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F-5e seat and 527th Alconbury questions


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I'm just starting the Revell 1/32 F-5e and I intend to build it as an Alconbury cab as per the kit decals. However my pre-build research shows that the seat (especially the head box) just looks wrong. Now I've never built one before, so if there is a correction how to build could you please give me a link. Equally are you aware the kit sear is wrong. Any help is appreciated please.

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If this is a repop of the Hasegawa 1/32 F-5E, the kit comes with the, what I'll call, earlier style headrest.  The later style headrest larger and is quite a bit more substantial.  I believe replacement seats are availble (Quickboost comes to mind but not entirely sure).  I've read that older styles were replaced with newer styles.  You can model an earlier aircraft (from the 1980's) or a later one.... The photos I have are all from the early/mid 1980's and show the earlier style headrest.  Not sure when the new ones began being implemented in the fleet.

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Thanks very much for replying. The kit offering is a 1978 aircraft, however my memories are from 1987/1988 where they flew in/out of Alconbury. So I'm torn to use the kit seat and as is in 1978 or perhaps the same aircraft with the later seat (if it was still at Alconbury then).

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36 minutes ago, Juggernut said:


Trying to find a copy of that set at any price is as rare as rocking horse poop.

Well I agree but I saw two of them sold in Belgium for the original price by different sellers two or three years ago.


So, if not easy this is not impossible and better than no solution! ;)

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     The original seats were largely changed out by the very early 1980's, if not sooner. A pic of the jet that you want to model is really your best bet to determine which seat you need. If it is in the 87/88 time frame that you mentioned above, it will definitely be the late style seat. HTH, Fred K.

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