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1/32 B-17 Bits?


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I'm sure the topic has been broached here before, but I wanted to circle back as there's a major void that our favorite clear resin guru could fill (that would be you). Specifically, I was thinking about two different sets that could be made by you for the 1/32 HK B-17 series; one for the G, and one for the F.


For the G, it's the mysteriously missing 3-pane waist gun windows. These were very prevalent in the B-17 manufacturing range, and spanned basically every early G airframe until they staggered the waist guns. This was an extremely large chunk of airframes that were manufactured with these windows. They are available in 1/48 from HK, but alas, they have not been made available in 1/32 by them, even though they have now released the G kit 3 times. They have a unique shape, but nothing you wouldn't be able to handle:








The newest release of the B-17F kit comes with all the fixins for an early G as well, except for these waist gun windows. In their entire kit lineage, this is the only piece preventing folks from building the early G. It would be a welcome addition to your range.


The second item would be quite welcome as well, and could also be molded in clear resin. These would require the modeler to do a little more surgery, but that's not something we're uncomfortable doing. Late B-17F's, and several that were field-modified, carried these cheek guns. They are not identical to the ones on the G, but are essentially a mirror-image of the ones on the B-17G. On the G, the smaller cheek gun was in the forward position on the port side, while the larger window was in the middle position on the starboard side. On the F, the larger window was in the middle position on the port side, and the smaller window was in the forward position on the starboard side. Clear as mud? See photos below:








These would allow modelers access to many more options.


Anywho, just wanted to float the idea, and likely, floating it again! Thanks.


- Dennis S.

   Mount Juliet, TN USA

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Hi Dennis


Thank you for this, but the following issues exist for me

I do not have the kit, and to buy one just for this is just not on for me

knowing my luck on the next release HK will do it

my plate is stacked with back projects, and I am not even getting them over the line

I always welcome ideas especially from LSP guys, and loyal supporters but the projects need to add up in my head, and helps if I have a kit or access to one.


Sorry I will pass on this one.

cheers Ali

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I may be tempted to look into this a little more if anybody has contacts with HK to tell me if and when they would ever do the parts.

I just do not feel like spending time and effort if it gets announced or released next year.


Anybody able to find out?

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1 hour ago, Pete Fleischmann said:

Hi Ali,

looks like AFV has released those waist gun windows-

Look here





There's a little bit of commentary about them not being especially accurate, though. Can't find it at the moment, but if I do, I'll provide a link.



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Thank you guys you are REALLY THE BEST…. you always come up with good information, really appreciated.

Well this does open even more cans of worms does it not…. 
As shown there are some already on the market, and some are not happy with them, I have not done major research and I do not like or want to compare my thoughts on a personal basis with other manufacturers, it is just the thing I do publicly unless I have to defend my products.

So this all makes me wary to try and compete and at the same stage make sure I get it right…..

No door is fully shut on this project, but I will need to get a lot more information, I may even have some myself, but to get more specific detail helps, but then I still need to obtain a kit, not a cheap one, and then on top of this I still have all my unfinished projects that many of you are waiting for.

Thank you all for your input, it is appreciated.


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