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  1. Crikey. That looks absolutely real. What a fabulous bit of scale modelling. Brilliant
  2. Thanks for sharing this excellent news Kev. Glad to hear that Robin is getting back in business. Coincidentally I just found my air cadet log book and now have the serials for a couple of subjects of this kit. Look forward to more news and following your build of the original. Cheers.
  3. Hi Tim, From memory the last few years have been bright but cold. Temperatures in early November can vary alot but are typically just above 0C, in the 5-10 degree range (40-50f). It does n't often snow before Christmas but the mornings are often frosty. HTH. Cheers. The show is really good though, if that helps. It would be good to plan to go for both days if you wish to see it all in any detail.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up Eric. These exhausts look amazing. Anyone want a set of Flightpath etched exhausts? Going cheap......
  5. Mesmerizing work Peter. Truly beautiful to see. Have you considered cigarette paper moistened with dilute PVA glue? Another alternative could be a snippet of silk. That's pretty finely woven Or, some ladies beauty salons use an adhesive backed material as a basis for false resin nails.....apparently......ahem. That could work. A local salon might have some small bits that you could have? Eager to see more. Keep up the stellar work.
  6. Phenomenal Timmy! Like looking at reference photos of the real deal. Simply amazing. I feel your pain with your eyesight It's a headache when you want to be able to add fine detail but can't really see accurately enough to do so. Have you considered using the soft foil from around the tops of wine bottles for your labels? The sort of metal that wraps over the corks rather than the stiffer screw top version. Some of it is even pre-coloured in black. It's easier to get square/rectangular shapes by cutting the foil than it is by painting. Also, scratching the paint off with the tip of a blade replicates the metal lettering of these labels, placards and data panels quite convincingly. Can't think how I missed the start of this thread but I'll be sure to follow along now that I've found it. Looking forward to more. Cheers.
  7. Beautifully weathered Flanker. Great job.
  8. Pete, This, like everything you model, is exemplary. Whether you claim to know anything about the subject or not appears irrelevant. These figures are without doubt, sensational. Awesome work dude. Cheers
  9. Hello AlanG, From memory, the Sukhoi Su-27 cockpits are a light blue/grey rather than turquoise. The bright turquoise is more a Mig colour. When I built the Flanker a while ago I seem to recall using the Humbrol metallizer enamels for the engine panels and left them unbuffed. The paints can be mixed to get any hue desired. That seemed to give a convincing effect. For the blue coating often seen on the Flanker engine panels I think I used Games Workshop/Citadel Miniatures inks. The mottled effect on the petals can be achieved by stippling inks over the metallizers and using a crumpled tissue to mop up excess ink. Other modellers have used the salt chipping/masking to great effect. Good luck with your model. Cheers.
  10. Hi Jeff, it's not just the squared appearance that is at fault unfortunately. The top and bottom edges should be parallel to one another but are n' t on the kit parts. Intake covers may disguise the issue if you're going for the ones that fit over the mouth if the intake but ones that fit inside would n't. The pic above from Koralik's build here: Koralik's F-14 in RFI shows the main problem. HTH
  11. Hi Dan. It's an interesting question. I'm sorry that I can't help with a correct answer but wonder if you can't simply eye in the colour? It could be that the paint does n't have a specific code. Perhaps the pylons are manufactured by a supplier who use their own paint. When I built a Flanker many moons ago I simply chose a grey that closely matched photos of the real aircraft. It was n't the cammo colour as that was from a whizz can. Looking at the model today it resembles Ocean grey if that helps. Truth be told, age, weathering and soiling will make the pylons look subtly different from one airframe to another anyway. Cheers.
  12. Hi Fanch, I take my hat off to you sir. This is one of the best renditions of a Tomcat that I can remember seeing. Your patience is obvious since the weathering is beautifully rendered. A very time consuming process I'd warrant. The attention to detail is mouthwatering and every nuance of a used F-14 is captured. Very beautiful. I don't know whether to be inspired to pick my 'Cat back up or deterred from re-starting because the standard these days is so stratospherically high. Perhaps when the weather outside is better you'd consider taking some photos under natural sunlight please? I would love to see this in it's natural state with realistic contrast and shadows. Cheers. p.s. If you wish to add more images I think we'd all appreciate it, thanks p.p.s I tried to send you a pm but a message says that you cannot receive pms. Is your inbox full?
  13. I do agree with the general sentiment of the group. While the Gooney bird is not my favourite aircraft I can see the appeal. The model does look fantastic in the flesh and it is extremely detailed. I have little doubt that the cost is justified given the low (by injection molded model standards) volume and I'm sure that HPH will sell many if not all of their planned production run. Personally I could n't justify that kind of outlay for a model kit but there are many who are much more commited to the hobby than I and who also have deeper pockets. I can't wait to see some being built. Cheers.
  14. Not much being said about the HPH C-47 so far. They had the model on display and it certainly looked good to me. Raised rivets galore which appeared convincing although I'm no expert. I did over hear Marek telling one prospective customer that it was 670 but 600 at the show. I'm not sure if that was Euros or Sterling. Given the huge number produced and the myriad schemes available I'm surprised there is n't more chatter about this. Edit: Scratch the above. Wrong thread, sorry.
  15. Beautifully smooth landing Pete. Your humility is second only to your skill as a pilot my friend. I think I may have found a great idea for a diorama......
  16. Crikey! You're probably taking this whole "teaching the student how to deal with emergencies" thing a bit too far but hey, whatever works for ya ;) Seriously though Pete, huge kudos for keeping your cool and getting you both down safely. Glad you're ok. Looks like the damage will buff right out so you should be back in the air in no time. Cheers.
  17. Hi Gord, It is my belief that Revell may have based this model on a specific airframe. If you take a close look at JZ-E, AR213 the similarities are remarkable. https://goo.gl/images/ioD4ft I think it wears the code XR-D, PZ308 at this moment in time. https://www.google.co.uk/search?biw=1920&bih=947&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=iY5JW6DwBYGD8gLBuq3YDg&q=duxford+based+spitfire+XR-d&oq=duxford+based+spitfire+XR-d&gs_l=img.3...25954.28591.0.28939. The oddities that the kit displays tie in neatly with this restored warbird. HTH Cheers.
  18. Hi Martin, Spotted this recently on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRgepSBdJLs Not sure how well it will work but the results on the video looked ok. I expect it might come down to the quality of your printer and a bit of practice. HTH Cheers.
  19. Hi Fanch, This is an absolute pleasure to follow so thank you for taking the time and effort to share your techniques and progress. I hope the article is a huge success as I'd like to see more modellers adopting your approach of ultra-realism. It's such a treat to see someone painting an aircraft as it appeared rather than using some artistic style just because it's popular. Bravo sir, I applaud you for daring to be different. Long may it continue Looking forward to seeing more. Cheers.
  20. Good to see you two poking fun at each other again. Just like old times I fitted the Aires pit and don't remember it being particularly difficult. The detail is extremely impressive so I hope your's goes well. Cheers.
  21. Hi Mike, I'm sure I've seen this in one of my kits but I can't remember if I gave it away or not. If I've still got it you're welcome to it. I'll go and check. Cheers. *EDIT. I checked and found that I still have the Vokes filter. I suspect it is from a Hasegawa Spitfire of some description. It was in the box of a Spitfire that I bought second hand which included a number of extra parts. If it means anything it's on sprue C alongside a mahoosive slipper tank. It looks just the same as the tan parts in Wackyracer's pic above but it's in grey plastic. If you'd like it drop me a PM with your snail mail and I'll get it out to you. HTH. Cheers.
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