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WNW/Border Models Avro Lancaster

Dave J

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Well, it has been a long time since I posted a WIP here at LSP... So I thought this would be a good one to kick things off again with this...




Some of you know who I am and my role at Wingnut Wings and with that, I was lucky enough to be one of the first people in the world to get to build the WNW Lancaster for its first appearance at Telford in 2018 (I think? It has been a while!) I cannot recall what test shot we were up to, maybe the fourth or fifth? But just building the kit with no paint took me well over a week doing a couple of hours each evening before Richard and I flew out for Telford. Well from then you all the history of what happened. To be honest I never thought this kit would see the day of light until Border Models got a hold of it. I am glad they did, as Bryan Wall (WNW Lancaster designer) and the others who worked on this poured their efforts into this over 10 years, and to think that it was never going to get released was heartbreaking. I know that it isn't completely packaged as it was intended to be released, but it is great to see its release even if it's only 95% complete/up to the WNW standard.


I have picked up some aftermarket for the kit, but to be honest, you don't really need anything, bar maybe stencils as they are fully included on the Border Models decal sheet.


I've heard good things about the 1manarmy stencils so I am looking forward to giving them a go. The brass barrels that have been supplied within the kit are rubbish due to no holes in the cooling jackets, so I have a set of the Master Models barrels that are intended for the HK Models kit, I am sure they will fit. And I picked up the Yahu Instrument panel, again for the HK Models Kit. Whether I will use this is a question I will get to later. I couldn't bring myself to drop cash on the Qunita Studios set. They look pretty good close up.






For those that haven't picked Wing Leader books up as of yet for any subject, they are must-haves! They are well-written and have a bucketload of information within the pages. I also picked up a copy of Ton-Up Lancs, a great book for anyone thinking of doing a Lancaster that completed 100 missions. It contains thirty-five histories recorded in this book with stories and personal photographs from the aircrew that flew these aircraft




As scheme-wise... I haven't chosen anything yet... I was thinking of Micky the Moocher, Phantom of the Ruhr or keeping a New Zealand connection with 75 Sqdn (RNZAF) Captains Fancy, but it seems like everyone in New Zealand that has the Border kit is doing this scheme. So I am still looking at my options currently!


I am hoping to start on this in the next few days, but I need to set up a temporary modelling space as I am renovating my hobby room.

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Looking forward to this build, lots of great information already. Wish it was released by WNWs, you guys would have made sure it was ready for the market.


I’m one of the first to get a Border Lancaster too, my wife bought me mine for Xmas. I bet I’m the first in the world to have one purchased by a wife.


I didn’t even know she knew the kit existed. 

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