profile/model-supplies/kitlinx-llc-1166-90024059/complaints
  2. Excellent photos and drawings from both of you gentlemen!!!! With those I have been able to make a pair of supports out of P/E material. I really appreciate this. I saw in the instructions for the GWH -40 that they do include those supports! Still can't accept that being available for the cost. Have a great day guys.......again thanks!!!!!
  3. Looked in numerous places for the answer to this ........I need either photos or good line drawings for the mounting/supports of the extended barrels through the front of the cowling. I found one photo that appeared to show 2 O ring bolts approximately where the front of the cowling would mount and could be part of the system. No way to see for sure or tell how and where there the O ring bolts would be mounted. I would really appreciate any help or advise with this!! Swede
  4. Excellent ...thanks guys, fundekals is right here in town!!! Get right on it!!!
  5. Considering doing a plain jane P-40B painted and marked out as Welch's A/C at Pearl Harbor in 1/32nd. I looked around and haven't had any luck finding the decal sets for this A/C. Am I missing something or are there few if any sets for this A/C? Any info or advise will be appreciated!! Swede .........
  6. Kevin, its Eduard but for a newer kit I'm sure. The Eduard XL-022 is discontinued. I was hoping I could avoid hand cutting and liquid mask but its what happens when you reach WAY back in the stash pile!!....:) Appreciate you guys getting back to me on this!!! Jennings, went through a number of your articles on the -262............
  7. OK, I give up! I have a -262 mask set for the model in my stash. Surprise, it does not begin to be the proper size. While it is marked as "Me-262", there is no specification for the make of the model. I have seen them for Trump, Revell, etc. but nothing specific for the Hasegawa. Is there a set for, Hasegawa Me-262A ? Any info appreciated! I noticed the set I have also does not have the straight line oblong front windscreen, it seems to have a curved bottom?
  8. Someone above mentioned Lone Star. I was looking through some of his stuff not to long ago and can't remember seeing a floor conversion for a -40. Did I miss read the above comment???
  9. Well, thanks for all the info!!! It looks like Great Wall may have done what should have been done way back! The idea of a full mold upper wing could never have been that difficult to produce! The build might have been a bit fiddly with the old molds but the machines have been up to the ability to do this for a good while. I would grab now if not for the already stated delivery times and the problems already occurring for China products setting off the West Coast. I do want this kit, I only hope to live long enough to receive one.
  10. Considering doing an early (B/C) P-40 but it seems that the companies producing the kits seem to want a flat separate floor instead of the curved floor and curved sidewalls. Has there been a kits actually having this in the design? Preferably 1/32nd scale.............appreciate any info on this .........
  11. Looked around and haven't found any as of yet. Anyone know where I can look??? 'Preciate any info ........
  12. That would be excellent! Whats your price on this..........Swede
  13. Trying to find this engine. Does anyone have any info? Thought with the number of Zero kits out there an engine would be no problem..........'Preciate any info !!!!!
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